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Exclusive: Lucas DiPasquale Takes It To The Wilderness For His 'Pager' Music Video

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

06/24/2016 12:22 pm
Exclusive: Lucas DiPasquale Takes It To The Wilderness For His 'Pager' Music Video | Lucas DiPasquale
Media Courtesy of Lucas DiPasquale

Canadian singer songwriter Lucas DiPasquale is a bright new face on the musical scene, and his soulful playing and bright lyricism has made him an instantly memorable creator.

Things came to a head for Lucas DiPasquale when the aspiring hitmaker posted a medley of Popcaan hits to his YouTube channel. The final result ended up attracting the attention of PopCaan himself and led to the duo hitting the recording studio together to work on a duet. Things have spiraled out from there, as the young talent developed a fanbase and continued releasing tracks.

Last year DiPasquale released his debut EP, Post Secondary, a collection of guitar-led tracks that blended acoustic sounds with the reggae inspiration he knows and loves.

This year the rising talent is back with more new music, and he is kicking off a new era of feel good releases with new single "Pager." Recorded while in school and during a break in Jamaica, the track features a relaxed production and a solidly uplifting 

message alongside the crooner's evocative voice.

We at PopWrapped are proud to have teamed up with Lucas Dipasquale to bring you an exclusive first viewing of the "Pager" music video. 

In the video, DiPasquale recruited some friends and headed out into the wildness surrounding Toronto. There is a sense of rejuvenation and positivity, as the crooner and his friends make some memories outside of the rush of the city. Throughout the visual DiPasquale spends some time on his own performing in an abandoned home and in front of televisions broadcasting footage of himself in the city. It's almost as though you can see him strengthening his resolve and rediscovering faith in humanity while performing towards his recorded self. 

Overall, "Pager" is a fun and relaxed offering from the talented musician. It's the type of release to leave listeners high on the positive energy, and the music video is the perfect compliment.

We also had an opportunity to chat with Lucas DiPasquale about his plans for the remainder of the year, musical inspirations, and so  much more! Check it all out below!

PopWrapped: How would you say that your sound has evolved since you released Post-Secondary in 2015?

Lucas DiPasquale: I think I've progressed as a songwriter and a guitar player. Also because the next project is a full-length album, I have more room to be creative - I can think differently about some songs, and I am getting more opportunities to work with a variety of producers.

PW: Can you talk a bit about the inspiration behind the lyrics for “Pager?”

LD: I try to write songs about the things I'm struggling with in my life because that's the easiest way to write believable music. Growing up is weird because you start to meet so many more people than you're used to, and you start to learn from a lot of them. I've met people I want to be around and people that I don't, and this song is a reminder to be like the former; people who value cultivating aspects of their life and reject the garbage that we all have to sift through to be happy; people who mean what they say; people like the members of my family and team.

PW: You recorded half of the song while you were finishing up school and half in Jamaica. Did that further the development of the track at all?

LD: Yeah I think so. Jamaican culture is really inspiring - reggae is already full of life lessons but there is a whole different vibe on the island alone compared to North America. It makes you want to be genuine. Getting to experience 2014 and 2015 early in my career was really good for me because my adventures made me further value the important things in my life.

PW: When you’re working in Jamaica do you feel more driven by different things than when you’re working at home?

LD: Yeah the food. I haven't been in about a year but in all seriousness you work faster when you know there's steamed fish or curry goat to be had when your done. Even an Island Grill run. The food is just better.

PW: What was it like shooting the video?

LD: It was a lot of fun, like all the video shoots. My buddies came out and we just hung around for an afternoon on a campground in rural Ontario. Zack Facts is a dope guy and he made it look really cool.

PW: How do you come up with ideas for projects like this? Where do you pull inspiration from?

LD: For the video I let Zack take charge on what the video would actually look like. My input was just that I wanted it to reflect the message of the song, and Zack did the rest. The video shows me sort of singing to myself which is important because it's a reminder that I need to be told the lessons in the song more than anyone else. I reject vanity in place of friendship and happiness - doing things like hanging out with your friends outside seem so rudimentary but they are ultimately the best way to focus on what you actually want to do.

PW: What are your plans for the rest of 2016? Any live performances or promotional opportunities coming up?

LD: I'll be playing gigs here and there in Toronto. Nothing giant right now but once the album is out fingers crossed!

PW: What is your favorite part of creating music?

LD: When something is really bothering me I feel like it isn't resolved until I can explain it to myself, and that's what songwriting does. I get to lay my thoughts out and decide how I feel. When I help myself through doing my job is when I am most happy with my music.

PW: How did you feel after Popcaan shared your mashup on his social medias? Would you say that that moment was a career highlight of yours, especially since it led to a collaboration afterwards?

LD: Yeah definitely a highlight, if not the highlight. It seems kinda lame but I knew how much it meant so I was just sitting there at my desk with my buddies and we were all pretty gassed. Anything that you can vividly remember from two years ago is definitely a highlight!

PW: Do you have any parting words for your fans?

LD: Thank you so much for the support and I have more music for you!

Keep up to date with Lucas DiPasquale and future releases by following him at his official website as well as on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!


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