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Family Life Unravels In The Snow Queen's New Version Of 'Once Upon A Time'

Kay Ziegler | PopWrapped Author

Kay Ziegler

11/13/2014 2:07 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Family Life Unravels In The Snow Queen's New Version Of 'Once Upon A Time' | once upon a time
Media Courtesy of TV Fanatic
Tensions were high in "The Snow Queen" (episode 7 of the current Once Upon a Time season). Some citizens of Storybooke were pushed towards drastic measures, but ultimately did not defeat their inner-demons. "The Snow Queen' opened a flood-gate of action that will affect the rest of the season. Intertwined with present day drama were flashbacks of Ingrid, Gerda, and Helga that gave fans insight into the Snow Queen's twisted reasoning to turn Emma into her 'sister'. We learned why the Snow Queen was placed the magical urn prior to Elsa's imprisonment as well as who put her there and who gave the family that pot in the first place (Rumplestiltskin of course). Furthermore, Oncers see that Ingrid wasn't always a horrible person. She was willing to give up the throne to the middle sister and hide away as to protect Arendelle. The Snow Queen loved her family and she actually discovered her powers when trying to protect her siblings from a kidnapping. However, she accidentally used those same powers to freeze Helga. Furiously grief-stricken, Gerda placed Ingrid into the urn. She then demanded that the Grand Pabbie wipe the memory of every Arendelle citizen so that no one remembered Ingrid or Helga. Back in Storybrooke (and the current time) Emma thinks she's found a way to neutralize the Snow Queen without hurting her. However it's debatable as to whether or not it will work as Emma's powers aren't stable enough. Plus she can't practice, as it's her night to babysit baby brother Neal. Of course things don't go according to plan. While going to pick up her brother, she gets a call - the Snow Queen's been spotted. Emma has to go take care of it, much to Mary Margaret's relief; the mom is wary of Emma and her powers. Ingrid is quickly captured and taken into custody. It's all a trick. The Snow Queen planted a fake 'evil mirror' and allowed herself to be caught so she could have some alone time with Emma. Being the ever crafty manipulator, she convinces the Savior that her family is afraid of Emma's ability. Ingrid twists words and moments so that Emma not only destroys a wall (thus freeing the Snow Queen), but also shorts out some lights and toppled a lamppost. In fear, Emma flees. While Emma deals with the Snow Queen, Regina spends time in her vault looking through books. Twice Robin Hood visits her. The first time Regina lectures the thief and rebuffs him, but the second time (after the leader of the Merry Men has a heart-to-heart with Will Scarlet) he takes Regina in his arms and kisses the Evil Queen. It wasn't just about Robin and Regina or Ingrid, Emma, and Elsa it was also about Rumple and Ingrid (with a little bit of Henry, sweeping floors and oiling the furniture, thrown in). Gold and the Snow Queen finally make their deal: her sister's ribbons for information. What it is, who knows; one thing's for sure though - something big is planned and it is not going to be good.   Fans will just keep watching to find out the news and the plan. Remember, next Sunday's episode (11-16-2014) is 2 hours long. Be sure to check your local listings for the time!

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