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Exclusive: The Bomb Digz Talk All Things Gizzy

Mike Nied | PopWrapped Author

Mike Nied

09/11/2015 4:54 am
Exclusive: The Bomb Digz Talk All Things Gizzy | The Bomb Digz
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Rising hip-hop group The Bomb Digz have a few goals in life, and they like to keep things nice and gizzy while achieving them all. Hailing from New York and New Jersey, the group has ambitions to become “the young Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber-meets-Chris Brown and Usher.” Basically, they are combining the best elements of some of the most prominent male musicians on the scene and bringing their unique perspective to the mix. While this may sound highly ambitious, this talented group is well on their way to achieving their goals.

Comprised of Devin, Kevin, and Daniel the group has been serving musical excellence and tightly choreographed performances since their bold debut. With the assistance of Grammy-nominated producer Allstar, the group has already started to build upon a legacy. This summer the guys took one step further by touring the United States with Johnny Wright’s  Pop Nation Tour.

PopWrapped had a chance to talk with the young group during a Cleveland stop on the tour last month, and we got to hear all about their experience on the road and plans for after the show! We also learned exactly what gizzy means, so read on to figure it all out…

At only fourteen years old, The Bomb Digz are among the youngest acts to join the Pop Nation Tour, but that didn’t stop them from fitting right into the mix. “It’s amazing; everyone became friends on the first day.” They had met tour mate Frankie Z before joining the show, and they rapidly found a place to fit in with the rest of the talented acts.

The guys were a little surprised by just how well everyone got along. “What we’ve seen from tours in documentaries, they [other acts] tend to compete with one another, but it’s all love here.” In fact, the guys would go as far as to describe the Pop Nation Tour as one big happy family.  I’d take that one step further and claim that they are one happy, hard working family.

With several shows a week the Pop Nation Tour didn’t have too much time for pit stops, but they managed to have plenty of fun along the way. When we talked their favorite stop along the way had been in New York City, where the tour performed at Gramercy Theatre. “They were crazy,” The Bomb Digz said about their audience. They were also looking forward to the final performance at Los Angeles, which ended up being performed to a sold out audience.

The tour enjoyed a relaxing day riding roller coasters and enjoying the summer before hitting our performance at Cleveland. It was their first time at the amusement park, and their favorite ride was the Race Way. Overall The Bomb Digz described the whole experience as “really gizzy; actually, like too gizzy.” To sum it up, they were having a blast. After a day of fun in the sun though The Bomb Digz were ready to hit the stage.

With tightly choreographed routines and equally perfect live harmonies, The Bomb Digz bring a lot of energy to their live performances. Before they hit the stage they hype themselves up with some pushups and jumping jacks, but they also have a pre-show ritual that helps them get in the zone. “Like how the Powder Puff Girls (or the Power Rangers), we put one hand in then the other. Then we shout ‘Bomb Digz Unite.’” After that, it’s time to hit the stage, and it’s all about getting everyone pumped up.

The Bomb Digz consider the most important part of a live show to be serving a consistent level of energy. To do so they like to get their fans involved. “We make the fans sing [current single] “Get Used to This.” We sing, and then they sing the last line.” The guys can tell a show is going well by looking at one another. They explained that a show is going well “when we’re all smiling,” but were quick to add that they had been feeling consistently fabulous on the Pop Nation Tour.

During their performance at the Cleveland show, The Bomb Digz revealed just how capable they were at keeping the energy up no matter what. Although the group had a few sound issues that didn’t stop them from performing some of their set a cappella, working their way through a combination of original material and covers of hits like The Weeknd’s “Earned It.” With or without the sound the group managed to serve a fully captivating performance, a true sign of a natural performer!

After serving it onstage though, The Bomb Digz are still good to go. “We thank everybody, get sweat rags and wipe ourselves off. Then we have to go out again for Chris Miles’s set [check out our interview with Miles HERE].” After their second performance of the night, the guys like to chill out, but they were on the fence about sleeping. “Sometimes we sleep” the said, before changing their mind. “No, we don’t sleep. We work out. We’re like fourteen; we’re so young and have so much energy.” It sounds like the fun never stops!

Since fan interaction is an important element of their performances, we were curious how The Bomb Digz felt about meeting so many fans on the road. “It’s so gizzy. I can’t stop saying gizzy now because that’s what it is.” The guys revealed that it was interesting meeting fans, especially those they had interacted with on social media before. In fact, sometimes the group was surprised by just how many fans they had shown up at events, explaining that fans were even in cities they weren’t expecting them to be in!

Now that The Bomb Digz are finished with their tenure on the Pop Nation Tour, they are turning the focus towards promoting their new single “Get Used to This.” That being said, they haven’t said goodbye to their tour mates; and rapper Chris Miles is making an appearance on the remixed version of their single. “We recorded it while we were on tour,” they explained! Fans should keep their eyes peeled for a video for the single because they were planning to start recording after the tour!

The group has also been teasing a cover of another song by The Weeknd.   This time around they’re going to be working with his current chart-topper “I Can’t Feel My Face.” What’s it like to be in the recording studio with The Bomb Digz? Obviously there is a lot of energy, but they perform best when together. “That’s how I love to do it when we’re all three there. We vibe off each other, and no one’s under pressure.” It sounds like they worked together on this new music, because based on the teasers we’ve heard online The Bomb Digz are at their best! Things are about to get gizzy if I do say so myself!

After serving up their new music, The Bomb Digz are scheduled to hit the stage once again. Keep an eye on future developments by following them at their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.


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