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Face Off Goes Individual In Subterranean Terror

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/10/2013 3:59 pm
Face Off Goes Individual In Subterranean Terror


Shelby Arnold

Staff Writer 

Each week of Face Off just gets more and more intense and my fingernails are NOT taking the stress very well. 

On Tuesday of last week, the contestants took part in an individual spotlight challenge. It was the first for the season and everyone was stoked to show off their talents and abilities.

Host McKenzie Westmore took the remaining twelve contestants to an abandoned power station. The spotlight challenge this week was subterranean terror. The artists had six different areas under the power station to chose from to make their own creature who could’ve been living underground at one time or another. 

Laura, Miranda and RJ all chose to use a variation on the naked mole rat for their make-up. Alana and Tate chose a sea-type design with Alana choosing a mermaid-eque creature who “purposefully swims into fisherman’s nets” to seduce them. Tate went with a more crustacean humanoid who had mandibles and claws. Roy chose a room with tentacle marks and ink, opting for a creature that was part octopus and part worm. Eddie chose a room with toxic waste and bones. Frank sketched a creature who’s eyes had disappeared through evolution and its teeth had started growing out of his mouth and neck. Aldolfo  opted for a convict who was supposed to be electrocuted but the electricity made him stronger and he escaped. Laney chose a bug-y route with a woman who had cockroaches popping out of sores on her body. Lyma chose toxic waste as well and her concept was a scientist who mutated into a creature who lived underground. Scott also chose the tentacle and ink room. His concept was a octopus/human who was mid transformation. 

The sculpting phase in the lab was a relatively calm affair, however, Miranda was a bit scared that RJ and Laura were both doing rats. But, Miranda stuck to her guns and kept her design. Lyma and Roy decided to mold their designs on the first day. Lyma’s mold cracked so she had to lay a layer of plaster over her mold to keep her prosthetic from ripping. The second day in the lab also goes relatively well for most of the contestants until Roy makes a mistake. Instead of choosing the flexible polyfoam, he chose the hard, rigid foam and his entire piece hinged on those tentacles. 

On application day, Roy and Scott struggle with their applications while Aldolfo’s painting turns his underground creature into a charred orange mess. In the end, the make-ups pulled together and it was time for judging. Jordu Schell was the guest judge for the challenge. Schell has worked on Avatar and other movies.

After the make-up runway show, Miranda took top look and won her third challenge of the show. Laura and Frank were also part of top looks. Roy, Adolfo and Scott were on the bottom and because of his horrible paint job, he was sent home.

Now, only eleven contestants remain and tonight, the remaining contestants will take on Mother Nature. Sounds exciting. Face Off airs tonight at 8/7c.


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