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Everyone's Coming "All Together Now" On This Week's Masters Of Sex

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11/11/2013 8:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Everyone's Coming
Media Courtesy of Showtime

Jamie Harsip

Content Editor

We left off with Bill groping Gini’s naked chest, but we seem to have advanced quite a bit in the last week - because we basically begin the episode with the world’s most awkward and clinical sex between the two of them, who are now officially enrolled in the study. It must be pretty awkward to have to tell your boss he couldn't give you an orgasm, even for science. Of course, she does blame the missionary position. By the way, for a guy who’s so shut off from his emotions, we can read Bill Masters like a book. Man, for someone who seems to have more bedmates than home-cooked meals, Langham is super awkward. He runs into Margaret at a bar and is completely flustered. I mean, I guess that’s not an unusual reaction when you just slept with your boss’ wife. There is hope for them, yet, though. Margaret slyly lets him know her husband will be staying in New York for a few nights on business. So I guess Ethan and Vivienne are still a thing. And we get to see her boobs again. For a show that’s supposed to be about sex, they really need to start leveling the playing field here. Too many boobs, not enough boy parts, I say! But anyway, Ethan had Vivienne stay over the night before, but says he has to rush off for some endometrial thing. Uh, no. What Ethan had to rush off to was a car dealership to help Gini pick out a new car. Come on, dude! Get over it! Bill has another young couple in for an appointment, but thankfully this pair actually understands reproduction! Whew! They’ve been trying to have a baby for a year with no luck. Yes, they’ve been having sex (none of that “laying together” nonsense!) quite conscientiously. In fact, according to the wife, they go at it at least a few times every night. Apparently this woman’s sister says frequency is the key to getting pregnant…and position! The recommendation seems to be the “reclining lotus.” Bill asks them to join the study, which he decides to have Gini explain. Unfortunately, she is not there. Dr. Masters has an adorable new secretary, named Adelaide...who can't seem to keep up. In the back of one of the cars Gini and Ethan are looking at, the two start discussing the loss of virginity – specifically how many occurrences happened in the backs of cars. Gini decides to take the car, but says she needs Bill to be her co-signer. Ethan, being Ethan, says that he’ll do it. Once back at the hospital Libby has cornered Ethan. She’s trying to convince him to continue with the cervical cap trial. It sounds like she’s desperate to have a baby for all the wrong reasons – essentially to save her marriage. After a lot of convincing, Ethan agrees – but only if she and Bill start to have sex regularly. It looks like Dr. Langham took the bate Margaret laid out for him. He shows up at her house at night with an offering of cashews. Her husband, it seems, had already left. He’s in his car and pulls up in a really derelict looking alleyway. All of a sudden he’s being dragged out of his car and beaten. Suddenly, male prostitute to the rescue! Dale, the escort, scares off the assailants and takes Barton in his car to the hospital – not the ER, though. No one can know what happened, of course. Back in he Scully household, it looks like Langham has taken over. He sits in Barton’s chair, puts on Barton’s glasses, and gets a nice meatloaf sandwich from Barton’s wife. And wow, the pair of them – insatiable. I guess that’s what happens to a woman when she’s gone her whole life without having an orgasm. In the office, Bill and Virginia are giving each other the questionnaire. It’s kind of super awkward, or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, Virginia’s character is a bit too on the nose with her responses. I can’t really tell if she’s being genuine when she says “I’m not like most women; I’ve always been able to separate sex from love,” or if she’s trying to convince herself more than anyone. I get that her character is supposed to be very progressive in terms of her sexuality, but this feels a little bit too caricature-like to me. Ah, well. Moving on. It looks like they’re ready for another go. This time we don’t get to watch, but apparently it was better than their previous attempt. Bill is actually humming as he tallies up the data. Apparently he’s super proud of his ability to give Gini two orgasms. And his having gotten position number four from the Kama Sutra (yup, you guessed it – the “reclining lotus”). Interestingly, as Gini points out, they both orgasmed from the same positions, but at different times, with Gini going first both times. After the data is collected, Bill says he’s hungry and suggests he and Gini go out for dinner somewhere. It’s hard to read Gini’s face at the question, but there’s no doubt she reads it as a somewhat loaded question. She’s again unreadable in her feelings when Bill gets a call from Libby and tells her he’ll be heading home soon. Either way, she doesn’t let Bill zip her dress the rest of the way up as she leaves, having said she was due home an hour ago. On his way out, Bill catches Barton in an operating room trying to patch himself up. Barton tries to lie about how he ended up in such a state, but Bill is not having it. He goes on a tirade about how Barton could lose everything he’s worked for if this comes out, asking rhetorically if it’s worth it. Something tells me Bill is asking himself that question just as much as he’s asking Barton. Is it worth risking his career, his family, and his reputation just to be close to the object of his (extremely transparent) desire? Back in the Scully household Margaret and Austin are going at it like rabbits. Just as Margaret gets on top to go again, she sees headlights. Oh em gee, it’s her husband! The resulting situation is pretty awkward, but god do I feel bad for Margaret. She clearly feels tremendously guilty, but she doesn’t have any idea what her husband has been up to. Back in the Masters household it seems Libby took to their home bar to drown her sorrows. She tries her damnedest to get Bill into bed, but it doesn’t work. That poor woman. Instead Bill draws her a bath and has her get in. Alone. I just don’t understand how a woman as positively glowing as Libby could have ended up with someone like Bill. Morning in the Scully household is somewhat less than pleasant. There’s an overflow of emotion from Margaret, who thinks there must be something wrong with her for her husband not to care that he caught her with another man, and to have not touched her in six years. Allison Janney, as always, just delivers. The woman is an incredible actress, and this scene shows it. Gini brought in Jane as Bill’s new secretary. As reluctant as he seems to admit it, Bill is impressed. You guys, Jane is awesome. Libby stops in, wearing some nice shades, to see Gini. She’s desperate, especially after the night before, to have her husband back. She essentially begs Gini to find a way to get Bill home earlier, because they need time to do that thing husbands and wives do. I can only imagine how Gini feels here. Truly – I don’t know if she’s upset on Libby’s behalf or guilty because she likes what’s been going on, even at Libby’s expense. Bill heads home early that night, after Gini talks to him, and damn. He’s a whole different person. He brings in fire wood and suggests they eat dinner in front of a roaring fire, which Libby says is something they used to do but haven’t in a while. I don’t even recognize this man, to be honest. And apparently in addition to being smiley and happy, that new Bill is extremely horny. He practically pounces on Libby right then and there, in their living room. It’s just too bad the audience knows he’s definitely not thinking about Libby in that moment. Things are getting really serious for Margaret. She and Langam are curled up in the car as they drive to a hotel, but then they decide to go out to eat instead. Through their conversation, Margaret explains how much their situation means to her. She literally tells him that he’s saved her life. This will not have a happy ending; I can tell you that right now. Langham, for his part, looks like he’s quietly freaking out. This is definitely not what he signed up for. And it’s time for Bill and Gini to get at it again. This time they’re going to try the “rocking horse” position. And man, this scene is awesome. It’s so sexy. There’s a voiceover of Gini and Bill talking about how Jane is a good secretary, but she’ll never be as good as Gini. “Anticipating someone’s needs, that is a rare thing,” Bill says. The voiceover can’t quite drown out the heavy breathing of the scene itself – Bill and Gini are doing the “rocking horse,” and it might be the sexiest scene this show has ever done. Why? Well, it fits right along with the voiceover dialogue. Gini anticipates Bill’s needs in bed as well as out, it seems, given she has them pause for a moment, just offering, “catch up,” as an explanation. Suddenly we see what that means, as the two of them hit the orgasm stage together, simultaneously. It’s so much sexier than I’m able to do justice, I promise you. Afterwards, as they collect the data, Gini suggests they go eat while they look over the data. She seems a bit too cool about it, like she’s trying too hard. And she seems genuinely sad when Bill says he can’t, since he’s having a late dinner out with Libby. Is this just sex, with no romantic feelings involved? It’s really not feeling that way anymore. Tune in next week, for what promises to be another gripping episode of Masters of Sex. Remember, it’s 10 p.m. EST, only on Showtime!


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