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Gaming / Movies PopWrapped | Gaming

Fan-Made Majora's Mask Trailer Delights Internet

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

12/01/2016 7:47 am
PopWrapped | Gaming
Fan-Made Majora's Mask Trailer Delights Internet | Majora's Mask
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The Legend Of Zelda video game franchise is one of the biggest out there. For decades, players have been able to go on quests as everyone's favourite hero, Link (not Zelda), exploring a world of magic and adventure. Though, despite the series' popularity, aside from an awful TV series from 1989 (which we don't talk about), the franchise has yet to branch out into movies or TV, thus leaving room for fans to do so themselves. Enter Majora's Mask.

Recently, a fan-made trailer for Majora's Mask, the memorable 2000 Zelda Nintendo64 game, hit the internet, and it is something to behold. With amazing animation and the classic Zelda music, this four-minute video shows a basic introduction to the iconic mask. Check it out:

Isn't that just phenomenal? I would totally watch a full movie version of this. This is made by EmberLab, a California-based team of video game artists and animators. The video's description says it's a gift to fans.

The game version of Majora's Mask was both light and dark, and this video perfectly captures that aspect. I would have liked to see Link, though -- just at the end, to give a little cliffhanger.

This isn't the first Zelda fan-made trailer out there. Perhaps you've seen this old one made as an April Fool's Day joke? If these have proved anything, it's that people really want a Zelda movie.

Or a TV show. A good one, I mean. Last year, there were rumors that a Zelda TV show was headed to Netflix, which honestly sounds amazing because that'd mean more time to really explore Hyrule and Link's journey, but nothing was confirmed, and nothing has come of it yet.

So loyal fans are left to wait and replay the many games and watch cool fan-made videos like this.

What are your thoughts on the Majora's Mask trailer? Which Zelda game would you like to see as a movie?


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