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Exclusive: Jon McLaughlin Streams New Album "Like Us" With PopWrapped

Rebecca Haslam | PopWrapped Author

Rebecca Haslam

10/10/2015 10:46 am
PopWrapped | Reviews
Exclusive: Jon McLaughlin Streams New Album
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Having performed at The Academy Awards and recorded a duet with Sara Bareilles during his already impressive career, Jon McLaughlin has long since had an army of fans around the globe supporting him. Now, after enjoying huge success with previous release Promising Promises, he’s back with a brand new album Like Us.

McLaughlin is a busy man who balances his professional life with his personal – his pride and joy are his wife Amy and two children, baby Liv, born earlier this summer, and Luca who will soon turn three. He also supports LGBTQ acceptance within the Christian faith and enjoys keeping fit by running in every city he visits. Such a busy schedule has helped create and influence his new album which many are already predicting will be his best yet, and PopWrapped are delighted to share an EXCLUSIVE stream of all 11 tracks.

Instrumental opener “The Beginning,” a little over a minute in length, makes for a soothing, relaxing welcome, and runs smoothly into “Before You,” McLaughlin’s unmistakable voice adding much needed depth. The chorus is simple, but catchy and perfect for an audience to hold up their phones and sway to, and ideal as a background piece of music for a couple sharing a romantic evening.

“Down In History” picks up the pace a little (I dare you to try and resist tapping your feet) before things slow down again for the soulful “I Am Always Going To Love You” – it might be a little slow for some peoples’ liking, but with a simple piano rhythm, it allows the audience to be lured in and won over by the impressively smooth, emotive vocal delivery.

Meanwhile, “Don’t Mess With My Girl” brings with it a sharper, stronger and more authoritative performance, which contrasts nicely with the softer, passionate vocal on “I Want You Anyway,” which makes it a real stand-out track among the collection.

“Thank God” is the first real country-style number and makes a refreshing change from the soul/blues performances which have come before it, so it’s surprising to see McLaughlin slow things down and strip them right back again for “More Than Me” – it shouldn’t quite work, but the musicianship, simple but slick, ensures that it does, and the beautiful, simplistic acoustic artistry with which “You And Me” comes together would make it an ideal, if not slightly slow, first dance number at a wedding.

Closing numbers “Let Go” and “Walk Away” prove to be some of the strongest tracks thanks to the combination of heartfelt lyrics, instrumentation and McLaughlin’s ability to make the listener want to sit back and soak up the music as it fills the room, with “Let Go” in particular a perfect choice for a future single release thanks to its poppy, upbeat style. Very few artists often close out their albums with a ballad, but McLaughlin succeeds in not only breaking the mold, but proving that such a piece can really work – and the almost haunting delivery of the lyrics lingers long after the final note has played out.

Critics have praised McLaughlin for his talents and with the likes of Perez Hilton and PopDust among his supporters, this new collection looks set to earn him many more.

Check out the stream below and for more information on McLaughlin and his music, check out his website or follow him on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

You may find Like Us via any of the following links!


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