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Television PopWrapped | Television

Everyone Has To 'Hide Their Love Away' On This Week's Grey's Anatomy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/07/2014 10:54 am
PopWrapped | Television
Everyone Has To 'Hide Their Love Away' On This Week's Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of Huffington Post

Tamara Sestanj

Staff Writer

@tamarasestanj In this week’s Grey’s Anatomy, Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital tried to deal with the repercussions of a new policy that frowns upon any work relationships and made any relationships between superiors and anyone underneath them illegal. The new policy is especially an issue for everyone’s favourite misfit couple, Karev and Wilson – who, according to the new policy, cannot be together since Karev is on the board and Wilson is a resident. You would think there would be an exception clause for all pre-existing couples on staff, not just limited to married couples, but no. Apparently marriage has become the ultimate source of power at Grey Sloan Memorial hospital – ironic since almost everyone on the board previously tried to fight against marriage one way or another. How the tables have turned. Karev and Wilson attempt a very Karev-Wilson move at first, faking a break-up and still sleeping together on the side, but it doesn’t last long. I don’t know if it’s because Karev just saw a teenage girl die from cancer or because he’s just being Karev, but he gives up on trying to fake it and instead tries to sleep with Wilson in the good, old storage closet. Too bad Kepner and Avery (who are married, remember?! Yay!) are already occupying it. Webber, who has been put on “panty police” as he likes to call it, ends up catching them all in the act. You would think that with this new policy in place that people would find new places to have sex rather than the first place Webber would look. The board doesn’t seem to be too hard on Karev and Wilson though, simply asking that they keep their personal lives at home, but it seems that Karev’s gotten a little too used to getting it on at work. He ends up going off into a heated tantrum like he tends to do and tells the board that they can’t control him. In comparison to Karev’s tantrum, Kepner and Jackson bring some happy and surprising news to the table and finally reveal to everyone that they’re married. The new policy proves to bring more problems and ends up causing a few rifts between the residents. Ben, already an outcast for joining the resident program late, is further distanced from his peers because they’re jealous that the new policy doesn’t affect him and Bailey’s relationship since they are married. Wilson ends up having her own mini anti-Edwards party, thinking that she’s the one who filed the complaints which caused the new policy and ends up getting all street-kid on her. Ferrer finally admits that it was her who filed the complaint, saying that all she wants is to be able to take advantage of her education without being taken advantage of in relationships. Boo-hoo Ferrer, you didn’t seem to have a problem before when you were jumping from one person’s pants into another. And in the biggest shocker of the episode, it’s Ross who ends up being the voice of reason and stopping everyone from fighting. Ross, acting more like an elementary school teacher than a resident, ends up reminding the group that the whole reason they were there was to research case studies and find a way to save a current cancer patient at their hospital. It ends up working, kind of. The group finds a possible solution to the girl’s rare condition but when they go to tell Webber they discover she’s already dead. Some good did come out of Ross’ speech though, with the exception of Wilson, the residences seem to be friends and again and even invite Ben to go out to the bar with them. There’s not much for a Callie and Arizona update, everything seems to be going great for them (we’ll see how long that lasts) and they’ve moved into their new house. Not only did Arizona get a new house, but she also got a new, HUGE ring from Callie. Way to go Callie. Grey and Shepherd end up spending most of the episode doing what they did last, fighting about Shepherd’s possible position with the White House. Things only get more complicated when Shepherd ends up getting an advisory board position with them. For now we don’t know much, except that this is all a big question mark – and oh, that they’re have sex again after Meredith shutting Derek out for three weeks. And in what will make you wonder how so much can change in one episode: Hunt was about to buy a house with his girlfriend until a drunk, wine-still-in-hand Yang showed up at his front doorstep in the middle of the night. Not surprisingly, allowing his ex-girlfriend into his home in the middle of the night turned into sex for Hunt. He ends up breaking up with his girlfriend and we learn that he just may be the most confusing character on Grey’s right now. Remember how Hunt and Yang got divorced because Hunt wanted children and Yang didn’t? Well, Hunt broke up with this girlfriend because she wanted children and was willing to leave her job for it. Are you wondering what the hell is going on here? Good, because so am I. Let’s hope Hunt gets his shit together soon.  

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