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Exclusive: Jeremy Glazer Talks Web Series, 'These People'

The Lane Twins | PopWrapped Author

The Lane Twins

10/03/2015 5:18 pm
Exclusive: Jeremy Glazer Talks Web Series, 'These People' | Jeremy Glazer
Media Courtesy of Credit: These People

These People is a comedic web series about a family trying to find help for their insane little brother, Simon. In the meantime, they run afoul of a con man, get into a shaving contest, and tear open a good deal of family wounds.

Jeremy Glazer Show creators Jamie Heinrich and Zac Hug and fellow cast Cameron Miller - Desart and Carolyn Hennesy [Credit: These People Facebook page]

These People: Season One

The eight-episode first season details the downward spiral of Todd Bennet (Zac Hug), the oldest brother in the Bennet family.

In order to save his relationship, Todd goes down a rabbit hole with all of the insane people who manage the mental health of his younger brother, Simon (Cameron Miller-Desart). Along the way, Todd will become strangely closer to his sister Jenny (Claire Downs), alienate his mother (Carolyn Hennesy, General Hospital, True Blood), offend a renowned therapist (Keith Powell, 30 Rock), and learn that the only thing he can really do to save his relationship with his boyfriend Josh (Jeremy Glazer, Letters from Iwo Jima) is to get away from his family completely. Although, not before Simon reveals a doozy of a secret about his mental health.

Season One is available free at

[vimeo 129702876 w=500 h=500]

THESE PEOPLE SEASON 1 - Trailer from These People Series on Vimeo.

Jeremy Glazer Jeremy Glazer and Claire Downs [Credit: These People Facebook page]

Jeremy Glazer shared his thoughts on the series with PopWrapped recently.

JG: "It's been one of my favorite things to work on. The format is so collaborative and creative and this entire group is so freakin' talented; I feel so confident that it's always gonna hit the sweet spot. Actually, I felt so good about it, I came on as producer in Season 2."

Jeremy Glazer Courtesy of Facebook

Each of the actors that I've gotten a chance to play with, like Zac, Claire Downs, Cameron Miller-Desart, Jim Rash, Carolyn Hennesy, Keith Powell, Ben Baur, and Patrick Sarni, just to name a few, take who they are playing to completely new levels of funny and heart. Two of my favorite things. It's an ensemble in the truest sense of the word and we all get to play and really go for it! Our director and co-creator of These People, Jamie Heinrich, has such an eye for pulling the best out of each of us and what he does with the camera and editing, just can't be taught. People are really excited about the look of it - like, it's a web series that looks better than most series. I am already excited for Season 3!"

These People: Season Two

The series just finished production on another eight episodes. This time a different sibling, Jenny Bennet, is convinced her acting career has come to a halt and decides to get pregnant in order to get a part in an upcoming blockbuster. Along the way, Jenny will try to acquire sperm from truly inappropriate sources, including her fake boyfriend (Ben Baur, Hunting Season), a gossip columnist (Academy Award winner Jim Rash), and her brother’s boyfriend Josh. Shortly after, she breaks them up. All this while she travels to Portland to meet her sister-in-law (Amanda Walsh), and attempts everything in her power to land the role of her dreams by doing the most horrible thing she can imagine—becoming a mother.

Season Two is coming later this month. Watch the trailer for it below.

THESE PEOPLE SEASON 2 - Teaser from These People Series on Vimeo. For more on These People, like their Facebook page or visit the official website.


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