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Exclusive Interview: Justin Bieber's Producer Poo Bear Teases That The Singer's Next Album Will Be "World-Driven"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/19/2013 8:57 am
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Exclusive Interview: Justin Bieber's Producer Poo Bear Teases That The Singer's Next Album Will Be
Media Courtesy of Big Machine Media

Jason Scott

Staff Writer

Justin Bieber surprised the industry with a slew of new songs in his Music Monday series, jump started with the groovy "Heartbreaker," that sees the singer tapping into this R&B roots. Even producer Jason Boyd, affectionally known as Poo Bear, admits to PopWrapped that Bieber shocked him, too, with the new jams. "A year ago I would have never thought that Justin would be singing R&B music and that the fans would be so receptive to it and embrace it like they have," he says. "I always thought that Justin was going to be caught in just doing pop records like huge electronic, EDM, teeny-bopper music," Poo Bear, whose resume includes Whitney Houston, Usher and P!nk credits, confesses. "First of all, Justin’s first love is [truly] R&B. Then, his fans love it and are taking it so well. There were a lot of executives that weren’t sure how people were going to take [his new sound]. I believed it, but once you let people spread enough propaganda like ‘man, we don’t know if these kids are going to like this new music,' it kind of made me worry a little bit. Surprisingly, it’s working. The kids are loving it. The fans that were young are now grown up. They grew up with Justin." With such an extensive career, Poo Bear was rather frank about his viewpoints on the industry as a whole. "A lot of people try to act like the labels know exactly what they’re doing. What surprises me is that at the end of the day, they really don’t," he says. "You can see that the music has been suffering from decisions of putting out music that’s not incredible." Poo Bear first met the pop singer in January and was instantly struck at how "human" he was behind-the-scenes. "He’s a person, and he’s not like a lot of celebrities. A lot of celebrities become superstars, and they don’t know how to turn it on and off. At the end of the day, when I’m trying to have a regular conversation with you, I don’t want you to treat me like I’m interviewing you. I just want to talk to you like a human. That was what struck me about Justin. He’s a human." He continues, "When it’s time to be a superstar, he’s a superstar, but when it’s time to be a human, he knows how to be a human being. To me, that was like ‘whoa, he’s a person. He’s not like how they portray him on all these different media sites.’ He’s really a big-hearted human being." On producing Bieber's current music series, called "journals," Poo Bear raves, "That was an amazing experience just for him to believe in me like that. I’ve worked with a lot of artists and done a lot of hits for a lot of people, but he believed in me the most. I’m overly grateful for that. The journals came out incredible. Right now, we broke the record. We got 281 No. 1s in the last five weeks on iTunes. That’s never been done before in iTunes history. That’s really, really, really doing a lot better than what a lot of people expected." "When I was working on 'Confessions' with Usher, I felt like that about [that project]. 'This was the best thing I’ve ever been a part of.' It went on to sell 24 million units worldwide. It’s the biggest selling album of our millenium. When I was working on journals, I started getting that same feeling," he recounts. "It was a little more overwhelming. It was like 'Confessions' on steroids. I love every record on 'Journals,' whether I wrote it or not. With 'Confessions,' I would listen to it, and some songs I would skip over. With 'Journals,' I don’t skip over anything. It’s definitely the best music I’ve ever been a part of in my entire career. I stand behind that. Anybody that says ‘oh yea, I can’t believe you think it’s better than ‘Confessions.’’ Well, that’s my opinion. I’m my own worst critic. If I go into the studio, and I don’t like something, I’m honest about it. For me to say it’s the best work I’ve ever been a part of, it’s my most honest feeling. It’s just dope. It’s really incredible that Justin took that leap of faith and took a step to try to do a whole new sound of music." [youtube=] One of the "journals," in particular, called "Bad Day" was a previous cut for Poo Bear on his Beats 2 Break Up 2 mixtape, released last year. "Justin heard it and kind of tweaked it a baby hair to make it Justin, vocally," the music mogul shares of giving up the song. "It was a sacrifice, because I love that record. At the same time, I’m a songwriter. I could got to the studio right now and create something that I love. I was like ‘you know, Justin Bieber, you’re the only person that could come in and just take my records from me.’ I’m really particular. Other artists have tried. It was a big deal. At the end of the day, he appreciated the music so much. That was my form of thanking him for believing in me. I’ve been here and I’ve been writing songs forever. The fact that he was smart enough to take me and bring me on tour and let me work on every song, it humbled me." Of course, all this new music is leading up to Bieber's forthcoming Believe documentary (out Christmas day) and a brand new album, tentatively slated for 2014. Poo Bear hints at the album's direction, "We started recording some incredible music in Argentina and Chile. His journals is definitely dedicated to his female fans, but everybody can relate to these records. His next album is going to be more world-driven, like 'Man In the Mirror,' and just being aware. People need to know that Justin cares about the problems in the world. He wants to be a part of the solution. That’s where we are right now, creatively." In addition to producing Bieber's new tracks, Poo Bear also shares some writing credits. "I would have to say…”Recovery” [is my favorite]. It's such a great record. He came up with the idea to flip the music. I started writing it, and we finished it together in Boston. It was dope seeing him really be able to spit out and write and create on that level. That really proved to me that he can do any genre of music. He can whatever he sets his heart or mind to." Then, he let it drop that a Bieber-Poo Bear collaboration might be next on the table. "Justin recently came to me and was like ‘hey man, I want people to hear you. I think you’re an incredible artist, and I don’t want you to just be in the background,'" Poo Bear says. "That blew me away. Most artists when they meet a writer or somebody they work really well with, they don’t really want you to come out. They want to use you as a secret weapon. He’s such a strong-willed person. He’s such a secure human. ‘I want you to come out and I want to be involved with the Poo Bear business.’ We’ve been talking a lot about putting out a song. After the journals are done, we’re thinking about releasing one of my songs. We will be doing it together." [youtube=]


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