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Television PopWrapped | Television

It's a Family Affair on This Week's Grey's Anatomy

Christa Tintelnot | PopWrapped Author

Christa Tintelnot

11/07/2014 2:33 pm
PopWrapped | Television
It's a Family Affair on This Week's Grey's Anatomy | Grey's Anatomy
Media Courtesy of ABC
Wow! It's been awhile, Grey's Anatomy fans! First, I want to thank my colleague Lazaros Balakos for covering the last episode while I was vacationing. Second, I am definitely ready to get back to work and we still have a few episodes before the winter break. So, without further adieu, this is what went down in "Don't Let's Start." April, Jackson and April's Mom April's mother is visiting and she is certainly a ball of energy. She wants to go shopping for the nursery, but April cannot go due to work. Jackson, however, is eager to go. Later that night, April goes home to find her mom and Jackson going through all of their purchases for the day. After some conversation, the tension is evident and April starts to lose it. Jackson eventually steps in, after she tells her mom she doesn't want her help. The next morning at work, April and Jackson talk about what went down the night before. April says she felt like her mom was being condescending, but Jackson reveals that he actually asked her for help because he has no idea how to handle a baby. Later on, April sees her mother sitting on a bench outside of the hospital and her mother asks for an apology. April is not keen on giving her one. After a heartfelt speech however, April DOES apologize and asks if she can call her mom if she has questions about the baby. Back at home, April and Jackson make up, too. Jo and Owen Jo and Owen take a carjacking victim who has gone through an extreme beating. Her co-workers found her, but don't know her very well, so they don't know anything about her. They do notice, however, that she is a veteran thanks to a tattoo she has. After an emergency surgery, (#grossestsceneinGreyshistory) Melissa, the victim, wakes up and is able to give a statement about her injuries. Turns out she was living in her car, something Jo certainly knows something about. Owen tells her there are programs for vets to help. Melissa, however, doesn't believe she should use those programs since she worked in a very safe area fixing computers and was not in danger. Owen eventually talks to her soldier-to-soldier, and she finally accepts the assistance. Jo, meanwhile, is greatly bothered by this, as well as her own situation because she feels that she is simply crashing at Alex's house. Alex does his best to make her feel better. Mer and Maggie Maggie approaches Mer and gives back the journals that belonged to their mother. They seem to be on much better terms and Derek suggests that they invite Maggie to dinner. Mer isn't totally convinced this is a good idea, but she comes to terms with it. This is a good thing, since Derek also invited Richard. Though Mer, Richard and Maggie are all very hesitant about the dinner, eventually they all agree to it. As they are preparing for their dinner guests, Derek and Mer end up in the shower together. While they are having marital relations, Richard and Maggie arrive. They are stuck outside in an awkward conversation, but it seems to get better when Richard apologizes to Maggie for being a bad father. Her response, however, is that Richard is simply her "genetic history" and he made her feel like a fool. He apologizes for that and Maggie walks away just as Derek opens the door to let them in. Callie and Arizona Since their breakup, it seems like Arizona has been living/sleeping in the hospital. (Weird since way back when, Callie did the same thing, remember??) Arizona says its actually working out since Geena Davia...erm...Dr. Herman is constantly keeping her busy and it's not really Callie's concern where she is sleeping. Callie says she didn't kick Arizona out, but Arizona says Callie made it clear she is suffocating due to Arizona's presence. They haven't yet told anyone about the breakup and again, Arizona makes it clear she didn't want any of this. Bailey, Maggie and Ben Ben is serving as Bailey's resident, today and Maggie is assisting on their case. They care for a patient who comes in with heartburn, but his labs show high cholesterol and high blood pressure and they want to do more tests. Eventually, they find a tumor and explain that it was caused by his poor eating habits. They have a plan to remove the tumor, however, during the surgery, things go terribly wrong and the patient dies. This patient prompts Bailey to look at her own life and she secretly runs her own labs, finding that she also has high cholesterol and high blood pressure and wants to make some health changes. Arizona and Dr. Herman Arizona still has her fellowship and Dr. Herman is allowing her to work on a new case. Later, Arizona runs into Alex and tells him that she thinks Herman is trying to set her up for failure. He tells her, in true Alex fashion, to just suck it up. The next day in the OR, Dr. Herman allows Alex to observe. Dr. H warns Arizona that she didn't get a lot of sleep and her patience is very thin. As they begin the procedure, everything goes well. However, Arizona has a bit of a slip as she tells Dr. H what she is going to do and Dr. Herman doesn't seem happy, but allows Arizona to continue. However, she gets angry again when Arizona fails to give her the exact words that were written in the manual she studied out of. #Karevstandsup Following the surgery, Alex tells Arizona that she cannot allow Dr. H to treat her like she does and she should think about dropping it. She tells him that she can't because she and Callie are splitting up, that taking this fellowship "put the nail in the coffin" and she traded her marriage for this job. Later, Arizona finds Dr. Herman to talk to her, but Dr. H wants to talk to Arizona. Arizona starts by telling Dr. H that she wants this job, but doesn't want to spend the rest of the year being treated badly. Dr. Herman tells Arizona they won't have a year because she will be dead in six months. She has an inoperable brain tumor. She wants to spend the next 6 months teaching Arizona everything she knows, or this type of medicine will die along with her. But here's the hitch...Arizona cannot tell Owen or the board about her tumor. Dang!  This was a really full episode with a lot going on and many unanswered questions. What do you guys think about this one? Are Mer and Der back in each other's good graces? Will Callie change her mind? What will happen with Dr. Herman? Will Alex and Jo take things to the next level? Hopefully, we will find the answer to at least some of these questions next week!

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