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Face Off Brings On "The Laughing Dead" In Last Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/22/2013 8:18 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Face Off Brings On

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

 I may have jumped the gun last week when I said it seemed the foundation challenges for Face Off were caput, because guess what? Last week's episode “The Laughing Dead”, saw its return for the immunity granting challenge and it was judged by former judge Patrick Tatopoulos. The remaining contestants gathered in the lab for the two hour make-up sprint which revolved around the mysterious Grim Reaper. The artists were tasked with the job of creating their own Reaper which had to be relatable to everyone since the character is so widely known. Laura and Tate were the Patrick's top looks and Laura won immunity. The next day, the remaining artists met McKenzie Westmore and Ve Neil on the Sunset Strip at the Laugh Factory. There, the host revealed the spotlight challenge—scary funny. Harkening back to Beetlejuice, a project Neil won an Oscar for, Westmore told the artists to create an original character that is dead, yet funny. Neil gave the contestants some pointers and then they were off to begin their design phase. Roy chose to be Vaudevillian with little people stuck on top of each other for all eternity after being hit by a car. Miranda decided on a Victorian wife who nags at her husband all the time and for that, her husband has her beheaded but she comes back to seek revenge and nag him for the rest of their afterlife. Tate's concept was a Western performer whose show was raided by Apaches who scalped him and he is now a children's television show host in the netherworld. Laura's design was centered in physical comedy. Her character was a nerdy scientist who died in an experiment but he doesn't know he's dead. Eddie struggled with his concept going into the sculpting phase since he didn't have a clear idea of his character. Laney's character was named Electrocute and she was electrocuted during a music festival on the Sunset Strip. Three hours in and Eddie finally establishes a concept about a 1920’s baseball player who has a temper. One day he throws his bat and it lodges in his head killing him. Going in to day two, Laura is ahead of the pack as her chest piece is already ready for foam. A lot of fabrication goes down for nine hours in the lab. Tate fabricates a skeletal stick pony while Roy's make up requires some fabrication as well. Laney attempts to make a wig so her character's hair is sticking straight out and she struggles with it. Tate, though he's said he'd no longer help others, decides to give her some pointers helps makes the wig turn out the way Laney wanted. Application day goes smoothly for the contestants. Eddie questions his makeup but doesn't change anything and focuses on a 'rocking paint job' for his character. An hour left at last looks and Miranda still has to finish application and painting the entire piece. Laney's airbrush clogs up backstage and some of her details don't get painted on. Judging goes well for Roy, who actually got sour puss Glenn Hetrick to laugh. Miranda and Tate were both safe which left Laura and Roy on top and Laney and Eddie on the bottom. Roy won the challenge. Unfortunately, it was the newbies who fell short last week and Eddie was sent home. One newbie and four veterans remain on the special effects show. A new episode airs tonight on SyFy.


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