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Empire: 02x04, Poor Yorick

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/17/2015 6:59 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 02x04, Poor Yorick | Poor Yorick
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And episode 4,"Poor Yorick," begins.

Jamal is recording a new song in the studio as Empire is being raided by the FBI, his vocals acting as the backdrop as they comb the offices for evidence. When he finishes the song, he starts doing an interview, but someone interrupts to tell him about the raid.

Hakeem is still harping on his failure of a girl group, when he, Cookie, and Annika find out about the raid. And then the Feds walk into the room to search Dynasty too. Oh man, here we go.

Roxanne leads the FBI into Lucious' house, so he strips naked to greet her. Ew.

Lucious walks into Empire breathing fire. "The reason they are raiding Empire is because they got nothing," he declares with his usual arrogance.

The "family" has a meeting, where Hakeem asks straight up if his father killed Bunky. Lucious lies through his teeth without even batting an eyelash--some sappy mess about him missing his friend everyday. Yeah...sure.

Lucious' slimeball lawyer Thirsty claims they need to pretend to be united until they find Vernon and convince him not to testify against Lucious. Well, um....that should be easy...

Andre is having flashbacks of killing Vernon, unable to sleep.

Cookie visit Lucious, suggesting a truce. If he leaves Dynasty alone, Hakeem will do a video with Jamal, showing a united front to the FBI.

Lucious tells Andre that he'll love and protect his grandchild no matter what happens to the company. Meanwhile, he's having flashbacks of being taken away from his mother as a child because of her sickness.

Andre asks if he can become CFO again if he can get the federal case dismissed. Lucious says yes, somewhat sarcastically, but Andre looks as if he's on a mission.

Am I the only one who senses trouble coming?

Hakeem tells Lucious he's only doing the video because he can't get his music on radio. Lucious apologizes (ha) for destroying the girl group. He gives Hakeem a song to listen to and leaves.

Mimi Whiteman is at the video shoot and Cookie wants her to leave. But...she owns 20% of Empire, so yeah...not happening.

Andre tells Rhonda that he's going to dig Vernon's body up because God has been telling him he needs to be back at Empire. Ummmm. Okay?

During a break at the video shoot, the police show up and arrest Cookie, claiming she failed to show up for court. Deja vu?

Roxanne shows up in the interrogation room; Porsha jumped a turnstile and told the cops she was Cookie Lyon (Hashtag I'm done). There's a warrant out for Cookie's arrest, technically, so they can hold her. She demands that Cookie give Lucious up or else she's going after her sons.. Oh, heck no, crazy woman. Trust no one in this show, I swear.

Lucious tries to convince Hakeem to return to Empire--he can record the song he gave him, get on the radio by the next day, and even manage Valentina.

Cookie, sitting in the interrogation room, has flashbacks of sitting in prison and sobbing, begging to die. She gets the guard's attention and asks him to call Roxanne.

Cookie doesn't know if Lucious killed Bunky, but she tells Roxanne everything else. Uh. Oh.

Jamal and Hakeem butt heads once again. An artist created a giant portrait of Jamal, which Hakeem insults and annoys Lucious. His father calls him a mama's boy, and Hakeem puts a knife through the painting. They start recording the video again, and the brothers end up fighting. Hakeem picks up a bat, but ends up walking out instead of using it on Jamal.

Rhonda decides to help Andre dig up the body. However, they messed up and have no idea where he's buried. WELP.

Just as they're about to leave, they see a car approaching and have to hide.'s Lucious. He put a tracker on them. (What kind of mess?) Rhonda tells Lucious what happened and, being the devil incarnate, he doesn't even care.

Hakeem runs off to a bar, where he sees a girl performing in Spanish onstage. He has those creepy stars in his eyes again. Mirage a Trois 2.0 begins?

Michael, Jamal, and the portrait artist (whatever his name is) are putting the portrait up on the street. Jamal and the artist seem to have some sort of connection, and Michael obviously senses it. I don't know why he doesn't just walk away from Jamal; he doesn't treat him right at all.

Cookie rejects Annika for the final time, insisting she doesn't trust her, even if Lucious is a liar. Annika actually looks distraught, which I'm not sure how to interpret.

Roxanne gets into her car and finds Vernon's dead body waiting for her. Fun times.


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