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"Fear" Takes Over The Hamptons On Revenge's Season Premiere

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


09/30/2013 12:18 am
PopWrapped | Television
Media Courtesy of ABC

Brittany Goldfield Rodrigues

Staff Writer

REVENGE RECAPPED: Charlotte Grayson Gets Bangs and Emily Thorne Gets a Deadline in “Fear” Revenge is back and it’s back with well…a vengence. This season, like the ones before it, starts with the end. This seasons premiere kicks off with Emily Thorne bloody in a white dress. She gets shot, and is floating in the ocean of the Hamptons. Standard Hamptons happenings, right? It looks like this season will be working towards Emily and Daniel Grayson’s wedding, and the bloodshed that will eventually happen there. Point to ponder? Do we really know for sure she will be marrying Daniel? What about Aiden? Jack? Oh snap. Things just got serious. Well, Emily has not got shot just yet. After the flash forward, Emily is shown in Paris healthy and smooching with her fiancée, the beautiful Daniel Grayson. The season premiere picks up five months since last season’s finale, and has the couple returning to the Hamptons for, surprise, a party. This time, one Miss Emily Thorne hosts the soiree. Guess who’s attending? Ashley Davenport, and Margeaux - a smoking French girl with a history with Daniel. Uh oh. However, there are more important things in this season premiere, because Charlotte has bangs. The girl is back from Europe, and is all grown up. Okay, maybe the growing up is more due to her baby than her bangs and travels, but honestly, the girl has never looked better. Her outfits have even been stepped up a notch. She might actually out-dress Emily this year. Right, Nolan being let free, Ashley being deported, and Victoria having an awkwardly close relationship with her long lost son, are all pretty important things as well. That’s right, Nolan is a free-bird. Thank goodness. There’s one less anxiety for Revengers to be dealing with. Except, now he’s unemployed. That’s okay though, his Em’s has equipped him with a sweet beach home for the summer. Who ever said being friends with Emily Thorne doesn’t have its perks? The biggest events of the episode surpass Charlotte’s bangs, Nolan being freed, and even Patrick’s stellar abs. For one, Jack proves he can play hardball when he cozy’s up to Emily when he returns to the Stowaway. After a steamy kiss, the bartender tells her “oops, not that into you.” Being lied to about the identity of your wife and mother of your son can apparently leave somebody sassy, angry, and just not willing to listen. The episodes highlight? Emily reaches for the gold with the Grayson’s. It’s just the premiere of the season and she is already drugging Conrad and messing with his medical charts. After an exchange that is really evil brilliance, Emily has the Grayson’s convinced Conrad has a fatal disease that basically suggests he will slowly lose his mind. So, Conrad has to resign from office. What Revengers can draw from this episode is that Emily is back, and now on a deadline. Jack gives her an ultimatum that if she doesn’t finish up her revenge business by the end of the summer, he will expose her for who she is. This forces Emily to bump up her wedding date, and to kick her revenging into high gear. It’s going to be quite the summer in the Hamptons. The rest of the season cannot come fast enough. Did we mention Aiden returns in the last minute of the episode, and he’s turning to Victoria? Right. That’s important. NOLANISM OF THE EPISODE: “So Ashley Davenport has been daven-ported?”


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