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Exclusive: PopWrapped Chats With Actresses Eloise And Sophie Lovell Anderson

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
04/27/2016 12:55 pm
Exclusive: PopWrapped Chats With Actresses Eloise And Sophie Lovell Anderson | Eloise and Sophie Lovell Anderson
Media Courtesy of Eloise And Sophie Anderson

Twins Eloise and Sophie Lovell Anderson began as dancers and worked their way into the equally competitive world of acting. Their resumes have grown to include recent work with Stephen Moyer on FX's The Bastard Executioner. We at PopWrapped had an opportunity to chat with them, and the girls are lovely and a pleasure to chat with. We're so grateful they took time to catch us up on their work, and there is so much more to come! Check out our interview below!

PopWrapped: First off, we have to ask, how was it working with Stephen Moyer? 

Eloise Lovell Anderson: Stephen is awesome. Straight away, his energy was super welcoming and made us feel really comfortable. Our first day shooting was with Steven and could've been a challenging scene straight off, but we all just rocked it and got on like a house on fire! We grew up in the same area, so I think personality-wise there's a lot of synergy between us, which was why I think I felt really akin with him. We'd be laughing and joking a lot in hair and make-up, and sometimes on set I'd have to really keep focus as I just wanted to crack up at some of the banter between takes. That being said, his professionalism, integrity, and dedication to his work are all things that I really appreciate; he looks out for everyone, and I love being around an actor like that.

Sophie Lovell Anderson: It was fantastic to work with Stephen! He brings so much fun and energy to set everyday. That sort of enthusiasm is contagious, so he was very much a driving force of inspiration and laughter. El and I actually grew up in the same part of England, so he instantly felt like a buddy.

PW: What has been the best part of working on The Bastard Executioner? 

EA: The best part for me? That's hard to pinpoint as it was all pretty epic -- the sets, the costume (it's one of my favourite eras), working with Kurt -- but I'd have to say the camaraderie. Literally, they were the coolest bunch of people I've ever worked with, and that was great to share that with my sis, too!

SA: The best parts were the cast and crew that we got to work with everyday. Kurt, Paris, Steven, Flora, Sarah White, Timothy Murphy ... I don't know how they managed to put so many people together that got along so well. Definitely felt like a family ... in medieval costume.

PW: Do you guys have a preference of working in the UK or US?

EA: No, I don't have a preference honestly; I've always seen myself in both places.

SA: I do love the UK; it's home, so working here feels like second nature, but it's always great to spread your wings and experience new places. My Grandad was American, so the US has always been close to my heart. I have a lot of friends living out there now. This is sounding like I'm leaning toward America!

PW: Do y’all still find time to dance with all your new, exciting projects?

EA: Dancing is core to me. I'm not doing it professionally right now, but I love to dance with my friends, etc; I catch myself dancing around a lot actually -- haha, my spirit is a dancer!

SA: Absolutely! Actually, I need to do more. It's such a great way to express yourself. I truly believe everyone should do a bit of dancing everyday. Get up in the morning and dance; it changes your mood. Even if you think it's silly, the sillier the better!

PW: Are there any more exciting projects on the horizon?

EA: Yes! We just shot a film here, and a lot more coming up that I can't quite mention yet ;-) Stay tuned for us!!!

SA: There are! We just finished shooting a short together, and there's some very exciting things in the pipeline which we'll be able to say more about very soon!

Huge thanks to Eloise and Sophie Lovell Anderson for taking the time to answer our questions! Keep up to date by following them on Twitter (Eloise, Sophie).


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