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Empire: 02x09, Sinned Against

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

12/13/2015 10:47 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 02x09, Sinned Against | Sinned Against
Media Courtesy of Chuck Hodes/FOX

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"Sinned Against"

Cookie and Candice go to Philly searching for Carol. They're at each other's throats the entire time, and it's hilarious.

The buzz from the battle means good news for Lyon Dynasty; the cookout sells out.

Anika has apparently lost her bananas--she's stalking Laura at this point.

The head of Laz's gang, Heavy, shows up, insisting they go after everything Lyon Dynasty's got. Laz, surprisingly, tells him the deal's off and pulls a gun on him. The guys leave, but I'm sure that

wasn't the smartest decision on Laz's part.

Lucious buys Andre and Rhonda a brand new, six-bedroom house. He assures Andre that he's proud of him and won't test him anymore. What. Ever.

Cookie goes to see an old friend from prison, who may knows where Carol is. She tells Cookie that Carol is hanging out with Boz, whoever that is.

Jamal is working with Skye Summers, played by the gorgeous Alicia Keys. They decide to collaborate and help take her music in a new direction. They have a heart to heart, and Jamal encourages her to stay true to herself, even if the industry wants her to do something else.

Cookie and Candice find Carol, and she agrees to go back to NY with Cookie while Candice keeps her kids. Cookie--for some reason--gloats because Carol chose her. When Cookie isn't around, though, Candice hints that she knows a secret about Carol that would make Cookie angry.

Lucious offers Hakeem a partnership in Swift Streaming if he pledges loyalty to Empire publicly. In reply, Hakeem does something that makes me respect him a little--he walks out.

Anika and Rhonda are apparently best friends now. Barf. She tells Rhonda that she's in love with someone, but there's another girl. Rhonda tells her that she should take down anyone in her way.

Laura should probably cut and run...immediately. Sure enough, she shows up at one of Hakeem's parties just to insult Laura and make a spectacle of herself before she leaves.

Lucious asks Cookie to sign over her rights to the music they've made together. It'll help him raise enough to acquire Swift. She refuses, of course. Andre encourages Lucious to liquidate some of Empire's assets instead.

Laz wants to change the Cookout venue to a location in the Bronx. Cookie refuses. Hakeem asks Laz why Heavy showed up at the label. Laz doesn't answer.

Lucious shows up at the label to confront Laz, and reveals to Cookie and Hakeem that he's one of the 125th Street Bulls. Laz tries to tell Cookie that he changed his mind and isn't going through with the scam anymore. She tells him to shut up and leaves with Hakeem, signalling to Lucious that he and his security can do whatever they want to Laz.

Cookie is upset, throwing things around and crying. She tells Carol that she needs to go to rehab before she ends up dead.

Jamal and Skye create a beautiful duet together and...may or may not kiss at the end of the episode?!



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