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Empire: 02x08, My Bad Parts

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

12/13/2015 10:37 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 02x08, My Bad Parts | My Bad Parts
Media Courtesy of Chuck Hodes/FOX.

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"My Bad Parts"

Becky tries to talk Lucious out of it, but he gets Frida to perform a song at Leviticus to send a message to Hakeem.  The video of Frida calling Hakeem "Daddy's little girl" goes viral.

Ugh. This man is the devil.

Hakeem claims to be serious about Laura; he even assures her that they can take things slow when she admits she's a virgin. (I rolled my eyes so hard that I think I saw my own brain.) Someone sends Hakeem the video of Frida and he records his own, challenging Frida to a battle.

Jamal is being considered as the new face of Pepsi, but he has to submit a new song and compete against ten others. He goes to Cookie so they can work on the song together.

Anika takes a pregnancy test and then calls Hakeem and leaves a voicemail for him. Um, mess?!

Laz shows Cookie Hakeem's video message, and Hakeem comes into the office. He starts arguing with both of them; Cookie thinks challenging Frida was a stupid move. Laz agrees, but Hakeem isn't interested in anything he has to say. They get in each other's faces and he pushes Hakeem. Cookie slaps him, warning him not to touch her son again.

Hakeem insists he can win, and Cookie tells him that he'd better do that or else Lyon Dynasty ends up at the bottom.

Lucious visits Jamal with a song idea for Pepsi when Cookie is there. She runs to hide before he sees her. Lucious spots her jacket, but Jamal plays it off and they head to the studio.

Anika runs into Rhonda, and Rhonda invites her to lunch, maybe because she notices Anika is upset. They start talking about Rhonda's pregnancy and about how excited Lucious is; their relationship has improved because of the baby. Uh-oh.

Hakeem finds out Cookie is working with Jamal. He's offended; she hasn't been helping him to get ready for his battle, and asks why she loves Jamal more. Cookie smooths it over like she always does.

Anika meets with Hakeem, and she tries to seduce him so he's in a good mood for what she has to say. He stops her and says he thinks he's in love. HA. She pretends that she only wanted to tell him that he has her full support in the rap battle. She leaves--eerily calm, which can't be good.

Jamal shows Lucious the song he's working on, proposing that they combine it with the one Lucious made.

Jamal invites his parents to the studio--without them realizing--to try and convince them to fuse the songs. It works for about ten seconds before Cookie and Lucious start arguing. They insist that Jamal choose one.

Behind his back, Cookie and Lucious make a bet. If Hakeem wins the battle, Lyon Dynasty releases Jamal's next album. If Frida wins, Empire releases Hakeem's. a very bad idea.

Jamal and Hakeem hang out and give each other advice. It is the cutest thing! I do have a soft spot for these two.

Since Lucious can't afford his half of the streaming deal, Mimi backs him. He's not thrilled about that, but he wants to deal. Badly.

Jamal invites his parents to his Pepsi performance...because he's a glutton for punishment, I guess. The song starts with Lucious' beat but, before Cookie can storm out, it continues into hers. Jamal merged it, like the pro that he is. YAS.

Later, Jamal tells them he's going to combine their sounds on his album, too, with both producing. Jamal is picked to be Pepsi's face--duh!

Hakeem and Frida battle. He ends his last verse with "Call me Hakeem, no Lyon," before smashing the lit sign of his name so that only his first name is in lights. Lucious, watching from the sidelines, has a flashback to when he was young. He's asleep, wrapped in a blanket on the floor. Above him, a lion statue.

The crowd cheers Hakeem, signalling he's the winner.

At the afterparty, a woman tries to get through security. It's Cookie's sister, Candice, who warns Cookie that their sister Carol is on a bender. Cookie brushes her off; Carol is probably trying to scam them both. But then Candice tells her that Carol abandoned her kids at Candice's house with a note saying it's all Cookie and Jamal's fault.

Hakeem sends Laura home in car; neither of them know Anika is driving, disguised in a wig. Um, what?


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