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Check Out Our Review Of EVVY's EP

Abbie Sedgeman | PopWrapped Author

Abbie Sedgeman

08/21/2014 11:52 am
PopWrapped | Music
Check Out Our Review Of EVVY's EP | EVVY
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Before listening to EVVY's EP, all I knew about this artist was information I found from her Facebook page. Essentially, all I was armed with before I pressed play was the genre: Indie Pop. I have to say, I have never been so happy to have gone in fairly blind, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised. The structure of the album is very effective, especially with the upbeat nature of  "Got Me Movin'." In my opinion, the first song is one of the most important, even more so as it is a debut EP,  if disliked, it could be very easy for a listener to skip the album or even the artist, completely. What I like about this song though, is that there is no prolonged intro, and gets straight into introducing the album. "Haze" began as a very different style of song to the previous song; a slow introduction which set it apart. However, I did feel that by the 2 minute mark, it was swaying dangerously close to "Get Me Movin'." A remixed version of "Collide"  was used in Abercrombie & Fitch's latest "In Black and White" video, and I understand why; the vocals in this are complimented really well by the tune, which isn't all that uncommon in songs, but it really makes a catchy song for the mid-point of the album. "Calling" and "You Said"  are very different to "Collide" and I think this is much needed at this point in the EP. The first three songs are very positive sounding, and these two add some depth to the album and are great examples of EVVY's range and talent. "Never Let You Go" is the stand-out song on this album for me. I like that the intro is striking and intriguing instantly, but once it hits the chorus, I want nothing more than to sing along. Again, it is an upbeat tune, but it stands out from the rest and captures true emotion, for me portraying the need to hold on to something you truly do not want to lose. "Swing" differs from the rest as well, is a lot slower than the rest of the songs, which links back to the importance of structure. This final song is the necessary hook to make you want to listen again, showing that EVVY is not just repeating the same tune over and over again. Being a debut EP, there is a lot for EVVY to prove, and with these tracks, I'd say she proved herself pretty well. You should certainly keep an eye on this artist, with future releases and EVVY's debut show scheduled for September. You can get the album on iTunes, or listen to it on EVVY's SoundCloud.

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