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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Empire: 01x10 Sins Of The Father

Bradleigh-Ann Walker | PopWrapped Author

Bradleigh-Ann Walker

03/15/2015 8:49 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Empire: 01x10 Sins Of The Father | Empire
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Everyone is by Andre’s side for his first meeting with a psychiatrist and a music therapist (played by Miss J Hud!). Cookie is having a hard time understanding what bipolar disorder is and how they can help him. Hakeem and Jamal are, adorably, standing by him and encouraging him. Andre, however, won’t even speak.

Lucious and Vernon are handling paperwork for the IPO. Lucious plans on asking Cookie to marry him again; he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Is he actually ready for that?

There’s noticeable tension because Lucious is still mad at Vernon’s scheming with Andre.

Malcolm tells Cookie that he’s falling for her and plans on keeping his distance out of respect for Lucious. So what does Cookie do? She kisses him, of course. Lord.

Jamal records a song for Lola (I swooned a little…a lot). Ryan, watching him in the studio, asks about Jamal’s relationship with her. Jamal wants Lola to live with him instead of Lucious. Ryan can’t see himself taking on a child, even if he and Jamal aren’t that serious yet. Looks like the honeymoon is over.

Olivia is about to board a bus. A guy, presumably her abusive boyfriend, finds her first. He wants them to go get Lola, because he claims the two of them “belong to him.” Olivia is clearly terrified.

Anyone else considering that Olivia brought Lola to Jamal to protect her from her real father? My emotions are officially everywhere.

Camilla is taking pictures of Hakeem (???). Hakeem’s mind is still on Andre. Camilla wants to “take charge of his look” and have him model her line. Ew.

Rhonda tries to encourage Andre to go to the IPO launch, but he actually gets aggressive with her and insists that she leave.

Lucious wants to make Cookie head of A&R, since the position is open now (HA!). Cookie wants to produce his tribute concert, and Lucious is enthusiastic about it, making her suspicious. She has no idea he’s planning to propose again.

Olivia and Reg (abusive jerk) show up at Leviticus to see Vernon (who’s apparently a cokehead?). She told Reg that Vernon knows where Lola is. What is this mess?

Jamal talks to Lucious about taking Lola. Lucious doesn’t think it’s the best thing for her. Lucious disagreeing with Jamal?! That never happens…

Hakeem shows up with Camilla. They have a new song to debut, apparently.

Camilla suggets to Lucious that Hakeem should “expand his sound.” He performs a song that even Lucious is impressed by.

Lucious and Camilla talk in his office. He wants to pay her to disappear. She insists she doesn’t want money and won’t leave Hakeem. Lucious checked into her background and found out that she’s struggling financially. WOMP…there it is.

Jamal and Hakeem sing Lola to sleep and it is the CUTEST damn thing I’ve ever seen!

Lucious calls Malcolm to the house to help him remove Camilla (I’m cackling). Camilla rips up the check he hands her and tells him that she’ll go back to England only until Lucious dies.

Andre didn’t come for the IPO. Lucious won’t let Rhonda sign for Andre, but she tells him off.

Rhonda checks the paperwork and sees less shares than expected. Lucious reduced everyone’s shares (except his) so that Cookie could have her own.

And then Vernon walks in with Olivia and Reggie. MESS part 2.

Michelle sings and plays the piano for Andre, the music therapy part of his treatment. But neither that nor his meds are working. Michelle prays for him instead.

Hakeem is looking for Camilla. Lucious leads him to believe that she took the money.

Jamal realizes that Reggie abused Olivia, and possibly Lola too. He tries to make a move on Reggie, but he pulls a gun.

And then nobody expects what happens next. I’m still trying to understand.

Lucious steps forward and says he’s the father of the baby, not Jamal. I thought it was a ploy until I saw Olivia’s face. Cookie takes advantage of the shock to try and take the gun. Reggie overpowers her and points it to her instead.

Lucious keeps talking, distracting Reggie while also making it clear that he really did take advantage of Olivia.

Malcolm returns from the airport at the right moment and shoots Reggie.

Everyone is mad at Lucious now. He’s as smug as ever, knowing he saved them all.

Olivia tells Jamal that she left him in the beginning because she knew how miserable he was in their fake marriage. And then she left Lola with him because she wanted her daughter safe from Reggie. Cookie understands her, having made a similar sacrifice.

Olivia leaves with Lola, clearly breaking Jamal’s heart.

I personally don’t see why they couldn’t have stayed.

Cookie tells Lucious that he doesn’t care about anything but himself, and he’s never done right by his sons.

“You just don’t want to die alone,” is her ultimate reaction to his proposal. Ouch.

Cookie tells Malcolm they should go away together.

Well, well.

We’re now one week away from the season finale of Empire (I know, I’m struggling, too. Sigh). And judging from the previews, NONE of us are ready for this.

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