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Famous Last Words: A Shift In Power Is Felt On This Week's Downton Abbey

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


10/01/2013 9:28 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Famous Last Words: A Shift In Power Is Felt On This Week's Downton Abbey
Media Courtesy of IMDb

Mata Lauano

Staff Writer

Hello, hello and good evening, I’m Mata and I’ve commandeered this week’s Downton Abbey recap duties from your usual Dowton Abbey recapper, the lovely Erika Rivera. If you haven’t already, see last week’s recap here. Now, need I call ‘Spoilers’? Well I did, and keep that in mind if you wish to follow me down the rabbit hole. You’ve been warned. Because what follows this warning are spoilers, in which I recount the episode that recently aired in the UK. A slightly uneventful episode, save for a letter from beyond the grave, a punch up and some pot stirring. Well, I suppose not entirely uneventful. We begin with the servants having breakfast, and they’ve just gotten word from Gwen- she’s married! (To Jon Snow? Sorry, wrong show and really mean considering how that turns out.) It’s business as usual otherwise, downstairs with Thomas on the lookout for a new O'Brien it seems. And it looks like he’s honed in on Edna Braithwaite, someone I already disliked from series three who’s managed to worm her way back into Downton. Anna warns Edna about Thomas’ penchant for looking out for his own interests, and Edna does her best to ignore her. Rude. Meanwhile we find out via Mrs Hughes and Carson that Matthew’s office has finally been cleared out as a box of Matthew’s belongings has arrived at Downton. Mrs Hughes insists they give the box to someone else to open first for fear of causing the fragile Lady Mary ‘to cry’.  It was difficult not to tear up myself when Lord Grantham opened the box and we notice Mary’s ‘good luck’ soft-toy that she’d given him before he went off to war. Damn it Matthew, you should have carried that thing with you everywhere! In any case there is more in the box than that toy, a book with a letter to be precise. A letter that may make up for the fact that Matthew, of all people, left behind no will. Of course rather than take it straight to Mary, Grantham goes a running to mother. Not that I mind, the more we have of the Dowager Countess the better. Suffice it to say the Dowager and I are in agreement about what Lord Grantham must do, which is give the letter to Lady Mary and be happy that Matthew has named her his heiress until little George is of age. Only, as Violet points out, Robert is acting like a child who’s been passed over for the best toy in the house. I mean, the way he tore Mary down during dinner bombarding her with questions regarding things she hasn’t yet gotten the hang of, just to prove a point and humiliate her in the process, wasn’t just rough it was childish. I’m glad the lawyers all agree that Matthew’s letter would act as his will. Because, shame on you Robert. Even Violet is more supportive of Mary owning half of Downton and taking charge of its running, and it wasn’t until recently that she discovered there was such a thing as a weekend. I’m glad that Tom’s there to help Mary learn the ropes. Perhaps he can also teach her how to welcome the sight of her child, speaking of which we didn’t see Sybbie or George this episode. Who we do get to see a lot of, however, is Cousin Rose. The ward who had the misfortune of coming directly after Sybil’s demise and labeled the poor person’s Sybil. I’m only joking, Rose is okay. But surely country life isn’t for her; she drags Anna, the ever kind Anna, along with her to a tea dance and while they’re there things get hectic as her dance partner, Sam from York, gets into a fistfight with some rapscallion who wants to cut in to their dance. Rose is a spitfire as she also tries to peel the drunken man off of Sam and luckily Jimmy, the footman locked in a love free-form shape with kitchen maids Daisy, Ivy and O’Brien’s nephew, happens to be there to pull her away and get them all out of there. I don’t know how to feel about Sam turning up to Downton to see Rose and getting a goodbye kiss (the forever kind, because she’s ‘promised to a farmer’) from her- dressed as a housemaid no less thanks to Anna’s quick thinking. Although Jimmy’s face when he comes out for a smoke and sees her coming back in is priceless, I got a chuckle out of Rose’s quick hushing of whatever he was about to say, “Say nothing and I’ll be your friend forever.” Lady Edith continues to see her paramour, Gregson, and things look to be getting even more scandalous. He’s planning to move to Germany and become a citizen so that he can divorce his crazy wife, yes I do realize his age and crazy wife makes him seem a bit Rochester-y. Edith’s not had very much luck in love and I suppose I do wish her the best, because she’s not that annoying anymore. Also, this could get interesting with the Second World War not too far off. And we all know what’s brewing in Germany. However currently brewing in Downton is my continued hatred for Edna Braithwait as she schemes with Thomas to get Anna in trouble. Which works, as Lord Grantham has a word with Bates about Anna’s ‘bullying’ it would seem. Bates is confused, Anna’s trying to help the saddest man in Britain, Mosley who’s fallen on hard times it seems. Although Bates can’t control Thomas and Edna’s behavior he can do something about Mosley and forges the man’s signature in order to give him money because Mosley’s depressing disposition was getting everyone, mostly Anna, down. It’s cute. Don’t tell me otherwise. Carson’s past continues to taunt him, with the help of Mrs Hughes and Mrs Crawley. Isobel has hooked Griggs, Carson’s former rival in love we find out, up with a job and he’s leaving on a midnight train to Georgia- well to Belfast and it’s the morning train. Mrs Hughes and Isobel just want Carson to say goodbye, because closure. Carson, the ever stoic Carson, refuses at first but turns up at the station and Griggs tells him that their Bella Swan, aka Alice, admitted to him that she’d chosen the wrong man. Because she should have gone with Jacob. Why I’m using Twilight analogies is beyond me, and basically insulting to the show and the entire human race. In any case it’s denouement at its best, granted not too happy as we find out that Alice died, but at least Griggs and Carson part as friends and someone gets some closure. Quotes that floated my boat: “When you talk like that, I’m tempted to ring for nanny and have you put to bed with no supper.” – Violet, oh Professor McGonagall- you slay me. “We shout and scream and wail and cry, but in the end we must all die.”  - Carson certainly cheered Mrs Hughes and all of us up with that one. It is on that note that I bid thee adieu, and apologise for the delay. Next week the far more prompt Erika will be back on the case as it looks to be a cracker of an episode. Suitors for Mary, the guy who’s going to start trouble with Anna and Bates and Dame Kiri te Kanawa, oh my!


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