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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

"Eye Spy" This Weeks Agents Of SHIELD Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/15/2013 11:55 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC
Bec Heim

Managing Editor

Welcome back fellow Agents! Agent Heim here to give you the debrief of what happened this week on SHIELD. Are FitzSimmons still awesome? Does Melinda May kick ass? Will we learn more about Coulson? Will Agent Ward show an actual personality? Will Skye stop being so freaking annoying? You should read on to find out. The episode opens with guys in red masks and suits. For some reason this has me thinking that they’re our bad guys. As they walk, like some kind of demented flashmob, a woman listening to iPod watches them. After a moment, she follows them men to a subway platform. She waits quietly. Everyone on the train looks more fascinated by the guys in the weird red masks and matching suits. Once the train starts moving, she knocks out the lights and it’s a melee in there. When the train passengers get off, the men in masks are dead. One is missing a hand. Always a fun time when your commute ends with a dismemberment. On the The Bus, it seems to be an ordinary day. Coulson is disrupting May’s peace by talking about wanting to learn to fly. FitzSimmons are being adorkable together as always. Coulson walks past Ward and asks where Skye is and Ward says he hasn’t seen her since arms training. Apparently Skye is confused by a magazine release and a safety release. I nearly injure myself rolling my eyes because seriously? Super genius hacker but this confuses her? Anyway Coulson finds Skye taking some alone time in the van. She calls him “Phil”. Okay I now you’re new Skye but he’s Agent Coulson or Coulson. Do not call him Phil unless you are Pepper Potts. Anyway, they meet in the situation room. Coulson picked this case special because the woman on the train was a former SHIELD agent (Akela Amador) assumed dead. He trained her himself and said that she had issues working with others. She stole thirty million dollars in diamonds and ran to Belarus with a false passport. We cut to Belarus where Amador is in a hotel room. She meets with a guy there. Someone she knows that there is a man next door and one on the stairs waiting for him. She gives him the diamonds where are disguised as dissolvable golf balls. He gives her some kind of pass card for her troubles. We cut to a nondescript white van where FitzSimmons, Ward, Skye, and Coulson are in. It’s like an awkward family road trip except it’s trained government agents. Simmons is adorably excited about being in Belarus. She optimistically babbles about a scientist she likes being here. Also, Ward has named the car the “Short Bus.” Ward is charming in his lack of social grace and awkwardness. Coulson says that next time he’s naming the vehicles, which is honestly a good move. Ward and Coulson leave Skye and FitzSimmons behind so they can look for Amador. Left in the car, Skye asks about the possibility of ESP. FitzSimmons say that there are no real conclusive results and that it’s science fiction. Skye points out that gods and aliens from portals in the sky used to be science fiction, too. FitzSimmons admits that she has a good point. They also find descramble some sort of strange channel. Meanwhile Coulson and Ward are walking to Amador’s hotel. Ward says that he’s sorry that Amador went rogue. Then Skye calls and says they need to pee. That was kind of a moment killer there. Fitz is also feeling a bit “peckish” for some food. Ward and Coulson get to the hotel where the manager calls Amador an angel. Apparently Amador knew about a tumor she has. She also knows that SHIELD is looking for her. She rams the van and makes it flip over. Well she did it after Skye epically failed and got the magazine release confused with the safety. Again. Seriously why are you here? So back on the plane, everyone survives and no broken bones. May reads Coulson the riot act for making excuses about Amador. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Apparently uh Amador was not in control of her actions. One of her eyes is cybernetic and someone is controlling her through it. They take shifts watching Amador. Skye goes to see Coulson and tells him that it’s okay to give people second chances. Coulson goes down for his shift of watching Amador. When he notices that Agent May is missing. May, badass that she is, goes to see Amador for herself. She and Amador get into a fight together, which is just super awesome. Then Coulson appears and Amador is knocked out. She wakes up in a cell with Coulson. She tells him there is a kill switch for her and is surprised it hasn’t been activated yet. Coulson tells her that they are mimicking her signal and that, for now, she is safe. Agent Ward, looking super fine in a pair of glasses, and Skye are driving to Amador’s mission site. Coulson and Amador talk together. Amador says that she was captured and was left blind in one eye. She was made a prisoner for years before getting her sight back and becoming another type of prisoner. She also thinks that Coulson is totally different from who he was when she knew him. Together, they piece together a profile of her handler. Coulson continues to be awesome. Now they have to remove her eye so it won’t kill her. Naturally it’s up to FitzSimmons to do it. Though Amador injects herself in eye (ew) with anesthetic so she can still talk with them. Agent Ward breezes through security and is very careful not to look into mirrors. Right up until he has to seduce a guard. Skye tells him to bromance the guard instead. Ward is adorably socially awkward here as he tries to relate to the guard. He knocks the guard out and goes inside. It’s a room filled with weird equations. His mission is complete when a picture is taken of one of the blackboards. Then he has to fight his way out. Meanwhile, FitzSimmons are removing the cybernetic eye. Both of them look like they want to puke the entire time. I share their sentiment. Fitz disconnects the eye just a Ward accidentally looks into a mirror. The duo throws the thing into a vat of liquid nitrogen. Coulson meanwhile has found Amador’s handler. He, however, is also being controlled. His kill switch is activated and he dies instantly. Amador with a bandage over her eye is walked out of The Bus by Coulson. He promises her a fair trail before handing her over to Agent May. Amador remarks that Coulson has really changed. May says that death can do that to a person but Amador says that it’s something more. The mystery thickens. FIELD NOTES   Fitz likes to snack a lot doesn’t he? EWWWWW EYE THING EYE THING EYE THING AHHHHHH Well I’m not going to sleep at night knowing that there is a secret spy network of people with missing eyes who get killed. The end scene with Fitz and Ward was super cute. Skye continues to annoy the hell out of me. Even Ward, despite his lack of personality, does seem to have a charm of his own. He doesn’t get it to such an extreme that I kind of love him for it. Skye, however, is just reminding me of a Mary-Sue. She’s also just slowly becoming super annoying because they keep trying to force her on us. The rest of the crew is so good that it makes Skye’s deficiencies stand out even further in comparison. She has no real use but at the same time they’re trying to make her have a use. I think they should step back from Skye and focus more on interactions with other characters or other character. Skye is just annoying me in everyway. It’s a case of bad writing/bad character development. She needs an overhaul and soon. Join us next week when Skye gets arrested. This Agent Heim signing out.


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