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Fans Mourn The Loss Of 'Once Upon A Time' Favorite Character, Neal Cassidy

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/22/2014 2:58 am
PopWrapped | Fandom
Fans Mourn The Loss Of 'Once Upon A Time' Favorite Character, Neal Cassidy
Media Courtesy of tumblr

Kay Ziegler

Staff Writer


Death happens.  We are all mortal. Often, television programs, books, and movies include this mortal tragedy and more times than not it is accepted because it helps move a storyline forward. However, there are occasions that the death is not well received; there’s fan outrange. The untimely passings of Sirius Black of the Harry Potter series, How I Met Your Mother’s Mother, and Brian Griffin from Family Guy are three characters that come to mind. There is another character that ought to be added to the list. It is Neal Cassidy from Once Upon a Time. Back in January of this year, it was leaked that a main character would die. Fans were horrified and the speculation quickly rose as to who the unlucky character was. Soon after that news, certain fans were privileged to who it would be. We were told it was Neal Cassidy, but none of us believed it as the emails sent were exceedingly detailed (describing how Neal gave Emma his blessing to go find ‘Tallahassee’ – go find happiness). It turned out the person (apparently someone from the make-up department) was right. Neal died and this event had earth-shattering consequences. Hook/Emma AKA CaptainSwan fans were overjoyed while Swanfire (Neal/Emma shippers) were crushed beyond belief. Fans stopped watching the show. Many left the fandom. A petition was put up to bring him back. Many memorial videos were uploaded to Youtube. It was and still is pandemonium. In the months that have passed, people are still not over this death. For those not dedicated to the character, they might wonder why. Why is he so important? Let’s first look at his history. Neal was a character who had given up everything to make sure everyone was safe. As a child, he lost his mother to a pirate and his father to Dark Magic. He was willing to join an army at 14 because law required it of him. Living with a loving foster family (the Darlings), Neal scarified himself to keep the biological family together. He let his true love go so she could get her family back. And when he found out that he was a father, he stuck by his kid and even went to Neverland to rescue him as well as protect his loved ones. This was a character who was not a villain. He was a man with a selfless heart – a man who lost it all, but didn’t let it stop him or depress him. Neal made two mistakes in his life (allowing Emma to retrieve the watches he stole and then not coming to her when the curse broke), but was never allowed to have happiness or even a second chance (which was what his slogan on his promotional poster) while Regina, Hook, and Rumpelstiltskin have all been given their chances. To a lot of us it seems cruel and unfair. It says that even if you are a good person, but you make a mistake, you will never get a second chance to do better and be better. To others it brings up painful memories. A mother sent this in to a confession blog: “Neal became my daughter’s fav character in season 3 when she saw him fight like Hell to save his son and find his family.  Her father had fought like Hell to come back to us from Iraq after being severely wounded. He didn’t make it. So when Neal was pointlessly killed off after being denied to see his son, who didn’t even remember him, my daughter was devastated. It was like losing her own father all over again. This was once a family show. Seriously, what were they thinking?” With that, I will leave you all. Those words need no additions. Just read and think about those words. Share your thoughts below! Keep Up With PopWrapped On The Web!



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