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Exclusive: Dyllan Murray On "Firecracker" With Pop Nation Tour

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

09/10/2015 10:18 am
Exclusive: Dyllan Murray On
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Musician Dyllan Murray is poised to take the pop music industry by storm. At only sixteen years old Murray has already collaborated with the likes of Sean Kingston, Tyga, B.o.B, Lil’ Twist, and he has opened on tour for Aaron Carter. This summer Dyllan Murray toured North America with nine other up and coming acts on Johnny Wright’s Pop Nation Tour.

PopWrapped had the opportunity to chat with Dyllan Murray during the Cleveland stop on the Pop Nation Tour, and we got all the details about life on the road, his HOT new single “Firecracker,” and plans for future releases. Get excited, because Dyllan Murray had a lot to share!

When we talked to Dyllan Murray, there were only six stops left before the Pop Nation Tour’s grand finale, a sold out show in Los Angeles, and Murray was having a fantastic time on the road. Right at the beginning of our interview he revealed that he has been doing “really good, having so much fun, and seeing so many fans!” Not a bad way to spend the summer…

Dyllan Murray hadn’t known any of his tour mates before joining the Pop Nation Tour, but everyone has become very close while on the road. “It’s been so much fun, because I didn’t know anyone and I’ve become friends with everyone.”

It’s a good thing that everyone on the Pop Nation Tour has gotten to be so close because they are spending a LOT of time together traveling between shows. “I think the first drive we ever did was like fifteen hours” Murray revealed. Although it was tough at first, things have gotten better as the tour has gone on. “Some people have left the tour so we have more room on the buses.”

From the very beginning, Dyllan Murray has been all about getting his rest on while on the road. “I always wanted to sleep so I would always lay on the floor with a blanket over myself and sleep like that.” No judgment here; you gotta do what you gotta do to catch some sleep before the next stop!

Having been on several tours throughout his career, Dyllan Murray revealed that his favorite part of hitting the road was “meeting new fans in different cities and going places I’ve never been before.” With so many stops along the road, we were curious if Murray had any favorites.

Murray revealed that his favorite stop along the tour had been a three-day stop in New York, because “its always fun to go to New York and see some new stuff.” The group didn’t stay directly in the city, but that didn’t stop them from having a good time; their hotel was attached to a movie theatre and a mall, providing plenty to do. Murray had also been looking forward to a stop in Denver, Colorado and was hoping to get some shopping done while exploring a new city.

What is a normal night on tour like for Dyllan Murray? We were curious about how Dyllan Murray gets himself hyped up before hitting the stage, and he explained that it varied based on the day. “Sometimes I’ll listen to Demi Lovato, and other nights I’ll kind of just jump up and down.”

Once he hits the stage Murray likes to share his energy with the crowd. He knows that things are going well onstage when he is met with a loud crowd; stating, “if a crowd is giving me a lot of feedback into my music, then I know it’s an amazing show.” After killing it onstage Murray cools down while enjoying dinner (he doesn’t eat before because of nerves), gets some rest, and hits the bus for a day of traveling to do it all again.

In an effort to keep things fresh and fun along the way Murray explained that he would sometimes switch up his set. “With the bigger shows I’ll add a ballad and bring a girl on stage,” but for the smaller shows Murray opts for a shorter set to get the fans interested in learning more. “I like to keep it short because when I give them a shorter set and don’t give a lot of music it leaves the fans wanting more so they look me up on YouTube.”

Speaking of YouTube, Murray expressed a desire to begin posting more on the popular social media site. “I have a lot to talk about with my life growing up, because I was born was raised by two gay dads.” He feels that his childhood has taught him important facts about life that he would like to share with followers. “I think that it would be cool just to explain that nothing’s impossible and the importance of being yourself.”

Although he’s finished up the Pop Nation Tour in August, Dyllan Murray has kept busy with a variety of other projects. The “Boom Boom” crooner cited plans to return to Los Angeles to put the finishing touches on an EP, but right now the focus is on his current single “Firecracker.” In fact, Murray was planning on hitting a promotional radio tour to bring the single to a larger group of listeners. Here’s hoping that the single picks up, because it is a true banger from the talented musician.

The energizing single features an introduction from Kylie Jenner’s bae, Tyga, as well as a verse from the Vine-based rap duo Jack & Jack.   Speaking about the collaboration, Murray had nothing but positive vibes to share with his fellow artists. “It was really cool working with them; they’re nice guys.” Murray went on to reveal that he had followed Jack & Jack on their Vine account, and that he reached out to see if they’d be interested in hopping on “Firecracker.” “They wrote a verse and got on it,” just like that! Tyga got involved with the project through management, and suddenly Dyllan Murray’s solo song became a supersized collab.

The love fest continues in the recently released “Firecracker” music video. Murray, Tyga, and the Jacks got together to record the video before Murray embarked upon the Pop Nation Tour, and it’s finally making its way out for public consumption! The visual is a colorful romp through the streets that see Murray and company wooing their “firecrackers” along the way. Fireworks explode in the sky above, and it’s time to celebrate a hot new release from a bright new face on the scene.

If there are any future collaborations for Dyllan Murray, it is safe to assume that we’ll see some female artists enter the mix. Murray revealed that he’d be down to collaborate with Demi Lovato, citing “My Love Is Like A Star” as a favorite song of hers. He also was a fan of her current single “Cool For The Summer,” stating “it’s a great song; so different for her, but I think it’s awesome.” Ariana Grande is another dream collaboration for the “Firecracker” musician, and either of the big voiced songstresses would be a hot singer to add to the mix.

Things are rapidly changing for the young musician. A big change that fans can expect to experience with his new music is that Dyllan Murray is giving a more intimate look into HIS life. Similar to the message that he would love to share on YouTube, Murray is trying to “write my own music about my stories and my life to make them more relatable to others.”

In the past,


most of Murray’s material was written for him, but he is excited to start taking a bit more control.  How does it feel to be writing his own music?  Murray was candid and optimistic while discussing the process.  "It’s hard; I never really did it before. I was always really used to having something written, but I’ve been doing a lot of co-writing now and going into the studio with my producer."

All the best of luck to Dyllan Murray with his new projects and adventures!  If you'd like to learn more about the up and coming artist feel free to check him out on his Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram!


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