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Television PopWrapped | Television

Fans Of The Newly-Cancelled Show Forever Aren't Going Down Without A Fight

Shannon Beaty | PopWrapped Author

Shannon Beaty

05/11/2015 9:31 pm
PopWrapped | Television
Fans Of The Newly-Cancelled Show Forever Aren't Going Down Without A Fight | forever
Media Courtesy of Screen Spy

This past Thursday, the TV world was rocked to it's core. For some, it was a fantastic day - their favorite show was renewed! They danced in the streets, praising the names of the network executives that let their show live on for another season.

Then, there were those of us that uncorked a bottle of wine in preparation for the dread of cancellations. I have been recapping the ABC show Forever for a while now, so I was waiting for the good word to hit. Unfortunately, Forever was one of the shows that was laid to rest.

The fanbase for the quirky drama is astounding and in a way, hard-headed. They aren't going down without a fight, and the gloves have come off. Thanks to the wonderful folks at the Forever (ABC) Fan Page & Foreverists Group for Forever Fans on both Facebook and Twitter, a petition has been brought to life to help bring the show to another network. Read below for their official release:

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom known as ABC, there lived a quality television show named Forever. Forever was not pompous like some of the other programs, nor did it have a tried and true pedigree. What set Forever apart from the rest was simply that it was magical in its imaginary premise, telling a tale of immortality and redemption through the human condition. Strong writing, cast, and crew also distinguished it from the usual pack of serials and procedurals. With the handsome and talented Ioan Gruffudd in the starring role, Forever was a can't-miss. 

But soon, renowned creator Matt Miller became concerned. Even though Forever brought the goods weekly with solid acting and writing, ABC said lack of ratings in a dismal time slot brought the network anxiety! Scheduling of Forever became haphazard! Promoting was almost non existent! And the Forever fans, née Foreverists, did all they could to tweet, promote, and tell ABC to renew.

Alas. Like all fairy tales, this one had an evil villain. Despite the thousands of letters, tweets, write in campaigns, and supporters, Forever received a death sentence from ABC at 9:30 pm EST 7 May. All was not good in the Forever fandom. Tears and anguish filled social media... What could be done? Who would step up? Enter 2 groups as the hero!

Coming together to join forces, The Foreverists Group for Forever Fans and the Forever (ABC) fan page came up with a plan! Write a petition to Warner Brothers Television and tell the network heads that Forever should be shopped to other kingdoms, such as Netflix! Or Hulu! Scattered across the U.S. and Scotland, the heroes set about making their plans. And with the blessing of creator Matt Miller, a petition was crafted.

Lin Blank, Deb Servey, Zhora Ghulam, and Tonya Lindsey are hopeful that Forever fans get around the petition and fight for the survival of Forever. Tweets and Facebooking and asking people to join in the task of another season (or a hundred) is what it is all about. Forever deserves another chance! We hope, like a good fairy tale, there is a happy ending.

Sign the petition here, and help bring our show back to life! We're only a few hundred signatures away from the 5,000 goal; we need your help.

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