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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Even When Things Go Right, Everything Goes Wrong On This Week's Homeland

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/29/2013 11:52 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Even When Things Go Right, Everything Goes Wrong On This Week's Homeland
Media Courtesy of Showtime

Tamara Fuentes

Staff Writer

Welcome one and welcome all to the craziness that is Homeland. Just when you thought it couldn’t keep you on edge of your seat any longer, this episode just proved us all wrong. Let's get right to it. Right from the beginning, we see Quinn in an apartment making some kind of bomb. Later, we see Carrie testifying before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence about the attacks at Langley. After a couple of questions, they believe Carrie is hiding something from them about Brody. We then see Saul at Langley with Dar Adal talking about Carrie’s trial and how he believes that he should be there with her, even if it’s just to offer moral support. Dar says he can’t because that would compromise the whole trial and cause Carrie to reveal something he doesn’t want out that could bring the whole CIA down. Back at the trial Senator Andrew Lockhart, the head of the Senate Select Committee shows a document showing that Brody had immunity as long as he helped the CIA with their missions. Carrie says that she had prior knowledge about the file. He believes that she’s lying and pushes her more to say that she is the reason who the Langley bombing happened because she missed something that Abu Nazir had planned all along. Carrie reveals that she does not believe that Brody planned to attack Langley and that he was not the one who set off the bomb. The committee does not believe her and gets angry at her for her comment, saying that Brody was clearly part of the plan and that by saying so, she is a traitor to the country. Carrie then leaves, after being given a break, and calls Saul telling him that documents have been leaked to the committee. Saul says that he does not know who leaked them but that he would get to the bottom of it. At a hospital, it is revealed that Dana has been there for a month after slitting her wrists in the bathtub. As Jess comes to pick her up, paparazzi are outside waiting for them, asking them questions about Brody and why Dana had been there in the first place. Back at Langley, Saul has a meeting with other CIA officials about an attack on six suspects who were a part of the attack at Langley. At first, one of the officials says that he does not want the plant to go through because Brody is still missing and he’s the main target. Saul disagrees but takes time to think about the attack, thinking that they might mess up which will put the CIA in an even worse position than they already are. Back at home, Carrie finds her dad going through her files. Carrie has been trying to hunt down where Brody has been but still cannot find him. Her dad reveals that Carrie has stopped taking lithium, which she needs to take for her bipolar disorder. She says that she’s stopped because she has found an alternate form of medication; running, sleeping, and vodka. She also reveals that the reason why she stopped taking her medication is because she believes that her taking it is the reason why she missed the attack on Langley. Back at the Brody house, Dana is getting used to life back home. After a heartfelt reunion with her grandmother and brother, she goes into her room to unpack. As she opens her backpack she finds a note from her new boyfriend from the hospital with his phone number on it. She then takes her camera and takes a nude photo of herself to send to him. Saul is back at home where is shown that Mira has come back and he reveals that he hates his new position. While Mira is supportive of Saul and tries to get him to relax, she reveals that she is unhappy with their current relationship especially since they are sleeping in separate bedrooms. The next day, Carrie returns to court and gets told of a plan that Saul and her lawyer have come up with. After her lawyer answers the first few questions that have been given, Senator Lockhart asks why Carrie is not the one answering. Her lawyer reveals that she is practicing her right to remain silent. Lockhart then states that she just made things worse and if it is revealed that the CIA had knowledge of this attack beforehand, that they will all pay for it, especially Carrie. In Langley, Saul reveals that he has approved the attack. Later, we see Quinn in Venezuela. He is seen waiting for one of the suspects to go into his car. Quinn then follows the car and plans to put the bomb on the car to kill everyone in it. He then decides against it after seeing the man’s son in the car along with him. Quinn then follows them back to the house where he uses the bomb as a distraction so he can go in and kill the man himself. He is successful and manages to retrieve files and other things from the office. As he tries to leave, he sees a light, which he believes, belongs to one of the guards in the house, and shoots it down. Once he leaves the room, however, it is revealed that the light did not come from a guard but, rather, came from a flashlight that the son was carrying. During dinner at the Brody household, Jess reveals that she plans to go back to work in order to gain some income for the family, as they have none at the moment. Her mother is against it, saying that she should sue the military instead for not supporting her now that Brody is missing. Carrie ends up going to a convenience store to buy more liquor and has sex with a stranger she meets there. The following morning, her dad calls her to reveal that a story ran in the paper saying that her relationship with Brody has been leaked to the media. Carrie then goes to the restaurant where Saul is having lunch and blames him for the media leak. Saul reveals that he does not know where it came from but that he’ll try to fix it. Dana is shown taking things down from her bedroom where she receives a message from her boyfriend. As she leaves to go take the trash out, she overhears her mother and grandmother talking about her suicide attempt. Saul is at a public Senate meeting revealing that the plan to kill the six people involved in the Langley attack has been successful. His win is taken lightly after they believe that the timing is interesting, especially since the story has just been revealed. When questioned about it, Saul throws Carrie under the bus by revealing her bipolar disorder and that he did know about her relationship with Brody. Back at home, Carrie is devastated as she watches the meeting live from her television screen. Overall, the episode was a nice season opener in revealing everything that has happened in the past two months between the Langley attack and now. One missing piece was Brody himself and he did not appear in the episode at all. But, knowing the writers of Homeland, this piece won’t be missing for long. What did you think? Was it all worth it? What’s going to happen to Carrie now that her relationship with Brody is out? Will Brody ever reveal where he is or will the CIA get to him first? What’s Saul’s next plan in order to get Brody and save the CIA from getting shut down? Guess it’s all going to have to wait until next week. Until then, we can only hope that more will be revealed as the episodes go on. So excited to be recapping Homeland with you guys and joining you all on this crazy ride. See you all next week when we’ll have more questions to ask than answered as this new season unfolds!


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