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Trump's Landslide Loss Won't Erase The Problems Plaguing America

Bernadette Giacomazzo | PopWrapped Author

Bernadette Giacomazzo

10/21/2016 10:48 am
PopWrapped | Current Events
Trump's Landslide Loss Won't Erase The Problems Plaguing America | Trump
Media Courtesy of Politico

Even if Trump loses this election come November 8th -- and, according to the latest USC/LA Times poll, Trump is not only going to lose, he's going to do so by a double digit margin -- America still has a major problem that it has to face, and it's a problem that's going to take decades to repair.

We may not even see this change in our lifetime, if the recent political climate is any indication.

Even if Trump loses, America still has a problem.

You see, if you happen to live in a major metropolitan city -- especially in a major metropolitan city on either coast, like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Boston -- it's easy to get stuck in the mentality that racism doesn't exist ... or, if it does, it exists among a silent minority, somewhere in the backwoods of some Deep South state that probably doesn't even have running water or paved roads.

'What are we complaining about, after all?,' wonders the average limousine liberal. We have a black President. We have a Latina Supreme Court justice. We have women in the workforce, and even the gays -- the gays! -- are allowed to marry, Godless heathens the lot of them all.

And so the problem is dismissed.

But, even if Trump loses, this problem still exists.

Donald Trump's candidacy, as we've seen first-hand, is nothing but a ball of fail. He is a racist, misogynist, seditious birther who refuses to divest himself of his foreign investments, has questionable ties to a crazy Russian dictator, and is a rampant xenophobe and homophobe who has sworn to prevent more than 1 billion people from crossing American borders simply because they call God Allah as opposed to Yahweh or Father.

But he has done something absolutely remarkable, something no other candidate in history -- not even Barack Obama -- has been able to do: he has exposed, quite nicely, how far we have to go as a country in terms of race relations, women in the workplace, and equal rights as a whole.

Trump's candidacy has given the "Alt-Right" permission to spew disgusting invective, relentlessly harass reporters, and even commit violence against innocent people simply because they don't espouse the same political beliefs that he does.

It is the Ku Klux Klan's deepest, darkest wet dream come to life ... and Donald Trump brought it all to the forefront.

And, if Trump loses, we still have to deal with them all.

This is to say nothing of the Republican party -- a party, through its own greed and desire to push forward an agenda that criminalizes the poor, gives absolute power to the rich, and marginalizes minorities, LGBTQ, and women, has created this monster.

They try to publicly disavow him now, but it all rings hollow, as Jeffrey Young of The Huffington Post so eloquently put it.

Because they knew what he was when he first began his rise to power.

He was a failed businessman who bankrupted his own companies four times, used his father's money to continue to finance businesses that consistently went bust, had five children with three different women (what was that Reagan said about the "welfare queens," again?) that he proudly played no part in raising, and only redeemed himself through playing a caricature of himself (that wasn't really a caricature) on reality TV.

And that's only the mild stuff. We're not even getting into the allegations that he raped his wives, got his third wife from a mail order catalog, raped a 13-year-old girl, denied housing to black men, and refused to let a black and/or Latina Miss USA take home the crown.

But they encouraged him, because that's what racist, sexist, homophobic Republicans have done since the 1960s and the days of the so-called "Dixie-crats."

Republicans are so entrenched in their own hatred that they would risk the fall of the entire Republic of the United States of America than have to take orders from a woman. We already saw how well they responded to having to take orders from -- gasp! -- a black man.

They created this monster named Donald Trump and are now crying because he's acting like the monster they knew he was. And, now, they are faced with dealing with a crowd of angry, hateful, sub-literate, disgusting excuses of human beings who would rather put their foot on the throats of people that aren't inbred, cousin-fucking, trailer-park-dwelling, Jeff Foxworthy-watching white trash ... once condemned to the backwoods of the Deep South, far away from any sign of civilization, these zombified caricatures straight out of Judgment at Nuremburg are now unleashed on all of us.

And, if Trump loses, we still have to deal with them.

So ... America ... how do you suggest we do so?


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