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Face Off: Artists Gain Inspiration For "Living Art" From Mistress Of The Dark

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/01/2013 12:50 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Face Off: Artists Gain Inspiration For
Media Courtesy of Space.Ca
Shelby Arnold Staff Writer After six spotlight challenges and six episodes, Face Off's most recent episode opts to dive right into the foundation challenge.  The lab is the most recent setting where the nine remaining contestants compete for a chance at immunity by creating a mistress of the dark worthy of the most iconic woman of horror and sex: Elvira. Elvira, whose reign of celebrity hasn't waned in years, will judge the artists on their “hip, young, cool, edgy take” on her look. In addition to immunity, the winner of the challenge will take home a Krylon make-up kit. Two hours later, Elvira picked Roy and Tate as her top looks and the winner was Roy.  For the spotlight challenge this week, Mckenzie and Neville Page, brought the contestants to the Pacific Design center where Neville told the artists that sometimes designs are inspired by modern and historical art. In the gallery, they're told that each of the gorgeous paintings are from different periods of the art movement; surrealism, expressionism, cubism, pop art, and constructivism. The artists are supposed to choose one of the five movements and create a character that could live in the world of their painting. Alana chose constructivism. Laura chose cubism. Her design is period inspired with a man in a top hat but with a bunch of colors that speak to the cubism movement. Eddie chose expressionism. Citing Van Gogh as his inspiration, he wants to turn stress into a living piece of art, merging flesh tones with red that symbolize the emotion. Laney chose pop art with the idea of creating a living piece of pop culture and social media. Tate chose surrealism. He wanted to take symbolic pieces and have them crumbling and falling apart.  Alana, however, is already struggling with her concept.  Scott chose surrealism as well, taking inspiration from his father who was an alcoholic and who died because of consequences from it. Miranda chose cubism but struggled a bit with her sculpt. Her concept was that of a musician who lives through her music but when she stops playing, she'll die. Frank chose constructivism and chose a sculpture with a big iron beam that symbolizes the fall of iron and the rise of plastics. Roy chose expressionism, with a world wrapped around his model. Three hours in and Alana still continues to struggle with her concept which she has no understanding of. Day two in the challenge and Miranda is struggling with her design choices while Alana finally understands what she's supposed to do. In the molding room, Tate molds his gigantic sculpt but when he goes to break it open, he smashes his finger requiring stitches and he's not even sure he's cleared for the rest of the challenge. They take Tate to the doctor and because Roy has immunity he and Laura decide to help Tate out and open his mold for him. They open it and anyone who has time, helps clean out the clay from the mold. The last day of the challenge brings new hurdles for Tate to overcome. He has to pull everything from their molds, hollow them out, apply them, paint them and fix mistakes. Alana has fixed her pieces but she still must paint them all. At judging, Frank, Roy, and Alana were all safe. Miranda was on top looks. Tate was on the bottom looks. Eddie was on bottom looks. Laura was on top looks. Scott was on bottom looks. Laney was on top looks. Laura won with her amazing cubism make-up. Despite taking a personal approach with his make-up, Scott was sent home.  The eight remaining artists take on the seven deadly sins tonight on SyFy.


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