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Everyone Has To Be "Handled With Care" On This Week's Vampire Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/08/2013 10:14 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Everyone Has To Be
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

It's that time again! Here's your recap of this week's The Vampire Diaries!
First off, remember how last week I said that the anchor that bounded the other side was probably the dagger that Matt had been asked to protect?  Well, turns out I was completely wrong about that.  The anchor was revealed in this week’s episode, “Handle With Care,” and it wasn’t even an object.  But more on that later...  I do have to be honest, though; I have a big problem with this week’s episode.  I’ve loved and adored The Vampire Diaries since its beginning but at this point in the game, I’m really starting to worry about the direction of their storyline and the writing in general.  The twist this week wasn’t so much a surprise as it was a major face-palm.
Previously on The Vampire Diaries...
Dr. Maxfield warned Elena to drop out of school and go back to Mystic Falls.  Damon and Jeremy made a deal with Silas to bring Bonnie back from the dead.  After Quetsiyah/Tessa desiccated Silas, Damon tricked Katherine and gave her up to Silas so he could feed on her blood.  Elena and Damon were about to celebrate Katherine’s demise but then realized she was still alive.
The episode picks up with Katherine celebrating still being alive by feasting on all the breakfast options at a nearby restaurant.  But oops!  Katherine’s hair is turning gray aka she’s aging and this puts a damper on the celebration.  I guess Silas drank the cure from her vein and she went back to being just a normal human.  I was really hoping she had ingested some vampire blood so she would be back to her vampy ways.  Bummer.  Meanwhile, Elena and Damon are enjoying some peaceful time alone at the Salvatore manor when Silas walks through the door.  He seems extremely chipper about the prospect of dying.  Oh and just like Tessa, he can also create fire out of nothing.  Pretty cool.
Stefan for some reason is now BFFs with Tessa.  He’s crashing at her place after a night of heavy drinking.  She says there were body shots but I say, pictures or it didn’t happen.  Tessa happened to see one of Stefan’s text messages and now she knows that Silas is human again aka just a witch.  Silas for his part, reassures Elena and Damon that he will bring Bonnie back but first he needs to find the anchor and destroy the other side.  The anchor is apparently hidden somewhere in New Jersey or as Damon would say, in “Snooki’s backyard.”  Tessa tells Stefan that the travelers don’t want Silas to be in peace for reasons she’s not willing to share just yet.  Back at the Salvatore home, Silas forbids Elena to come with them to NJ, taking only Damon and Jeremy with him.  Meanwhile, Tessa and Stefan find out they’re trapped inside the cabin after Silas put a spell to keep them inside.  They’re stuck there until sundown and that’s how long Silas has to recover the anchor.
At Whitmore, Caroline walks into the dorm and finds a recently showered Katherine in the room.  She believes it’s Elena at first but she’s too smart to fall for it completely.  Katherine asks her to let her crash there in exchange for helping her with Dr. Maxfield.  Later, they show up at his lab and proceed to drain him of vervain so Caroline can compel him into giving her information.  Katherine threatens him with a scalpel and Maxfield tells them the secret society are having a gathering that day to suss out potential candidates.  Elena was going to be one of the invitees but that was until they started suspecting she was a vampire.  Katherine knows she’s human and as such, can prove that Elena is not a vampire by pretending to be her.
Elena tries calling Stefan but Tessa picks up instead and she makes her believe they’ve been rolling around in the sheets—I’m not gonna lie, I kind of believed it.  Elena calls Damon and he admits to having broken Stefan’s neck during the Ball, so she decides to go look for him.  When she arrives, Stefan tells her that she’s wrong about him sleeping with Tessa and Elena realizes that it was all a lie.  She tries to leave but finds out she’s now trapped in the cabin with them.  My question is, why do you care so much Elena?  I thought you were in love with Damon.
Silas, Damon and Jeremy arrive at a warehouse in NJ to search for the anchor.  Unfortunately, Silas only saw the location in Tessa’s head and not the actual anchor itself.  Bonnie appears to Jeremy and tells him she doesn’t regret her decision to die in exchange for his life.  She doesn’t seem very sure of the plan they have in motion with Silas and doesn’t want to get her hopes up about coming back.  Damon receives a call from Tessa and he orders him to kill Silas.  She tells him that she used jealousy to bait Elena into coming to the cabin, threatening to kill her if he doesn’t do as she says.  Tessa gives Damon until sundown to carry out her orders.
At Whitmore, Katherine shows up at the secret society’s meeting and one of the members is surprised when she’s able to enter the house without having been invited in.  She’s scarfing down sandwiches and packing extras into her purse—LOL—when Aaron approaches her.  She flirts with him a little and tries to get information about the society out of him but suddenly starts  chocking on something—her tooth.  She freaks out and leaves the party.  Meanwhile, Caroline finishes draining the last of Maxfield’s vervain and compels him into giving her information.  He tells her the society is called Augustine and the members are part of a legacy and some are chosen for their extraordinary talents.  He covered up Megan’s death because she was killed by Augustine’s own vampire.  Caroline wants to know more but someone comes knocking at the door.  She compels Maxfield into forgetting what happened and into thinking that he was wrong about Elena and her being vampires.
Back at the cabin, Tessa and Stefan are busy browsing a cookbook and bonding over food when Elena tells her that she knows Damon won’t hesitate to kill Silas in order to save her.  She’s sad knowing this means Bonnie won’t be brought back from the dead.  Later, Stefan volunteers to prepare food and Elena seems bothered by his friendliness towards Tessa.  When she steps away, Stefan whispers to Elena that he has things under control.  He won’t let Tessa hurt her.
At the warehouse, Jeremy’s disappointed by the turn of events but Bonnie tells her everything will be fine.  She’s not willing to let Elena die just so she can come back.  When Damon searches for Silas to carry out Tessa’s orders to kill him, two travelers show up and start chanting one of their spells.  Damon finds out his daylight ring’s lost its protective powers and the sun begins burning his skin.  He uses his vampire speed to get to one of the travelers and pulls out his heart, killing the other with a dagger.  When sundown comes around, Tessa calls Damon to ask if he’s already killed Silas and he tells him about being attacked by the travelers.  She reveals they want Silas’ blood aka the cure because they’re not fans of immortality.  She also bound the other side to something that was immortal and Silas couldn’t destroy.  When she hangs up, Stefan surprises her by stabbing her in the stomach.  He and Elena escape from the cabin.
Now for the twist that made me go, “No! Why?!”  Silas finally finds the crate where the anchor’s been stored.  After his conversation with Tessa, Damon figures out what she used to bind the other side and Silas’ uncovering of the crate proves his assumptions correct.  The anchor is Amara.  That’s right, another Nina Dobrev.  Silas drags one of the travelers over to the crate and feeds Amara his blood, getting rid of her statue-like state and bringing her back to life.  So, this means Silas and Amara can now live happily ever after, right?  Not so fast.  Amara actually hates the idea of being immortal and after finding out Silas took the cure, she stabs him in the neck with a piece of glass and ingests his blood.  Why the heck are all these immortals so suicidal?
Meanwhile, in Maxfield’s lab, Katherine pays him a visit and returns a recorder she had previously stolen.  She listened to it and found out about the subjects he’s experimented on, so she attempts to blackmail him.  Katherine admits to being Elena’s doppelganger and asks him to help her find a cure to whatever’s happening to her, in exchange for keeping his secret.
After having ingested the cure, Amara is spiraling out of control, not knowing what’s real and what isn’t.  Damon tracks her down and decides to take her back to the Salvatore home.  When Elena and Stefan arrive, Damon and Jeremy are already there.  Since Amara is now cured, she can easily be killed, therefore destroying the other side.  They can’t risk that happening without bringing Bonnie back first.  Which I don’t quite understand.  If the other side is destroyed, doesn’t that mean that all the supernatural creatures join the land of the living?  So, wouldn’t that bring Bonnie back?  That’s what happened when Bonnie lowered the veil that one time.  Like I’ve said before, this show is very confusing.  Damon decides that the only way to prevent Amara from getting killed is to keep her under their protection.
Meanwhile, Stefan enters his room to find a wounded Tessa sitting on his bed.  She realizes she made a mistake by taking his memories away and as revenge for stabbing her, she makes him remember everything.  Stefan is back to being a tortured soul, filled with pain and regrets.  The episode ends with Tessa telling Stefan to remember that when he was drowning in the quarry it wasn’t his friends or brother who came to the rescue, it was her.
So what’s going to happen now?  Are we going to see ripper Stefan again and is he going to hold a grudge against the Mystic Falls gang and team up with Tessa?  As for the reveal that Amara never actually died... I love Nina Dobrev but I just don’t know how to feel about yet a third doppelganger on the show.  Is Paul Wesley going to be getting a third role as well?  There are other storylines that got pushed to the side this week that I’m much more invested in than Silas and his “true love.”  Where did Nadia go, for example?  Shouldn’t she be helping Katherine with her rapid aging and possible death?  What has Matt been up to and is he still getting possessed by the traveler Gregor?  I feel like this episode fell flat and was a bit boring compared to what we’ve seen in the past few weeks.  The whole point was to get Bonnie back and at the end none of that even happened.  Aside from Katherine’s progressive decay and her teaming up with Caroline, the episode was kind of uneventful.  But maybe that’s just me.  What did you guys think of “Handle With Care?”


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