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Who Ends Up A "Charity Case" This Week On Gotham?

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

04/27/2015 2:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Who Ends Up A
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Bruce is gonna get mugged, but Selina saves him. They spat. They determine that they need to get a key from Bunderslaw and open his corporate executive compartment box. They swear to keep what happened that night quiet.

Edward Nygma is conducting experiments on watermelons in the medical examiner's room, determining puncture wounds are consistent with those on the victim. Gordon bursts in and asks where Lee is.

She gets a scare in her apartment, but it turns out to be Gordon, who tells her that he's going after the guy and she needs to leave Gotham so she won't be killed since he's her loved one. She says no and that she's staying to do her job, and that he should do his and get the bad guy serial killer.

The serial killer is out at a bar with someone. It's Barbara.

Barbara invites him home, and he plans to kill her, but is intrigued when she reveals herself to not have a boyfriend and willing to cheat on him like he assumed, and he now finds her fascinating and spares her for the time being. She tells him to leave.

Penguin arranges with a gunman to have Maroni killed.

Gordon and Bullock investigate the first cop who investigated the serial killer and get him to talk and give them info on what he was doing/discovered that led to the killer being spooked enough to kill his daughter.

Edward walks in on Ms. Kringle and the goody-cop boyfriend making out and good cop asks if she forgives him. She nods, timid. He leaves. Edward goes to her and asks for help in finding forensic evidence Gordon needs, but sees bruises. It's clear she's being abused. He says it's not right, but she says it's none of his business.

Bruce invites Selina over to a charity ball. He plans to get to the bottom of this.

Gordon and Bullock go to a plastic surgeon that's related to the case and he makes them get a warrant. They spot the guy who's been following them at the precinct, who tries to drive them over once he's been compromised, and they go to Essen about it. They're sure it's the killer, who calls up Gordon to threaten him.

Gordon hosts a press conference to announce he's coming after the killer, in order to show he's not afraid.

Barbara and Selina get ready for the ball, with Barbara helping Selina out with the feminine aspects of it.

The hit is going to happen on Maroni, but Maroni is chatting with Mama Oswald. It's clear that she's in danger of being killed if Maroni is.

Bruce visits Selina and she cleans up nicely.

Gordon and Bullock follow up on a lead to Constance van Grout, and discover she's desiccated and dead in her bed. For years. She's a freaking mummy.

Bruce and Selina dance. Bunderslaw isn't there.

Essen warns Bullock on the phone to watch Gordon and make sure he's alright, since he's getting too close to this case. They suspect that "the Ogre" (the serial killer) is the butler's son, who tried to hang himself once they arrived. They interrogate him.

Selina and Bruce have another spat about the murder, but they spot Bunderslaw in a convenient time. Have I mentioned how much I hate the name Bunderslaw? Such an ugly name.

Edward goes to confront "goody" cop. He gives him a riddle, with the answer being love. He warns him not to do it again, but douchecop just asks "So what?" and tells him that women need a firm hand, doubly so for Kringle because she has a mouth on her. Douchecop walks away after Edward fails to do anything.

The Ogre shows up at the ball and asks Barbara for a dance.

The Ogre's butler dad explains everything, how Mrs. van Grout doted on him like a son but laughed at putting him in her will, so he killed her, and the father covered it up. He laughs when they say he's seducing women, because he shows them a photo where he's deformed in the face. This links to the plastic surgeon, whom they interrogate for info. It's the same guy.

Maroni chats with Gertude Cobblepot (Oswald's mama) and asks if she's acting of if she's legitimately stupid, and reveals every horrible thing Penguin's done. She gasps in horror and trembles, and Oswald swears he'll make Maroni pay.

The Ogre chats with Barbara and says he'd have been disappointed if she hadn't come. Edward stalks outside Mrs. Kringle's house in his car. Ogre supposedly seduces Barbara over to the dark side.

Selina and Bruce successfully steal and distract respectively Bunderslaw.

Edward warns Douchecop to stay away from Ms. Kringle, but he's drunk and doesn't listen, and punches Edward in the stomach, only for Ed to stab him right back. And again. And again. And again. And again and again and again.

And then he freaks out, half-sobbing half-laughing. Repeating, "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear" over and over.

Oswald tries to smooth things over with his mom, pretend she's crazy or had too much to drink and that Maroni has a weird sense of humour, but she asserts herself through her tears and says she's his mother and will love him no matter what, but if he lied to her then, her heart would break. She then asks him if he's done things he shouldn't have. He says he's just a nightclub owner, that's all. She looks at him and says she feels tired and goes to leave. Oswald is crying, but someone knocks on his door.

It's a flower guy, who has flowers for Gertrude from Sal. Oswald tells the guy to tell Maroni he's a dead man, smashing the flowers, but on second thought, says he'll do it himself before getting a broken piece of glass from the vase and shanking the guy in the neck. Mama Oswald asks who it is, and Oswald says it's the dude from next door asking for help to take out the trash. She says to help him and he begins dragging the body.

The plastic surgeon produced a sketch of the dude, and Gordon remembers that he quoted an article that had a photo of him and Barbara. He runs towards her place, and Selina answers. She reveals he left with some guy and confirms it's the sketch, although noting, "It's kind of a crappy drawing."

Back at Ogre's place, Barbara discovers his dungeon sex room place and they stare at each other.

Lawd have mercy. What's going to happen next?

I'm miffed there's no sign of Fish in this episode, though. There had better be in next week's; it better be all about her.

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