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"Express Yourself" On This Week's Carrie Diaries

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


11/04/2013 11:07 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of The CW

Staff Writer

For an episode in which almost all the characters on the show got sick, it was actually a pretty feel-good hour.  “Express Yourself” picked up three weeks after last week’s episode ended, so we had a bit of a time jump and yet things didn’t really seem that different.  As the title suggests, Carrie and a couple of other characters had a bit of a hard time saying what was on their mind.  She dealt with being afraid to hurt people’s feelings, Sebastian is still learning how to express his, and Walt wasn’t sure how to come on to Bennet without seeming desperate.  So how did everyone do?  Let me break it down for you in this week’s Carrie Diaries recap.
Before the sex and before the city...
Walt and Bennet hit it off but their relationship hit a bump when Bennet found out he was jailbait.  Tom dated some lady named Deb and Carrie wasn’t too thrilled about it at the beginning.  Maggie and Sebastian kissed and betrayed Carrie’s trust.  Carrie met the Samantha Jones and they became friends.  Samantha quit her job and asked to crash with Carrie and Walt.
“Express Yourself” picks up with Walt and Carrie in the loft, reading about the heat wave sweeping through Manhattan.  It’s so hot that Samantha is walking around naked, letting it all hang loose.  Walt isn’t happy about the fact that she’s been living there for three weeks, not three days like she asked, and seeing Samantha put her lady parts in display doesn’t help the situation.  But it’s not like she’s just leeching, Samantha’s actually gotten a job as a phone sex operator because, of course she would.  Walt loves her but wants her to go and Carrie is too afraid to ask her to move out because she doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.
Tom gives Carrie a call and tells her about a connection he made with a professor who teaches writing at a new school in Manhattan.  The professor has agreed to meet with Carrie to see if she’s a good fit for their program.  As they’re speaking on the phone, Samantha picks up the other line and confuses Tom for one of her clients.  Tom’s expression is priceless but Carrie lies and tells him that Larissa has a party line and random people jump on sometimes.
Back in Castlebury, Sebastian is surprised when his father shows up with a 1955 Porsche Spyder.  He tells Sebastian he wants to fix up the car together and he’s thrilled to have the opportunity to spend time with his dad.  In another part of town, Mouse and Wes are talking about school and she tells him Walt’s birthday is that weekend.  When Wes attempts to spice up their conversation over the phone, Mouse freaks out and tells him she has a roommate and can’t do it, so she hangs up.
In Manhattan, Carrie asks Walt if he’ll be inviting Bennet to the celebration, since technically they’ll be able to be couple after he turns eighteen.  Walt feels weird about being too obvious so Carrie decides to invite Bennet for him and plan everything, to which he agrees.  They notice a stack of boxes in the living room and inside find fake Rolex watches belonging to Samantha.  As they’re pondering over the watches, they receive a fax from Larissa.  They find out she’ll be returning home a week early and Walt tells Carrie that Samantha needs to be out of there before she arrives.
Back at Interview, Carrie tells Bennet about their Samantha problem.  And he tells her how much more comfortable he is now that his roommate Stanford—you guys! the Stanford Blatch!—is away on vacation.  He advices Carrie to be upfront with Samantha and not be a wuss.  She brings up Walt’s birthday and Bennet tells her he’ll be busy with the Z100 music festival that day.  Carrie lies, telling him that’s where they’re celebrating Walt’s birthday.  Bennet’s surprised she was able to get VIP tickets to the event and Carrie knows she has to figure out how to get them somehow.
Mouse shows up at the loft, ready to prepare Walt’s favorite quiche for his birthday the next day.  She runs into Samantha who is working out and working at the same time.  She explains to Mouse that she’s a phone sex operator and then Mouse tells her about Wes.  Samantha tries to help her and throws her on the phone with one of her clients.  Let’s just say, Mouse doesn’t cope with it very well and ends up hanging up.  Later, Walt and Carrie have a conversation about Samantha and he once again reminds her that she needs to talk to her about moving out.  Apparently they have a $400 phone bill due to her work and she’s getting to be too much to deal with.  Samantha finishes up her bath and joins them just as Walt leaves to get a haircut.  When Carrie mentions the Z100 concert, Samantha tells her that she can get them VIP tickets—she blew Howard Stern’s mic once.  Her words, not mine.  This causes Carrie to delay the news about kicking her out.  Later, she receives a call from her dad who tells her that her interview will be the next day.  Carrie knows it will be in the middle of the concert and has to figure out a way to make it without having to tell Walt.
The next day, everyone—including Donna—is at the Z100 concert and Samantha surprises them with champagne and caviar.  She even gives Walt a Rolex as a gift, and he and Carrie exchange knowing looks.  Bennet joins them and takes Walt away to see one of the bands perform.  Carrie and Samantha talk about Maggie and Sebastian.  She tells her to demand respect from him.  Carrie is impressed by how brave Samantha is but their conversation is cut short because it’s time for her to head to her interview.
In Castlebury, Tom and Deb get together in his home.  He was afraid that Deb would be taken aback by the pictures of his wife but she assures him that she would never expect him to pretend his wife never existed.  Somewhere else in town, Sebastian is working on the new car when Maggie walks by and sees him.  He tells her his dad left him after something came up.  Once again, he mentions regretting kissing her.  They both know they could be out celebrating Walt’s birthday with everyone if they hadn’t made that mistake.  Later, when his dad arrives he tells him he’s going to sell the car.  Sebastian is hurt but doesn’t say anything, instead, he asks to take the car for a spin.
At the Z100 concert, after a performance by American Authors—anyone else weirded out seeing a modern band on a show set in the 80’s?—Walt and Bennet take a walk and Walt reveals he hasn’t dated anyone since he got to Manhattan.  Bennet feels bad that he’s been waiting for him but doesn’t want to jump into a relationship right away.  Just at that moment, Walt starts feeling very sick.  And it looks like he’s not the only one because Carrie looks terrible as she’s being interviewed by the writing professor.  She’s unable to hold it and pukes right on her desk.  Yikes!  Everyone back at the festival is going through the same thing, with the exception of Samantha.  She helps them up to their feet and they all go back to Larissa’s loft, where Carrie’s already arrived.
Samantha apologizes and tells them it was probably the caviar—she bought it off the back of a truck in Coney Island.  Carrie gets angry with her for ruining her interview and finally has the courage to tell her to move out.  Just then, Mouse makes a discovery; the eggs she used for the quiche were expired and that’s what gave them food poisoning.  Carrie apologizes to Samantha for her outburst but Samantha tells her that she has no problem with moving out.  She tells Carrie she’s a girl’s girl and that’s why she likes her.  Samantha makes her promise she’ll be straightforward with her from that point on.  There’s a knock on the door and Mouse tells Carrie that it’s Sebastian.
Sebastian tells Carrie that he’s been going through stuff with his dad and wanted to see her.  She’s not exactly sure why since they’re not together anymore and she hasn’t forgiven him.  He asks Carrie to tell him whatever’s on her mind.  She tells him that he broke her heart and she hates him and herself for still loving him even after all that.  Walt hears everything and tells Sebastian to leave.  Later, Sebastian speaks to his dad on the phone.  He tries to convince him not to sell the car but his dad isn’t budging.  In an act of rebellion and a way to get back at him, Sebastian turns on the car and leaves it in the street for anyone to steal.
Back at the Bradshaw residence, Tom and Deb can’t seem to enjoy their sexy time because Deb is a clean freak and can’t stand having dirty dishes in the sink.  They both decide to do the dishes together and Tom teases her about her pet peeve, to which she responds favorably.  She finds out he doesn’t like it when people put the bowls on the top dishwasher rack and they both have a good time poking fun at each other.
The next day, Walt tells Bennet he still wants to be with him.  He doesn’t mind if they’re in an exclusive relationship or not.  He doesn’t want to hide anymore and is open to whatever happens.  They kiss.  Carrie goes back home and Tom tells her that the professor was impressed by her professionalism—showing up sick to an interview is a huge deal.  Carrie’s surprised to find out she wants to schedule another interview.  They get ready to have waffles for dinner when Carrie notices that the bowls inside the dishwasher are on the top.  Tom plays dumb and the episode ends with them having some nice father-daughter bonding time.
So, there wasn’t really anything that important that went on this episode.  There wasn’t much development except for Walt and Bennett actually getting together.  I was hoping Samantha would be living in the loft a little longer, or that we would’ve seen her there more often but I’m sure she’ll be a big part of the show either way.  It looks like Maggie is getting pushed to the side more and more and honestly, with the mention of Stanford, I’m afraid for what will become of Walt in the future.
What did you think of the episode?  Do you think Carrie and Sebastian will ever get back together?  Did you miss Dorrit?  Leave us your thoughts below!


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