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Empire: 01x05 Dangerous Bonds

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/21/2015 11:07 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 01x05 Dangerous Bonds | Empire
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Tianna and Hakeem are going strong in front of the cameras, and Hakeem (naive, shocking!) thinks it's the same behind closed doors.

But...are you ready for this?

Tianna is cheating on him with a woman. Oh man, I cannot wait until he finds this out. He deserves it, if you ask me.

Lucious proposes to Annika (BARF) with Anthony Hamilton (ugh, dream proposal...I love his music) playing piano and singing in the background. They're keeping the engagement lowkey for now because they know the Lyon family won't exactly be jumping for joy.

Jamal books a day in a shady studio (he can't exactly afford anything high-end). Cookie is supposed to spend the day there with him, but she has her own problems and keeps giving him excuses.

Cookie expresses her hesitancy about testifying, but Agent Carter assures her that her testimony will be sealed.

Hakeem prepares for his "Drip Drop" (*rolls eyes*) music video, which Andre says is about $1 million over budget. The board won't approve more money with the company going public soon. Lucious is impressed by Hakeem's initiative, though--especially when he mentions that he wants to show up Jamal--and wants Andre to make it happen.

Rhonda invites Andre down to a photoshoot, where she shows him Tiana and her girlfriend India cuddling in "secret." Andre gets it on video and I can only imagine what he's going to do with that.

Cookie testifies in front of the grand jury. She saw a man shot during a drug deal--the shooter, Frank Gathers, is due to be released soon unless the Feds get her statement. However, it comes out in the courtroom that the man shot was a Federal agent undercover. Cookie didn't know, and now she's terrified that Frank will get revenge.

Andre suggests putting Tiana in "Drip Drop" and using the promo money for the music video budget. Lucious agrees and tells him to deal with Cookie about it.

Cookie finds a red rose outside her front door--Frank's trademark. She runs into Andre on her way out. He asks about the video, and Cookie agrees to do it only if he gets her a seat on Empire's private board.

Rhonda uploads the video of Tiana to gossip sites while Hakeem shoots his video. All hell is about to break loose!

Portia (Cookie's probationary assistant) catches the leak first. Hakeem goes off on Tiana, who stands up for herself because he's cheating too (YES, girl!).

Andre (I knew I didn't like this jerk) slyly arranges for Jamal to get robbed. He makes sure some of Hakeem's thug friends think Jamal has some expensive clothes and jewelry on him. Jamal recognizes them during the robbery and assumes Hakeem planned it.

This is NOT good.

Cookie goes to Philadelphia to talk to her sister. Carol thinks Teddy, Frank's right hand man, left the road.

Cookie decides that Tiana's fling can be an angle. She calls Lucious, who says he'll deal with Hakeem...and that India should go onto the video set.

Cookie pays a friend to kill Teddy.

Lucious and Annika tell her parents about the engagement. He asks his future father-in-law, Steve, about clinical trials for ALS. He also asks him to sign off for Empire that he has a perfect health record so that the company can go public successfully. It's fraud and Steve could lose his medical license--but he agrees when Lucious points out that Annika would become a billionaire through the marriage.

Hmm. Is THAT why Lucious proposed?

Lucious convinces Hakeem to continue the video, mad at Tianna or not. You already know my opinion...Hakeem is being the spoiled brat he always will be and he needs to cut it out. Jamal is gonna show him up anyway.

Jamal brings in some friends to help him record. Cookie walks in on him finishing up a song that's everyone's loving and she approves. It's a touching moment and I'm definitely rooting for their side.

Jamal confronts Hakeem and tells him about the robbery. Hakeem shows his true colors and the two of them get into a fight. Jamal walks out the victor, warning Hakeem not to underestimate him.

Hakeem calls Andre and tells him to release the music video before Jamal drops his song.

Lucious visits Cookie to thank her for getting Tiana back onto the video set in time.

It's their anniversary, too...which is even more reason that I don't think he loves Annika. They reminisce over him forgetting their anniversary years before. She figures out that Lucious left the rose earlier.

By the time she makes the call to Carol, the shooting is already happening.

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