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Empire: 01x11 Die But Once (Season Finale Part 1)

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/23/2015 4:24 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 01x11 Die But Once (Season Finale Part 1) | Empire
Media Courtesy of FOX
Luscious is playing the piano, trying to write a song. He’s having trouble with it, since his hands aren’t the same because of his illness. He’s also having flashbacks to when he would write a song, even surrounded by the chaos of three boys running around the house. Hakeem won’t answer calls from Lucious, for obvious reasons. Luscious is planning the party for the day Empire goes public. He tells Becky that he’s sure this is his last show before he dies. Malcolm takes Cookie to a cabin for a romantic getaway. It goes without saying that Malcolm…uh…accepted the cookies? Jamal is doing an album signing (yas!), with Ryan filming the whole thing. Snoop Dogg is doing a joint venture with Empire for his new album, so he and Lucious do a press conference. Hakeem is supposed to be there, since his album drops the day Empire goes public, but he refused to show up. Beretti serves Lucious with an injunction. Hakeem finally shows up, but Lucious clearly doesn’t realize that his son is out to take him down. Snoop Dogg and Titan perform at the party. Hakeem goes onstage and performs a freestyle that’s a direct attack on Lucious. As Hakeem is leaving, Lucious confronts him and punches him in the face. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? Hakeem tells Jamal that he hates Lucious, but Jamal can’t think of him that way, even after everything their father’s done. Jamal wants Empire to survive. Hakeem wants to switch labels; he never signed a legal contract to Empire. Lucious can’t get in touch with Cookie. Porsha lets too much information slip, and Lucious realizes that Cookie’s with Malcolm. Lawwwd. Andre goes to visit Michelle at her church. He couldn’t go back to work, even though he tried to; he feels out of place. Cookie shows Carol Empire’s offices. When she tries to swipe in, her keycard doesn’t work. Security approach her; they’ve been “instructed” not to let her in. Lucious, you idiot. Lucious insists that Cookie leave. He also reveals that Cooke was never on the Empire board; a convicted felon can’t be on the board of a publicly traded company, which Andre knew from the beginning. “Everybody’s just waiting for you to die, Lucious. You gon’ die a lonely man, just like you deserve. I built this! This is MY company!” Cookie declares as she walks away. Cookie has fifteen minutes to clear out her office. Malcolm comes to visit. He didn’t get fired (that double standard, though), but he wants to take a better job in Washington, DC, and he wants Cookie to come with him. She turns him down. Andre tells Lucious he’s quitting. Lucious is not the least bit sympathetic—shocker. But he wants Andre to remain CFO. Andre’s starting to believe in God, but Lucious, being the devil incarnate, can’t grasp the concept. Lucious walks out. Luscious goes to Jamal’s album release party. He tells Jamal that he wants him to be the successor to the Empire throne—but only if he has the “monster” inside him that has what it takes. Jamal is now at a crossroads… Andre is with Michelle in church, and he admits to feeling at home for the first time. Jamal takes Lucious to their old house. Luscious needs to get over his writer’s block. He keeps making rude comments about Jamal’s sexuality, and I’m not entirely sure why Jamal is putting up with it. Lucious challenges Jamal to create a song, claiming that Jamal hasn’t lived a hard enough life to get to his level. They actually bond, but it’s a little chilling, as great as the song is. Berretti’s injunction would mean most of Lucious’ masters would go to his enemy. If Jamal gets the masters back, Lucious will hand over Empire. Right. Cookie and Carol up at the mansion. Lucious “apologizes” and says Cookie can produce the concert. Cookie gets a text message; Hakeem is meeting with Beretti to sign with Creedmore. Lucious storms out, on his way there. Jamal goes to Beretti. He holds him over the edge of a balcony, threatening him to sign over the masters. Lucious gets there just in time, but Jamal tells him to go, and he does. Then Lucious finds Anika…having sex with Hakeem?!?! And Lucious just walks away. I’m beyond confused. And then the real bomb. Lucious was mistakenly diagnosed with ALS. He actually has a milder, treatable disease. Uh oh. Looks the devil isn’t gonna die after all. Lucious shows up at the church to see Andre. He wants Jamal and Andre at the Stock Exchange to ring the bell, and for Andre to “get back into the real world.” Father of the year award. Lucious approaches Michelle, faking emotion, and tells him that God spoke to him; he wants to make a gospel record in collaboration with her. She accepts the offer. Andre tried to talk Michelle out of it and warn her. She thinks Lucious is genuine. Lucious, on medication, is delusional and seeing Bunkie’s ghost. Cookie overhears him say that he killed her cousin—and that he isn’t dying. She puts a pillow over his face.

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