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Exclusive: Who's The Boss? We Catch Up With Danny Pintauro

The Lane Twins | PopWrapped Author

The Lane Twins

09/26/2015 3:32 pm
Exclusive: Who's The Boss? We Catch Up With Danny Pintauro | danny Pintauro
Media Courtesy of OWN

For eight seasons we watched Danny Pintauro grow up before our eyes as little Jonathan Bower on Who's the Boss. Today, he sat down with PopWrapped for a great Q&A, and of course, just to say hey.

Remember to set your DVRs for tomorrow night, as Danny will be appearing with Oprah Winfrey for her Oprah:Where Are They Now series, starting at 10PM on the OWN network. We sat down to find out what he has been up to in recent years:

Danny Pintauro Courtesy of OWN

PopWrapped: Do you get to see the rest of the Who's The Boss cast often?

Danny Pintauro: I see Tony now and then, but we are in contact a lot through email. He has been keeping up on Wil and I, and even sent us a wedding gift. I was out of touch with Judith for a while but we've reconnected again recently. I contacted them both to let them know about Oprah reveal. They both were very supportive and a bit worried about me - but that's great.

PW: What brought you to Vegas? Do you enjoy living there?

DP: Vegas was random, really. I was living in LA but needed a change. I came to three different cities for Tupperware parties and I decided that one of them would stand out... none did. But I received a job offer here in Vegas a few days after the trip and so I chose Vegas. I truly believe the reason I moved here was to meet my husband. We're both a bit over Vegas, so a move is in store, we just don't know where yet.

Danny Pintauro Courtesy of Huffington Post

PW: What was it like meeting the mighty "O" and being invited to her show?

DP: Everything about the experience has been, like, predetermined by the fates.  Her people had contacted me about doing a simple WATN update but I said, "I've got something bigger I'd love to tell Ms Winfrey about." She was so gracious helped calm me down before the interview, and even asked me what I wanted to accomplish in the interview before we started. She's great.

PW: With reruns of the show do you find that you have a whole new generation of fans who love your character Jonathan Bower? How does that feel?

DP: I love that it's a show that can still make people laugh. Believe it or not, the only people who ever recognize me are from MY generation, and they all think I went to high school with them. It makes sense; we all grew up together, really. I've always loved it and never taken it for granted. I hope though, that people will fall in love with what I'm trying to accomplish so they want to step up and get involved.

Danny Pintauro Courtesy of WhosDaily Edge

PW: I think the world had a crush on Alyssa Milano. What was it like growing up on set with her as Samantha, your big sister for eight seasons? Do you have siblings?

DP: We were like brother and sister fighting all the time. We never became close friends but she will always be a part of my life. I am an only child, so she's the closet thing I've ever had to one.

Be sure to follow Danny on both Twitter and Facebook and to check your local listing for Oprah: Where Are They Now on OWN.


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