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Fandom PopWrapped | Fandom

Star Wars: The Falcon - Chapter 2 (FanFic Friday)

Erica Rose Jackson | PopWrapped Author

Erica Rose Jackson

Staff Writer
08/02/2016 12:44 pm
PopWrapped | Fandom
Star Wars: The Falcon - Chapter 2 (FanFic Friday) | Fanfic
Media Courtesy of PopWrapped/Michelle Dawson

We're back with our second installment of Fanfic Friday, which continues our Star Wars story called 'The Falcon'. If you missed Chapter 1, don't worry! You can catch up here! And remember to submit stories in the comments you'd like to see because, once we finish this one, we'll jump into the next story.

The Falcon: Chapter 2

Rose raced down into her weapons station and fired up her guns before turning on her comm. “What do you think is after us?” she asked into her headset before she saw 5 Tie fighters heading toward them.  

She heard Han snicker as he spoke, “The First Order. Don’t hesitate to take them out. I’m trying to get the hyperdrive online.”

Rose nodded, as she targeted the fist Tie fighter. She knocked it off with ease before checking in with Finn, “How many are on your side?” she asked.  

She heard Finn breathing heavily, as he replied, “I’ve got three! I’m working on it,” he yelled. Rose realized he didn’t know weapons as well as he said that he did. Luckily, his missing shots were sending them over to her, and she was picking them off one by one until there was one left.  

“You’ve got this, Finn,” she said into her mouthpiece. She waited until she heard him yell victoriously.

“Did you see that?” Finn shouted out to anyone who could hear him.  

Rose heard Han’s voice next, “Good shot, kid. We have a bigger problem, though,” he announced.  

Rose got up from her weapons station to head to the cockpit and see what Han was talking about. As soon as she reached him, she saw the Star Destroyer out the window. “That thing is going to suck us in if we don’t get the hyperdrive going,” Rose stated, not really wanting to tangle with Storm Troopers.

Han looked back at her, eyebrows raised. “Really? Why do you think I’m trying to get the hyperdrive online?”

Rose shook her head at his grumpiness. She knew it didn’t take much to get him that way. Rey was looking over the cockpit when she yanked something off the left wall. “This thing was blocking it. Fire it up now,” she stated.  

“How do you know so much about these things?” Rose asked, not really expecting an answer.  

Han threw the Falcon into hyperdrive, and Rose grabbed his chair as quickly as she could, so she didn’t go flying backward.

Once they were clear, Han pulled them back to normal speed before turning to Rey. “What do you guys have?”

Finn spoke up, “Kylo Ren wants that droid because of the map. He wants to find Luke Skywalker,” he explained, before continuing, “We need to get his BB-8 unit to the Resistance. Will you please take us to their base?”

Rey nodded, “We have to get this map to them, and then I need to get back to Jakku.”

Rose looked at Han, watching him react to this. Han stood and spoke, “Let’s see if this droid will show us the map. If it is really there I’ll bring you to an old friend,” he announced as he began walking to the rec area.  

Once they were all in the room, Rey began reasoning with BB-8 to get the map. While she was doing that, Rose stepped closer to Han.

“Do you want to drop me off while you take them to Leia?” she asked, not wanting to cause him any aggravation.  

Han reached an arm around her waist, “No, it’ll be fine. Leia and I both knew someday one of us would move on. I think there are more important matters at hand to keep her busy instead of worrying about seeing you again,” he explained, leaning down to kiss the top of her head.  

Just as Rose was about to reply, the room was taken over by a holographic map. Han stepped away from her to look at it.  

“I guess you kids aren’t lying. Chewie, set the course to Maz’s place,” Han ordered before he began to tell Finn and Rey about the past, and Rose watched Rey’s eyes take it all in. She had so much wonderment for the old story. Rose wasn’t sure she was ready to live through her turn of fighting the Dark Side. Once he was done, he added, “Get some rest.”

Han began walking away, and Rose followed after him. “Is there anywhere private on this ship?” she asked in a whisper.  

Han stopped and turned to look at her. “I know of a place, why?” he asked, his lips curling into a half grin.

Rose smiled in reply, “I was just thinking, as you told that story, that we’re about to be very busy, and we won’t have any time for anything else. I was hoping to take advantage of this quiet moment,” she confessed.  

Han looked amused, as he grabbed her hand and led her to a bunk. “How long do we have?” she asked, as he pushed her in and then gently laid her back on the bed.  

He smirked, “Long enough.” He placed one hand on her hip and the other on her face, as he leaned forward and grazed her lips with his own.  

A/N:  Get ready folks because the action is about to begin! Please R&R :)

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