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Emma Stone On The Fast Track To Become America's New Sweetheart

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


07/29/2013 8:07 pm
Emma Stone On The Fast Track To Become America's New Sweetheart


Claudia Walrad

Staff Writer

Andrew Garfield has that unique ability, just like his legendary onscreen persona Spiderman, to balance on the web of tact and subtlety. While so many stars in the age of Twitter and Instagram wish to share every aspect of both personal and professional life, Garfield seems happy to leave some mystery. That is not to say that he isn’t quick to give credit where he feels it is warranted, as happened last week at Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego.

When questioned at SDCC about the particulars of sharing both working life and personal time with Emma Stone, he skirted around the candid nature of the inquiry, choosing to use the opportunity in a different way.  Instead, Stone’s leading man gushed over her unique and “singular talent,” likening her abilities to that of a “purebred” who can just take off and go in her work. Apparently, he’s not the only Hollywood face who thinks this.

Who can forget Jim Carrey’s wonderful YouTube rant in which he sweetly and humorously professes his love and admiration for the 22 year-old comedic actress? While his laments over wishing that he were young enough for her might strike some young starlets as a bit odd, Stone expressed her flattery over the situation and love of Carrey’s work. Perhaps this is partly why Carrey’s comments in his now viral video about her kind demeanor seem to really ring true. Some believe that in order to excel at acting, particularly comedy, a performer must have empathy for others and understand human emotion. Stone’s rise to stardom has allowed for a variety of roles that exhibit these traits.

Beginning as a Laurie Partridge hopeful on the 2004 VH1 reality competitionIn Search of the Partridge Family, Emma Stone (then known by her birth name as Emily) snagged some memorable guest roles on TV before graduating to the Judd Apatow gang of Superbad in 2007. Since then, the diverse roles have followed in swift succession, including The Help, Crazy Stupid Love, and Gangster Squad. Her casting in The Amazing Spiderman as Spidey’s love interest has made her a household name. The movie has also brought her success in her personal life as she has been dating Andrew Garfield since 2011. According to his comments at Comic-Con, the choice in casting could not have been better.

Emma Stone is apparently in collaboration with Cameron Crowe to work on his latest upcoming feature,Deep Tiki. No doubt, Crowe will utilize her unique talents and special brand of humor and emotion in the project. By the sounds of it, she’ll have more than a few fans in her corner.

Here is the Jim Carrey video for those who want to catch it again:


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is due to be released on May 2, 2014


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