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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Empire: 02x10, Et Tu, Brute?

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

01/10/2016 4:41 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Empire: 02x10, Et Tu, Brute? | Et Tu, Brute
Media Courtesy of Chuck Hodes/FOX
Missed last week’s episode? Read the recap here. “Et Tu, Brute?” The fall finale is here! Let's do this. Cookie and Hakeem need a new venue for the Cookout, but everyone thinks they're a security risk. Jamal gets nominated for an American Sound Award. He and Skye are still hanging out--someone explain to me what's going on here? Before he can talk to her about the kiss, Lucious walks in. When she leaves, Lucious asks him if he and Skye are sleeping together, if she “fixed” him. Oh, that is just disgusting, Lucious. Frida gets a nomination for Rapper of the Year; Hakeem doesn't get anything. (I still can't understand what Lucious likes about this bratty little girl...) Skye and Jamal perform at an ASA nomination show. Charlamagne, the host, starts confronting Skye about her race--she’s biracial and hearing her sing such a socially-conscious African American song may rub people the wrong way. He even talks about Jamal's sexuality as an example, which comes way too close to home. Jamal gets a total of five nominations. Be unveils his Pepsi commercial, and Jamison tells Lucious he wants to do a cover on Jamal. Lucious brings up the fact that Lucious has a “girlfriend.” This is...NOT GOOD. Cookie goes to visit the prison, and has flashbacks that almost make her turn around and leave. She promised Jezzy, one of the inmates, that she'd sign her as a rapper when they both got out of jail. But Cookie finds out Jezzy got a life sentence for allegedly killing her bunkmate. Lucious announces the Swiftstream acquisition. Mimi joins him onstage, talking about her struggle with breast cancer and inviting her wife to the stage. And it is none other than Camilla…mess, mess, mess. Mimi betrays Lucious; she recorded him speaking against the board, and proposes a vote to the board to remove him as CEO. Andre warns him that the only way to stop it is to rally some of the board members on his side. Jamal and Hakeem are nominated for one of their collabs, and Jamal gets another nomination for “Heavy.” Skye is falling for Jamal, which is cute. But he tells her he doesn't like her the same way. If you say so, Jamal. Oh, and it turns out they did hook up that night. Yup, definitely didn't see that one coming. Camilla, that trifling female, goes to visit Hakeem. He's still upset because she took Lucious’ money and left. She claims that her marriage is to benefit them, and that she can “take him to the next level.” Oh. Please. Bye, Felicia! But Hakeem really seems like he's about to fall for her tricks all over again...sigh. Hakeem and Laura perform at the prison as a favor to Cookie and her friends. And, I have to say, they kill that performance! Andre goes to Cookie to tell her about Mimi’s plan. Hakeem walks in on the conversation and finds out that Camilla married Mimi. Cookie, for a reason I'm not 100% clear on, doesn't want Lucious to lose Empire. Hakeem doesn't understand that either. Cookie still considers Empire their legacy, which she explains to Hakeem. Cookie runs into Jezzy, who clearly isn't thrilled to see her because Cookie didn't write to her after she got out. Jezzy claims she's innocent and doesn't deserve her sentence; she's also not interested in music anymore. Hakeem is the deciding vote to remove Lucious, and he says yes. Lucious did have this coming, considering how he treats his children. BUT Mimi puts the control in Camilla’s hands, since Mimi will be away being treated for breast cancer...that I am NOT okay with. Camilla is going to burn that company. At home, Lucious loses it; he's in tears and firing his shotgun at furniture in his office. Cookie manages to calm him down; I'm pretty sure she's the only one who could've done it. She hugs him and he starts crying even harder. It's a powerful moment, I have to say. Anika breaks into Rhonda and Andre's house, and pushes Rhonda down the stairs. That is, hands down, the most shocking moment of this entire show. Jamal and Lucious are nominated for Song of the Year. Ummmm...uh oh. I'm not even sure I can wait until March. Judging from those previews, we are not ready for what's coming our way. Until then…


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