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Fear The Walking Dead: 01X02, So Close, Yet So Far

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

08/31/2015 4:50 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fear The Walking Dead: 01X02, So Close, Yet So Far | Fear The Walking Dead
Media Courtesy of AMC

On the second episode of Fear the Walking Dead, our new zombie apocalypse companions discover more about the walker outbreak while also battling withdrawal and recovering family before Los Angeles falls completely. Sound dramatic enough for you?

We ended last week with Maddie and Travis seeing their first walker, Nick's friend Cal. Nick was with them too, but he had already killed his walker girlfriend, so this was his second. Poor guy. 

We open this week in the high school Nick attends and Maddie works at as a counselor. Empty high schools are the creepiest. You can almost feel the awkwardness and repression oozing from the walls. 

Alicia is now walking alone down an empty street when she walks up to a house to find the door suspiciously ajar. It appears to be her boyfriend's home and there are obvious signs of struggle. 

Clearly a walker is about to pop out at her because the music tells me so. Oop, yep, walker sounds are heard and Alicia just says, "Oh my God" before we shoot to commercial. Lame. 

Fear the Walking Dead Tumblr

Travis almost gets them all killed-by-semi, which would be a terrible twist of irony when everyone's about to die anyway in the apocalypse. The news is not reporting anything about what is happening to people. They call Alicia to ask her to pack some stuff up and we find out that Matt is feverish and sick before the towers shut down and service is lost. 

The family gets to Matt's house to collect Alicia and they can clearly see that he is on his way to walkerville. 

Nick starts raiding the bathrooms looking for something to tide him over, while Travis inspects Matt only to find a walker bite. Alicia is refusing to leave Matt's side, and he does his best to try and push her away. He finally convinces her, and it seems he is aware of his fate. 

Travis' son, Chris, is on a bus when a man runs on and says that a cop shot a man like 20 times before he finally went down, so the outbreak is spreading rapidly. 

Insert family/human interest drama... mother and son are talking... Nick is about to go through withdrawal. It's going to be rough for a while. 

At this point, everyone is pretty much in a panic. Nick is in full-blown withdrawal and will clearly be unable to travel. Maddie is trying to get a prescription called in but the doctors aren't answering. Travis is trying to get to his son and his ex-wife, but traffic blocks him at every turn. 

Now Maddie has gone to the high school to presumably get the drugs needed to safely get Nick through this withdrawal. As previously stated, empty high schools are the worst. They are expansive and never quiet while also being too quiet. There are noises and ghosts lurking everywhere. 

Maddie pries open a locker and retrieves the precious narcotics from within. Honestly, she should have just pocketed all of them, you never know what you're going to need. Her scary student Tobias creeps up on her and we all almost have a heart attack. 

Fear the Walking Dead Tumblr

Chris is in a crowd with cops and a dead man and a rowdy gang claiming that the unarmed man was killed for no reason. He starts to record it and the cops threaten to take him away. The gang is not having any of it and tell Chris to keep recording. And so art imitates life. 

Alicia is trying to leave and Nick is begging her not to go back to Matt's. She runs out the door when she hears Nick hit the floor. She runs back in just in time to see him on his back vomiting. She throws him on his side to prevent him from choking. 

Fear the Walking Dead Tumblr

Maddie and Tobias are entering the pantry to stock up on supplies and it's fairly clear that Tobias is some sort of prepper. 

The power goes out at the family home in an ominous surge. Tobias is being all kinds of negative when they hear a sound. A search takes them to a speaker system of sorts and they hear walker noises before an alarm goes off alerting them of an unknown presence. They find the principal lumbering through the halls when he attacks Maddie. Tobias tries to save her and ends up getting tangled up with Artie himself. Maddie beats his head in with a fire extinguisher and I'm honestly shocked that they did not show it. I am not used to gore restraint from this franchise. 

Maddie and Tobias have abandoned the supplies and are fleeing the scene. Travis and his ex, Liza, head to the protest to try and find their son. Chris is in the thick of the crowd, recording everything. They finally find him and try to get him to leave as a hazmat team comes to clean up the scene. A walker can be seen in the background and shots are fired, igniting the crowd even more. 

Fear the Walking Dead Tumblr

SWAT is coming and Travis scoots his family right along. People are straight up looting now and destroying property. It is clearly no longer safe. Travis, Liza and Chris talk a barber into letting them in to ride out the worst of the riots. 

Maddie sees some kids drive by in doctor's masks with creepy clown smiles drawn on them and I know we're really in a horror story now. 

Maddie gives Nick some oxy to try and get him through the worst of the withdrawal. Though, to be honest, he looks a hell of a lot better than most on-screen withdrawals. Like, remarkably good. Coherent and lucid and not at all sweaty or insane.

Maddie finally hears from Travis and the outdoor sounds are admittedly pretty terrifying. After much cajoling, she decides not to heed his advice and head to the desert without him, but instead to wait it out. 

Alicia and Maddie hear screaming across the street and Alicia REALLY needs to be let in on the secret. She still has no idea what is happening, and is super confused when her mom won't let her go across the street to help their neighbors that are being attacked. Honestly, it's time to have the talk with her. Everyone deserves to know when they're in the onslaught of the zombie apocalypse. 

We're off next week for Labor Day, so be sure to tune back in on September 13!


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