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Music PopWrapped | Music

Carson Lueders Talks Pop Nation Tour And Living His Dream

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

08/24/2015 9:50 am
PopWrapped | Music
Carson Lueders Talks Pop Nation Tour And Living His Dream | Carson Lueders
Media Courtesy of Credit: Facebook

Singer and songwriter Carson Lueders has established a reputation for himself since his first performance at six years old. The Washington-based talent expressed a love for music from a very young age, receiving his first guitar as a Christmas gift at four and naturally taking to the instrument.

Since then, he has developed his skills as well as a fanbase, all while posting his music on online platforms, including YouTube. With his All-American charm, impressive musical talent, and charismatic stage presence, Carson Lueders is one to watch. Simply put, this young talent is gearing up to take the world by storm!

Lueders and a group of nine other up-and-coming acts just finished touring North America with Johnny Wright’s Pop Nation Tour earlier this month. PopWrapped had the chance to meet up with Carson and the rest of the group during a stop in Cleveland, and we got the low down on the show, Carson’s musical ambitions, plans for the future, and so much more.

When we chatted with Carson, there were only six stops left on the Pop Nation Tour before it came to a close with a sold-out (and celebratory) performance in Los Angeles on August 15.

We were curious how he would describe the experience touring with such a large and talented group, and he made it very clear that the whole experience had been great! In fact, it was hard for Carson to pick the best part of being on the road, so instead he offered us a list of favorite aspects:

“Meeting all the fans, hanging out and having fun, performing is always a blast, doing crazy stuff at the hotel, and road trips,” all made their way into the conversation, with Carson adding that “they’re all memories that I’m going to have forever.”

Clearly the Pop Nation Tour has been a blast from start to finish!

Carson revealed that he knew several acts including Katelyn Jae, Chris Miles, and Round2Crew before joining the show, and that the entire crew has become very close.

One act that he has particularly bonded with is the Bomb Digz, whom he referred to as his brothers. At fourteen, Carson and the Bomb Digz are the youngest acts on the tour, but he revealed that it was “not too crazy” being the youngest acts of the group. One thing that was clear from watching the acts interact is that everyone got along fantastically. A glance backstage before the show revealed all of the acts and their dancers chatting, warming up, and getting pumped to hit the stage. Carson was right in the midst of it all, riding around on his Future Foot Self Balancing Personal Transporter like a seasoned pro.

The close bond was evident throughout the show, as many of the acts stood in the wings cheering each other on throughout their sets.

How does Carson prepare to hit the stage on an average night on the road? I was curious if he had any pre-show rituals, and Carson revealed that there were a few steps to getting ready to hit the stage.

“I say a prayer, get pumped, do some pushups,” and then it’s time to get out there and do his thing! Being onstage is all about the energy for Carson; he revealed that his favorite part about being onstage is “the adrenaline rush,” going on to explain that a set seems to fly by.

After finishing up a performance, it’s all about coming down from the rush: “When I’m done, I’m usually just breathing. In through my mouth out through my nose, getting my heart rate down.”

So much has changed since Carson's earliest days posting videos online. For starters, the young crooner is making the move towards recording original music, instead of the covers that he started out with.

Although for some young artists making such a big transition may prove challenging, Carson is approaching his time in the studio with sheer excitement.

“I love making my own style and doing what I love to do,” he explained. “Being in the creative process is awesome!”

Are there any dream collaborations in his future? Carson was quick to add his dream idols Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z to the list, but quite a few of his Pop Nation buddies got a mention as well!

“I’d love to get on a track with the Bomb Digz, Sweet Suspense, or Chris Miles,” he said, adding that Miles was a “dope rapper.”

Fingers crossed that at least one of these possible collabs comes to fruition soon, because they all have serious potential to be killer!

Although the focus is now on original music, I had to ask Carson about what went into preparing a cover. Listening to Carson’s interpretations of songs is always impressive, because he is truly capable of making a track his own. The process towards creating the perfect cover starts with one simple requirement for Carson Lueders.

“I just covered songs that I like” Carson explained.

That connection to the track evidently sparked some creative juices, and after working on an arrangement with producer Andrew Rain, Lueders hit the studio to record the track and shoot a video. Just a few steps before the cover hits his YouTube channel for public consumption.

Sure, Carson has had a fantastic summer unlike that of your standard 14-year-old, but this fall, Carson will be making his way back to school just like any other teenager.

After attending this year’s Teen Choice Awards and finishing up the  Pop Nation Tour, Carson is going back to school. Stars: they’re just like all of us, and this star is getting ready to kick off his freshman year of high school.

Carson joked about going back to school, commenting that it would have been hard to balance both his studies and his tour schedule this summer.

I can’t imagine doing this all with school,” he admitted.

Like any teen, Carson wasn’t ecstatic about the end of summer, but we think he’ll handle the change just fine. In fact, the young musician revealed that he may be joining another tour some time soon.

Faced with the challenge of balancing a burgeoning career, his studies, and everything else you may think that Carson is a little overwhelmed. Although he may feel the pressure every once and a while (don’t we all?), that hasn’t stopped him from being grateful for everything that he has accomplished thus far.

“I’m living my dream. I’m fourteen years old, and I’m so blessed.”

Keep an eye out for future projects, including an EP and a possible tour, by following Carson Lueders at his official website, his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!


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