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Sins Are Confessed On This Week's Empire, 'Be True'

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

10/22/2015 9:58 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Sins Are Confessed On This Week's Empire, 'Be True' | Be True
Media Courtesy of Credit: Matt Dinerstein/FOX

What hot mess did we get into on tonight's episode, “Be True"? Let's find out…

The charges have been dropped against Lucious Lyon. The court doesn't have a case without Vernon. Sigh.

Andre has returned to Empire. I'm clearly going to be sighing in irritation during this entire episode.

Hakeem has a new lead singer named Laura, the girl from the bar. This cannot end well.

Back at Empire, Lucious is throwing a party, complete with, er, exotic dancers. Some of whom start giving Andre a lapdance, while his father watches in approval...because clearly Andre wants Rhonda to bury someone else?

Jamal is not only working in the studio with Ne-Yo, but he is also going on tour with him. Swoon. I know it's not a real tour, but good Lord, the vocals alone are gonna slay that audience on the spot.

Tiana gets robbed in the lobby of Dynasty by two girls. Later on, Cookie, Hakeem, and Tiana see a video online of the thieves and a guy with Tiana’s bag; they plan on extorting money from the company.

Andre wants to get baptized, and his Reverend tells him that he has to confess his sins to his family first and ask for forgiveness...which is laughable. Is he gonna confess about the lap dance then or…?

Cookie tries to find out from Lucious if he killed Vernon; for once, when he says no, he's not lying. These two just cannot stay away from each other, hmm?

Jamal lets Lucious get into his head and tells Michael that he can't go on tour with him. Ugh. While he's in the studio, though, he can't concentrate because he and Michael are fighting. A part of me wishes Michael would just dump him and his flip-floppy ways, but I love them together...Anyway, Jamal gets some relationship advice from Ne-Yo and Jamal decides he'll take Michael on the tour.

Hakeem comes onto Laura and she rejects him--she doesn't wanna be one of “those girls. “ I love her already.

Jamal throws a party and goes looking for Michael to tell him the good news. And he finds the artist (that dude who painted Jamal’s portrait, whatever his name is) and Michael getting up to something inappropriate on a balcony. After I defended Michael all this time; really?! Mind you, the artist already tried to get Jamal, who rejected him. I did not see this coming.

Two guys break into Dynasty, but Cookie and her new promoter, Delgado, are there to catch them. One of the guys confesses that Thirsty sent them to steal Cookie’s masters. She doesn't want the cops involved, so she lets them go.

Andre confesses to Jamal and Hakeem that he was the one who organized the robbery at the studio when Jamal almost got shot. Then he invites them to the baptism. Yeah, um, no? Hakeem forgives him, shockingly. Jamal is apprehensive because the church doesn't approve of his sexuality. Andre tells him to think about it.

Andre confesses about his part in blackmailing Lucious, and the fact that he almost committed suicide. Lucious is unsympathetic, insisting that God doesn't exist and Andre needs to man up.

Hakeem apologizes to Laura, which is somewhat endearing. He promises not to do it again (yeah, right!).

Everyone shows up for the baptism, even the devil himself. Somehow, the church doesn't explode. During the ceremony, Lucious has flashbacks to when his mother almost drowned him, and he walks out. Andre sees him and assumes he's been rejected yet again. If only Lucious would just try to be human for once.

The episode ends on a scary note. While he's jogging, two guys grab Hakeem and kidnap him in a black van.



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