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Music PopWrapped | Music

Exclusive: Shayna Leigh's Official Music Video Premiere For "Last Criminal" And Her List Of Her Favorite Heroes

Tamara Fuentes | PopWrapped Author

Tamara Fuentes

05/22/2015 4:23 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Exclusive: Shayna Leigh's Official Music Video Premiere For

Photo courtesy of The Catalyst Publicity Group

Shayna Leigh's new single "Last Criminal" may have been out for a while, but her highly anticipated video has finally arrived. From start to finish, you're gonna want to see every last minute of this video. With it's film noir-feel, this video is visual stunning and Leigh's song is going to be stuck in your head for days making you want to hear more from her. Check out the video below!

Shana also shared with us her top 10 favorite female heroes of all time:

In the wake of the release of the music video for my song “Last Criminal,” I’ve decided to take a second to honor a few of my favorite real life (and a few fictional) female superheroes… the women who go out every single day to fight criminals and tirelessly work to make the world a better place for all of us!


Amy Schumer’s tackled ageism as it relates to women in the media. She’s not afraid to discuss body image and self esteem and tell it like it is honestly and in a way that is most hilarious. The world needs people like her.


She’s a UN Ambassador. She’s Lara Croft Tomb Raider. And she’s absolutely not someone I’d like to meet in a dark alley. How one woman manages to make movies, raise a family, fight for refugees, human rights, child immigration, education and now healthcare I will never quite know... My best guess: super powers!


Because being COO of Facebook clearly wasn’t enough of an accomplishment, Sheryl Sandberg has started the Lean In movement for women in the workplace. Sheryl Sandberg was able to rise to the top and wants to bring other women with her. Astonishing? Yes. World-Changing? Yes.


She may be fictional, but she has to make the list! Katniss sacrifices herself for her sister. She fights for freedom. She wins the Hunger Games not once but twice. She becomes a hero one moment at a time.


Natalie is a seven year old from Florida who with the help of her mother created a cartoon character called “Moxie Girl.” Natalie one day told her mom she didn’t like her natural hair (and also didn’t like reading), so together the two created this story of a girl who’s afro puff gives her superpowers. Natalie is one regular little girl who has decided to take the fight for self-esteem and self-acceptance into her own hands. What is more heroic than that?


I know, I know- politics is a taboo subject for blogs, top ten lists, dates and dinner parties…. But here’s the thing, she is the first female to ever run for President. No matter what you believe in, she is single-handedly changing what is possible for women in America.


She is transgender. She plays a major role on one of the most popular shows on TV (well, on Netflix!). She uses her success and acclaim as a platform from which to advocate. She provides a perspective that is often silenced and speaks louder than the people who don’t yet understand. Laverne Cox has fought her way to front and center, right where she belongs.


If you’ve seen even minutes of an episode of Friday Night Lights you already know that A. it is arguably the best show on the planet and B. Tami Taylor knows everything. She effortlessly transitions from counselor, to mother, to confidant, to wife, to career woman… She is a hero… every single day!


I’m a sucker for The Mindy Project. So there’s that. But more importantly, I find Mindy Kaling to be one of the most honest, insightful women in television. She has made a permanent place for herself where one didn’t exist before and has singlehandedly broadened what is possible for women. She is the example of why we should all go after our dreams.

And finally… MOM

My mom. Your mom. His mom. Her mom. It’s easy to recognize the superheroes in bright lights and on movie screens. But the real super heroes are the women who have dedicated their lives to raising the next generation, to changing the future one child at a time. Is there anything more important than that?

And there you have my top ten list of female superheroes. I discovered something really interesting while writing it: the only difference between these women and the women who surround me every day is that they do their work in the public eye. If we really look around, we will notice that we are always surrounded by superheroes. They are everywhere, flying just under the radar. They are ordinary people performing small acts of kindness every day- women standing up for themselves and each other making the world better. The thing I so often forget is that we can all be superheroes. So here’s to us!

Shayna's album Hey Shayna Leigh is available now!

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