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Television / Recaps PopWrapped | Television

Face Off Goes Cirque Bezerk In Last Week's Episode

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/08/2013 9:03 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Face Off Goes Cirque Bezerk In Last Week's Episode
Media Courtesy of Syfy

Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer

Oh my gosh, finally. Eight episodes in and the remaining contestants, Laney, Alana, Roy, Laura, Eddie, Miranda, Tate and Frank get to go intergalactic. That's right. Aliens. It's the challenge everyone loves and everyone's excited about, including me. Having watched three seasons of the show, every challenge that deals with aliens I love. This time, they're upping the ante and adding an exciting element: the circus. Another yes from the contestants and me. The artists are split into teams of two to create intergalactic space aliens from a re-imagined space circus from the Circus Bezerk team. Co-owner of the circus team, Suzanne Bernell, came to the lab to give them pointers such as keeping the with the circus' vaudeville roots even though it's in outer space. It's also revealed that on the reveal stage, their models, who will be actual circus performers, will be performing in the make-up to be presented to the judges. Tate and Frank choose each other to work with. Their concept is an alien from Neptune encounters humans and discovers punk rock. So, their alien contortionist is a punk rocker with a Mohawk. Roy and Laura's concept is an alien animal trainer who has a parasite stuck to his torso from dealing with animals most of his life. Laney and Alana's character is the ring master. Eddie and Miranda's character is also a contortionist slash circus owner who lures other aliens into her circus to perform. All the teams start molding right away and in walks in Michael Westmore and Mckenzie for their critique and walk through of the concepts and the designs. Mr. Westmore gave tips to Tate and Frank about their Mohawk and how the performer was supposed to perform with it and not hurt themselves. Laney and Alana's model has a lot of hair so the designer told them to roll with it. When they got to Roy and Laura, Laura's face piece was described as not sexy and Mr. Westmore completely raked her over the coals. Miranda and Eddie also hit a stumbling block when their cowl on their character is too reminiscent of a creature on Hellboy. Day two in the lab and Alana and Laney make concessions for their model who has all the hair. Tate remains out of the mold room while Frank molds all their pieces. Miranda and Eddie re-sculpt their cowl piece and Laura keeps working on her sexy alien face. Midway into the day, Alana begins to second guess her and Laney's use of scales which causes friction between the two. Application day comes and is jamming pretty well for Tate and Frank. They're on schedule with hardly any pieces messed up. Everything is going smoothly in the lab until Laney and Alana begin struggling with their cowl and face pieces. Everything isn't adding up the way it should and Alana is scared because she went home for something similar in her original run on the series. Instead of trying to fix the edges, they scrapped the cowl and went with a focus on the paint job instead. On stage, the judges put Frank and Tate and Miranda and Eddie on the top looks. Laney and Alana and Laura and Roy were on bottom looks. After deliberation, Miranda won her fourth challenge of the season with her cowl sculpt. Frank, Tate, Laura and Roy were all safe and Laney and Alana were the only bottom team of the week. Alana was the one sent home because of her poor face sculpt. Face Off continues tonight on Syfy, with seven contestants remaining.


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