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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Fans Lock And Load As "Resident Evil" Gets A Hi-Def Remake

Sharmake Bouraleh | PopWrapped Author

Sharmake Bouraleh

08/13/2014 4:04 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Fans Lock And Load As
Media Courtesy of Review Junkies

Have you ever just wished you could kill people? Had a totally-sympathetic, understandable, unquenchable lust for violence? Ever wished you could just go ax-crazy and murder all those people who have either annoyed and/or inconvenienced you?

I haven't.

Wait, what? You want to kill someone? Stop it, you sick psycho. You can't kill living people!

God, what is wrong with you?!

However... killing dead people is fine! Even better if they're undead, a la Resident Evil.

Yes! This is a piece of news that warms the cockles of my cold, dead, withered heart. Capcom has confirmed that the much beloved Nintendo Gamecube-exclusive Resident Evil 1 Remake (known as REmake) will be coming to multiple platforms. Among the lucky few, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, XBOX 360, XBOX One, and PC are expected to have versions released for them.

Thanking fans for their commitment and support, Capcom Japan producer Tatsuya Kitabayashi and fellow Capcom Japan producer Yoshiaki Hirabyashi released a video on the official Resident Evil YouTube channel that announced the remake of the REmake (Re-REmake?) and what to expect. This was confirmed on the Resident Evil's official Facebook page.

Capcom went on to say that the game not be drastically changed, and will only have minor tweaks, as well as having the graphics updated to HD. This ensures that the atmosphere and mood of the game, as well as the surprises, scares and plot twists are there as you remember them from over a decade ago. This is sure to bring the frightful delights to a new generation of gamers, as well as tickle the fancies of every Resident Evil gamer/die hard fan of old.

I've been a Resident Evil fan since the 90's (just how old am I, anyways? No one knows!), when it first came out. I played all the classics, and by far REmake was one of my favorites because of the graphics and nigh-complete re-imagining of the infamous Mansion Incident while managing to maintain true to the spirit of the first, re-telling the story in a much more effective (and pretty) way.

I've been hoping and praying for the longest time for this story to come to the PS3 and finally my prayers have been answered. Halellujah and all that jazz! Maybe finally I can get my sister to play the RE games and enjoy them, since outdated graphics was the only thing that kept her away. I'm sure she'll enjoy it as much as both you and I do.

I was disappointed when Capcom neglected to mention anything Resident Evil at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), but this more than makes up for it in my opinion. Good things come to those that wait, it seems. Except when it comes to grievous injuries, then you should probably go to a hospital. Or at least the witch-doctor next door to that sketchy alley who gives you wack medicine that relies on the placebo effect in you thinking it works to actually work.

Resident Evil HD Remastered, as some call it, or simply (and effectively) Resident Evil will be available for download in early 2015. Excuse me while I hole myself up away from the world and cry miserably while eating ice cream from a bucket with a spoon and listening to Mary J. Blige's "Not Gon Cry" until then.

Check out the video they released about this unbelievably exciting news:

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