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Face Off Battles The Elements To Create Their Mother Natures

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/16/2013 11:50 pm
Face Off Battles The Elements To Create Their Mother Natures

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer


Face Off has accomplished a number of things this season from Mother Goose to subterranean creatures to Mother Earth. This episode marks a return of Mother Earth to the special effects show and it returned some great results as well as some disappointments. The challenge was to create a goddess of nature, drawing inspiration from their own mothers at home.

Four newbies remain on the show and while the veterans kept the upper hand this week, some of the shows new artists have started to prove their worth and determination.

Lyma’s concept was based on fertility and pregnancy and the tree of life, citing that pregnancy was a beautiful time in her life and that it brought her closer to her mom. Laura’s mother loves music. Her concept was to pull in the colours and shapes of a trumpet flower onto her model.

Roy also chose a tree of life, opting to show the tree from root to tip. He cited that his mother’s green thumb inspired him to make this design. Eddie chose a warrior goddess with a stream of water cutting through his makeup. Laney chose a bug inspired goddess, citing her and her mother’s love of spiders as the starting point.

Frank went minimalistic after struggling with a concept because things in his life caused him to be unable to focus. RJ had already done a mother Earth goddess in season two, so he went a completely different route, giving his model a beehive hairdo from the sixties. Alana’s design incorporated a big flower back piece to signify her mother’s whacky hair. Scott’s mother grew up on a farm. His design featured a wooden chest piece and orange colours. Tate chose a goddess that looked like a deer because his mother raised deer. Miranda went with a leaf inspired makeup.

On the second day in the lab, Tate and Laney had a bit of a problem when Tate broke off Laney’s mannequin’s head. The problem was rectified and Laney went on with her molding. Frank continued to struggle until Alana told him to buck it up and work past his sadness.

On application day, Laney was plagued with more problems as her model got sick midway through the application phase. While her make-up was incomplete, she was still safe along with Tate, Frank, Alana and Miranda.

Laura, Roy and Lyma were all three part of top looks. Laura won the competition with judge Glen Hetrick citing her colours and her details as what really catapulted her to the top. Eddie, Scott and RJ were all three on the bottom this week. The judges thought Scott’s orange colouring and bark chest piece were all too horror inspired to be a beautiful Mother Earth makeup. Eddie was lambasted about his makeup being not feminine enough and being what the judges called, “a topographical map”. However, in the end, RJ’s “funny” 60s makeup was too far away from the challenge and he was sent home.

Only ten artists remain. Another episode of Face Off airs tomorrow on SyFy.



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