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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

The Exterminator Isn't Who You Think It'll Be On This Week's iZombie

Chrissy Baclagan | PopWrapped Author

Chrissy Baclagan

04/03/2015 7:09 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
The Exterminator Isn't Who You Think It'll Be On This Week's iZombie | iZombie
Media Courtesy of CW

So, we start off the episode with two kids exploring the great unknown with one kid hoping to gain a number on IG followers (because that's what really matters) by randomly sticking his hand down a hole in the middle of the night. What kids do for fame nowadays is pretty weird if you ask me. Anyhow, he manages to take a photo of a zombie, and posts it on Facebook. Eventually, this catches the eye of Dr. Ravi who wants to check this out with Liv, but she says, "Two's a company, three's a horde." Blaine is already, know, doing the latter. Also, I'm glad, for the most part, that she cut off ties with him, as in, giving him free food.

On this week's death, the victim turns out to be....a man named Marvin Webster, who happens to be a family man. Sounds safe, dontcha think? Not.

On another note, if you remember last week's episode when she happened to devour 'Seattle's most sensual painter' and hit on her ex unexpectedly, it may be easier to use grab our mobile devices and text, but it's better to have a face-to-face conversation instead. It's more ideal, in my opinion.

At home, her roomie/closest friend is celebrating because she's reached her big break: the Wally Walker case (and that she's appeared on tv, WITH her power suit on). Like the friends they are, Liv agrees to help her prepare for her big day until she suddenly gets a vision of Marvin murdering a man who's clearly in debt. Apparently, there is more to what meets the eye once again. With this information, she somewhat convinces her partner-in-crime to investigate her latest vision, but in an oddly manner. She uses guilt and extremely convincing words to practically force him to go things about her way. Unfortunately, it turns out the brains for this week contain doses of Antisocial Personality Disorder and random tidbit facts. Aside from the interesting facts, her current diet sounds like bad news.

If those brains are good for at least one thing, it helped her not feel anything when her ex is finally moving on. Usually, these kinds of things are more than enough to make a girl's heart break, but for now, she's immune. Social media can be a pain sometimes. Thankfully, her bestie is there for her even though she's unable to feel anything at the moment.

Speaking of social media, Liv and Dr. Ravi check out the site of the potential zombie, and it happens to be Liv's rival from a previous life: Marcy. For those who don't remember too much about her, she was the one who invited Liv to that boat party on that fateful night. What makes her different than Liv is that Marcy looks like she jumped off the streets of The Walking Dead world into iZombie. This does make Dr. Ravi excited, on the other hand, for obvious reasons. #justresearchthings

As for Liv, she just decides to throw rocks at her because she really doesn't give a shit. Orrrr it could be that she's slightly upset with her. It's a good thing he's there to remind her of a rule called 'do unto others'. Also, he wants to try to fix Marcy. Good luck with that.

Detective Babineaux and Liv investigate the owner of Smitty's Bar & Grill who just happens to be a former cop. She tells him that they'll blend in just fine, but nope! They stick out like a sore thumb. Soon, they find themselves participating in Trivia Tuesday, their team name being 'Piggy and the Brain'. With new newfound brains (pun intended), they win with a perfect score. The duo discover that Wally Walker owed the owner quite a bit of money, and that Marvin was the winner on March 8th. The next day, they check out Marvin's house to see if there are any clues. Fortunately, Liv gets a vision of the car that ran Marvin over and the first digits of the license plate. In addition, he found a Glock with a suppressor in the victim's tool box, which is probably the weapon used to kill Wally.

Besties are supposed to be there for each other, but with Liv's current mindset, she has a difficult time feeling, well, pretty much anything. Even saying sorry is hard. What's even tougher is that her bestie sees this as an inconsiderate act, when in fact, it's entirely the brains. Since our favorite zombie gal doesn't have anyone to vent to, she talks to none other than Dr. Ravi. In his opinion, the fact that she's worrying about being a bitch means that she'll be okay. Oh, and guess who happens to walk in? Her ex with a pal named Jerome, a shelter kid. Jerome's roomate has been missing from a shelter for four days, but the police hasn't helped at all. They offer to help, but not without Liv having the last say on Jerome's American flag shoes. Awkward.

It seems that there's a little residue left from 'Seattle's most sensual painter' since she's able to sketch a fairly decent drawing of a 1978 Landau, the car that was used to run over Marvin. That drawing led them down to the original owner of the car, Patrick Edward. He reveals that he sold it to Don Watts, Wally Walker's 'angel' investor, a.k.a. the guy who offered the reward. What better to do that interrogate Don Watts. Of course, the obvious response is to flatly refuse it while being a smart ass throughout the whole ordeal. No biggie. Babineaux and Liv got dis.

What they do is that they 'take' Marvin's tech-savvy car, which happens to have the location of where he was killed. They also check out the other addresses he's visited. At one spot, she gets a vision of Marvin threatening Don before they were interrupted by a sanitation worker.  What they do with this new information is that they ask for the assistance of Dr. Ravi; he poses as the said worker in order to get Don to sign the confession. Payton, Liv's bestie, offers him a plea deal. Caving in, he agrees and he's going to spend some time behind bars.

Speaking of which, Dr. Ravi and Liv head out to go see Marcy. While he has high hopes for Operation: Save the Zombie, she's feelin' like she's ready to kill. He attempts to take samples, but falls in, nearly getting attacked a few times. For some odd reason, Liv just stares until she finally jumps in to save the day. She had to do what she had to do.

It's tempting to become a cold-hearted person with absolutely no feelings, especially if you're in Liv's position. However, these 'feelings' are what make us human and alive.

In a shady skatepark, Jerome is still looking for his buddy when he approached Blaine, our not-so-favorite-zombie. He courteously offers the kid to take him to his friend, but knowing how sketchy he is, I can't help but fear for the worst.

You ready for next week's episode, Popwrappers? Be sure to catch me here on!

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