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Everything is "Tangled Up In Blue" On This Weeks The Originals

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/16/2013 10:21 am
PopWrapped | Television
Everything is
Media Courtesy of The CW

Adele Fredeluces

Staff Writer

This week on The Originals, the Mikaelson siblings start a war and Marcel gets distracted by a certain blonde. In case you missed it last week, in an attempt to get back the brother she cherishes the most, Rebekah decided to go up against Marcel and his secret weapon, a young witch determined to kill the Original family. The power [and attitude] Rebekah possesses doesn’t compare to Davina at all. However, Rebekah isn’t the only one who’s missing Elijah. Hayley’s stuck in the middle of Klaus and Rebekah’s constant bickering, it’s no wonder she misses Elijah. I miss him too, Hayley, I miss him too. The two undaggered siblings reveal to the werewolf girl their simple plan to get their elder brother back. Klaus will simply ask for Elijah back. And if all else fails, plan B will set into motion: World War Klaus. We all know that you don’t mess with the conniving little hybrid. As I expected, Plan A doesn’t go too well with Marcel. Marcel’s right hand man, Thierry (the vamp Klaus bit in the pilot ep), doesn’t approve of it and Marcel agrees. “If I hand Elijah back now, it might give the wrong impression about who’s in charge here.” Marcel doesn’t want us to forget that he is the “King of the quarter”. World War Klaus commences and Klaus begins to form his own little army of minions including Josh, Marcel’s newest nightwalker and the vampire who attacked Hayley. As we learn later in the episode, everyone has a role to play. Rebekah finds Katie, the witch that let someone in Marcel’s army, know about Hayley’s presence. After a few threats and shoves, she learns that Katie is having a secret love affair with Thierry. Vampires and witches are forbidden to love each other. It’s a modern Romeo and Juliet and Klaus’ army is taking advantage of young, forbidden love. Rebekah and Klaus convince Sophie Deveraux to use a little location spell to find Elijah, but she has to sacrifice one of her own in the process. She seems willing to do so to find and retrieve Davina. We still know nothing about this little witch, but she’s a hot commodity. Klaus puts the idea in Marcel’s head that the witches are secretly conspiring against him. Naturally, he doesn’t hesitate to show them that he will always be in charge. He sends Thierry to lead the little pow wow against the witches, but that all goes wrong when Klaus’ vampire attacks Thierry’s love, Katie. Thierry killed that vampire breaking one of Marcel’s most important rules and that doesn’t go unpunished. All this takes place as Marcel hosts an extravagant masquerade party for the councilmen. Rebekah invites Cami to the party and she is a vision in white. While meant to be a distraction for Marcel, clearly Cami has caught Klaus’ attention – an angel and a “devil in disguise”. Marcel’s distraction doesn’t work for too long because his minions arrive to deliver the bad news. It all goes downhill for Thierry and Marcel. The trust is gone and Cami is turned off by Marcel’s quick temper. Thierry is sentenced to 100 years in the garden, and the war is just beginning. Distraught and in love, Katie uses her magic to destroy Marcel and his vampires. Davina senses it and she’s quite the artist. She summons the power to help Marcel overcome Katie and is distracted from Sophie’s little burst of magic to locate Elijah. Klaus interrupts before Katie gets the chance to finish Marcel off and another witch’s life is taken. Sophie is close to finding Davina and Elijah, but it’s too late. Rebekah stops her from continuing on and we are once again reminded that if Sophie dies, Hayley and baby Klaus die as well. After all of the events that took place, Marcel and Klaus sit down and talk about Cami. In this scene, you can see a little vulnerability in Marcel. “Sometimes it’s good to see the world the way the humans do.” You get the inkling that both he and Klaus miss their humanity. Then trust comes into the conversation and Marcel agrees to return Elijah. Marcel seems to trust too easily if you ask me. Klaus then goes and finds Cami in attempt to either fix things or use her once again to gain Marcel’s trust even more. Klaus sits there analyzing Cami. “Sounds like more than just a broken heart. Someone broke your trust,” and I can’t help but think about everyone that broke Klaus’ trust. They share a moment and Klaus may be developing a little crush on the “brave bartender”. Marcel returns to Davina and tells her of his plans to return Elijah. But she isn’t going to give him up to the old ones until she finds a way to kill them. Elijah may always keep his word, but looks like Marcel doesn’t. He may be the King, but he bows down to Davina. I can’t wait to learn more about Davina, but at this point I all I know is that she is such a brat. Hayley is unimpressed with Klaus and his plan, but she reveals to him why she misses Elijah so much. “He was kind to me”. It’s as simple as that. But here’s what gets me: the look on Klaus’ face when Hayley says “It’s a girl.” He stood there with his back to Hayley completely stunned at the confession, but his face softened after a few seconds and we all saw a “glimmer of goodness” in his eyes and his smile. The episode ends with Sophie giving a proper burial to Katie, but the other witches don’t approve of the “unholy alliance” she formed with the Original family. One of the witches, Sabine, who was protecting Hayley during Marcel’s party had her own little party as she was helping Hayley find out whether the little hybrid was a boy or a girl. Right after she claims it’s a girl, she became possessed and repeated the words “Nos omnia perdetu el eam”. Hayley had no luck translating those words, but after spelling the words a little differently, I’m guessing they’re about to lose the fight to this baby and it may destroy the world. Only time will tell.


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