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Everything's A Little Bit "Borderline" On This Weeks Carrie Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/17/2013 5:41 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Everything's A Little Bit
Media Courtesy of The CW

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

This week’s episode of The Carrie Diaries dealt with the issue of boundaries.  Carrie struggled with herself as she was forced to choose between her big break at Interview Magazine and respecting the privacy of her new suitor.  And boundaries were definitely crossed at the Bradshaw residence when Tom’s girlfriend, Deb, came over for dinner and brought her bratty 11-year-old with her.  But that’s only a couple examples because tons more happened in “Borderline” so why don’t we go ahead and break it down?  Trust me, it’s a fun ride!
Before the sex and before the city...
Walt decided to give his relationship with Bennett a shot even though there was no guarantee they’d ever be exclusive.  Carrie and Sebastian shared one last steamy make out session before calling it quits once and for all—for now.  Tom went back to working for Harlan’s law firm and Maggie finally decided to end her hookups with Simon.
The episode picks up with Carrie telling us how some boundaries can be easy to cross and some can be more challenging.  Just then, a woman sits next to her—and on top of her stuff—proving that some people just don’t have a sense of personal boundaries.  From there we head straight to Interview, where Carrie is eager to trade her intern position for the one of writer.  Walt comes to visit and Bennett questions Carrie about her new writing ventures.  She’s planning to write a piece on a new playwright named Adam Weaver, who’s apparently the talk of the town for writing a play about his dead brother.
The topic of conversation shifts when Blake, the ad guy for Interview, introduces himself to Walt and immediately hits on him.  Bennett makes things even more awkward when he basically pushes Walt into going on a date with the new guy.  Later, Walt asks Bennett if he’s really okay with him dating other guys.  He assures him that it’s fine but something about his demeanor says otherwise.  I think Bennett is starting to regret this whole “non-exclusive” thing they have going on.
Meanwhile in Castlebury, Dorrit is having absolutely no problem making use of Carrie’s personal things while she’s away at her internship.  Miller comes to visit and when he makes note of how small Dorrit’s bed is, she has the brilliant idea of having sex on Carrie’s bed instead.  And at the Kydd residence, it looks like Sebastian is ready to head to school but gets a call alerting him that his father is away on a trip.  He drops his backpack and decides to kick back and relax instead.  Later, after getting tired of playing Super Mario Bros., he makes a call to a certain “Mrs. Robinson” for some adult entertainment.  At school, Walt tells Mouse about Bennett and the date he has with Blake.  She advices him to go out with him and not worry about Bennett.  Maggie runs into them and Walt lies by telling her they were talking about Sebastian.  Maggie’s noticed that he hasn’t been in school recently.  If they only knew that it’s because he’s busy sexing up a cougar.
Back in Manhattan, Carrie tells Larissa that she’s planning on interviewing Weaver for her piece, as opposed to writing a profile like everyone else in the media has already done.  Larissa tells her that he’s infamous for not granting interviews but if she can land one it will be published in the magazine.  She asks Carrie to dig up all the dirt she can get and make the article as filthy as possible.  Carrie of course, not realizing Weaver is notorious for not doing interviews, starts to worry that it will be an impossible task.  She gets tickets to one of his readings and takes Bennett with her.
As they’re watching the play—which is overdramatized in a pretty absurd way—Carrie can’t help but laugh at what she’s seeing.  The more she tries to stop, the more ridiculous it gets, until she’s pretty much cracking up and getting the stink eye from everyone around her.  When it’s over, they head outside and Bennett tells her she should apologize to Weaver for laughing.  He warns that if she doesn’t get the interview she’ll be making Larissa cappuccinos all day instead of writing.  Weaver approaches Carrie and as she tries to explain why she laughed, he tells her the scene was meant to be funny.  “I love that you laughed,” he says, giving her the dreamiest of smiles—Sebastian who?  She tells him she works for Interview and he invites her to the bar for drinks.
Somewhere else in the city, Tom manages to strike a deal with a new law firm, Credit Suisse, but makes the terrible mistake of giving his new client his home phone number.  When he’s back at the office, he tells Barbara about his plans to have Deb over for dinner to meet Carrie and Dorrit.  She warns him that giving this new law firm his number almost guarantees he won’t have a moment of peace.
Back at the bar, Carrie is trying to grill Weaver for information—in the most subtle of ways—but he insists that he doesn’t have anything to say.  She attempts to stay professional but his charming ways make it difficult for her to establish her boundaries.  He finally agrees to tell her something but only after she shares something personal about herself with him.  Carrie knows she’s the one who’s supposed to be conducting the interview but decides to play along.  Meanwhile in Castlebury, Sebastian is telling Vicky about “the one who got away.”  It’s a bit heartbreaking to hear him say that he’ll probably be in love with Carrie for the rest of her life but his moment of honesty is kind of ruined by the fact that he’s lying naked on a couch with a 40-something-year-old housewife.
We go back to the little dive bar in Manhattan where Carrie and Adam are now one of the few left.  He tells her that the funeral scene in the play was actually downplayed from what happened in reality.  When Carrie asks to learn more, he agrees to share as long as it’s off the record.  Weaver says his mother’s actions at his brother’s funeral were so ridiculous that he started laughing, resulting in getting punched in the face by his father.  The relationship with his father hasn’t been good since then.  Carrie tells him she can’t imagine what it would be like to not have the support of a family.  They sit in silence and share a few glances before going in for a kiss.
The next day, Carrie calls Larissa to tell her how everything went.  She knows that she crossed a line when she kissed Weaver and now she’s changing her mind about using any of the information he gave her.  Larissa tells her not to worry but to make sure that next time he’s “on the record.”  They hang up when Deb shows up at the Bradshaw residence with her son, Dylan.  While they’re having dinner, Deb and Carrie talk about Interview and she offers to give her copies of the magazine.  As Deb deals with Dylan’s insistence on only eating tater tots for dinner, Carrie heads upstairs to her room.  She’s searching for the magazines when she spots a condom wrapper under her bed.  Carrie calls Dorrit upstairs and reprimands her for having sex on her bed.  “We put down a towel,” Dorrit hilariously explains, firmly believing that it wasn’t a big deal.
As Carrie is talking, Dylan walks by the room and catches a glimpse of the condom wrapper.  He starts chanting about them having a “rubber” and Dorrit immediately tells him to shut up.  Carrie tries to remedy the situation by using a much kinder approach but Dylan has another idea, he heads inside the room and peeks in Carrie’s underwear drawer.  He won’t tell their parents about the condom in exchange for them showing him their boobs.  Dorrit is willing to do it but Carrie jokes that they’re going to kill him instead.  They tell him a story about how wedgies can kill a boy because it can make their nuts “pop.”  Call me immature but I couldn’t stop laughing during this part.  Dylan of course, runs downstairs and tells Tom and Deb that Carrie and Dorrit threatened to kill him.  Carrie explains it was just a story that was meant to be funny.  Tom doesn’t have time to process the bizarre occurrence because he gets a call from someone at Credit Suisse.  As he’s taking the call, Dylan picks up the other line and starts making fart noises intermixed with the words “rubber” and “boobies.”  Needless to say, Tom is forced to cut his call short.
Somewhere else in town, Maggie pays Sebastian a visit to see if he’s been sick.  She’s asking him if he needs company when Vicky walks down the stairs wearing his shirt.  Maggie finds the whole situation uncomfortable and leaves.  When Sebastian tells Vicky that she’s not the girl he was talking about, she tells him that it’s obvious Maggie has a crush on him.  And it’s not that I don’t want Sebastian to move on but can he please date someone who isn’t Carrie’s former BFF?  Meanwhile, Walt shows up at Interview for his date with Blake and runs into Bennett at the office.  He tells him they’re going to dinner at some pricey restaurant in the city.  Later, as Walt and Blake are getting to the restaurant, Bennett is already waiting for them.  He admits that he doesn’t want Walt to date Blake because he wants to be exclusive with him.  They are so adorable and cute, I love them!
At the Bradshaw residence, Tom finally asks Deb to talk about the kids.  She believes Carrie and Dorrit were wrong for threatening Dylan and being mean.  He can’t believe that she’s defending her son, while he was the one who interrupted his business call.  It becomes obvious that Deb is too protective of Dylan and makes excuses for his bad behavior.  Tom comes to the realization that perhaps this is a problem that can’t be resolved at the moment.  Back in the city, Carrie and Weaver meet up once again for an evening stroll and another shot at her interview.  When she mentions how happy she is with how she bonded with Dorrit, he admits that he never had a good relationship with his brother.  He treated Weaver as his competition and always put him down.  Now that he’s dead, he feels good that people finally notice him.  He asks Carrie if that makes him a monster but she assures him that’s not the case.  She realizes then that she could never put any of his confessions in print.
The next day, Carrie and Dorrit tell Tom how much they lament that he’s no longer with Deb.  When he questions them about what really happened the night before they tell him they threatened Dylan because he was going through Carrie’s underwear drawer and asked to see their private parts.  They keep the condom secret to themselves.  Tom gets another call from the client at Credit Suisse and he apologizes for the interruption the night before. The client tells him that he understands because he also has a son who gives him a lot of trouble.  He tells Tom they should get together sometime and in an effort to keep a good relationship with his client, Tom agrees.  “We’ll take them to a game or something.  You bring your son and I’ll bring my son,”  he replies, to the perplexed faces of Carrie and Dorrit.
At school, Sebastian asks Maggie if she told Carrie about Vicky.  Maggie tells him that she hasn’t made up her mind about it yet.  Sebastian insists that he’s in love with Carrie and doesn’t want to hurt her but Maggie says he has a funny way of showing it.  When Sebastian says that things are complicated, she tells him that she has put an end to the complications in her life and is ready to be with someone her own age.  Maggie’s got her eyes set on the blue-eyed Kydd, you guys! No!
Meanwhile at Interview, Carrie tells Larissa that she doesn’t feel comfortable writing about Weaver because she has feelings for him.  When she tries to pitch other ideas, Larrisa shoots her down and tells her writing isn’t going to happen for her any time soon.  Even though her opportunity to breach the gap between intern and writer didn’t come to fruition, the episode ends with a very happy Carrie Bradshaw smooching Weaver in the streets of Manhattan.  She likes him enough to not care about the consequences.
I absolutely adored this episode.  Everyone was so happy and in love—okay, maybe not everyone.  And not to be pessimistic but I’m just really scared to find out what’s going to go wrong between Carrie and Weaver.  I really like him you guys, it’s going to break my heart.  We know Carrie doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to boys and dating—there’s always something wrong with them.  We shall wait and see.  What do you guys think about Maggie wanting to be with Sebastian?  Are you happy Bennett finally came around and made things official with Walt?  Leave us a comment below and tell us what you liked and didn’t like about “Borderline.”


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