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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Everyone Bands Together To "Save Henry" In This Week's Once Upon A Time

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


12/01/2013 11:24 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Everyone Bands Together To
Media Courtesy of ABC
Jacob Elyachar Staff Writer Last time, Oncers saw the gang…they failed to stop Henry from giving his heart to Peter Pan (aka his great-grandfather, Neal’s grandfather…. and Rumple’s daddy!). What did his family (especially his mothers: Regina and Emma) do to save him? Read on to find out! Before viewers found how the Charmings and their allies saved Henry, we learned how Regina adopted Henry…. It all started back in the Enchanted Forest, where Regina went to Rumple to gloat about enacting the curse. However, the Dark One stated that one day…she would need him to fill the empty place in her heart. Years later in Storybrooke, Rumple’s foresight came true as the mayor came to Mr. Gold and asked for his help to adopt a child. Before Gold began…he asked her: “Is this something that you are ready for?’ The Evil Queen replied: “This is something I need.”  As Regina left, Gold told her that as a parent, you should put your child first. After retrieving Baby Henry in Boston, he proved to be too much for Regina and she could not figure out what was wrong with him. Dr. Whale stated best: she was dealing with “a crying baby.” Unsatisfied with his answer, Regina called her lackey, Sidney, to investigate baby Henry’s background. Sidney came through and the results sent a seething Regina back to Gold. Regina accused him of wanting to end the curse and Gold stated that he knew nothing. The Evil Queen traveled back to Boston and was about to give Henry up until Regina changed her mind. It was a good thing that she changed her mind because Michael and John Darling would have given Baby Henry straight to Pan. Speaking of the diabolical Pan, he gloated to Henry’s parents that he was able to capture Henry’s heart and trapping Gold in Pandora’s Box. While Regina put a protection spell on Henry, Emma pleaded with the Lost Boys to give them Pan’s location.  Despite Felix’s protests, a Lost Boy spilled the beans and told them to find him at his Thinking Tree. The Lost Boy asked Emma if they could come with them back to Storybrooke. While the men and Tinker Bell escorted Wendy, the Lost Boys and a comatose Henry back to the Jolly Roger, Emma, Regina and Snow searched for Pan. The villain trapped them using the Thinking Tree’s roots and revealed that he was indeed Gold’s father.  Regina was able to free the ladies and snatch Henry’s heart back from Pan. As the ladies boarded the Jolly Roger, Regina was able to save Henry by putting his heart back into his body. While Regina put Henry down, Neal released his father from Pandora’s Box and reunited with his father. Meanwhile, Pan traveled to the Jolly Roger and tried one more time to steal back Henry’s heart. Luckily, Gold was able to successfully trap Pan in Pandora’s Box. Or so we thought…until an Octavian twist was revealed (see the Superior Spider-Man comic book for the term). Pan was able to overtake Henry’s mind and revealed himself to be Henry to his loyal servant, Felix. Next week, the gang arrives back in Storybrooke where old wounds reopen and “Henry” begins his diabolical scheme.


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