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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Fear The Walking Dead: 01X03, The Dog

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

09/14/2015 3:04 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fear The Walking Dead: 01X03, The Dog | Fear
Media Courtesy of AMC

Annnnnd we're back, after a one-week holiday break with Fear the Walking Dead.  After the slow start of the first episodes, since we're setting up an entirely new world, I expect a lot from episode 3. Let's see if it lives up to my expectations.

Travis, his ex and Chris are still holed up behind locked gates in the shop on the main strip. Maddie, Nick and Alicia are hanging out in the dark at the house. Clearly this is not ideal and the main goal is for everyone to reunite.

The streets outside the store are overrun with rioters and walkers, the bedlam is officially in motion. Travis and the store owner do not see eye-to-eye on much, but their bickering is interrupted when Chris points out that the wall is hot. They decide to flee, but when they open the doors, they are immediately assaulted by rioters. They go outside to see a riot cop being devoured by a looter and then it's stealth mode from that moment on.

They're trying to escape under some scaffolding, which inevitably crumbles, and traps Mama Store Owner underneath at the ankle. They retrieve her and make it back to Travis' truck, which is miraculously still there and completely unscathed.

Back at the house, Maddie, Nick and Alicia are playing Monopoly, waiting for the other half of their party. Travis' ride through town is bleak, flashing lights of cop cars and gunfire fill the night.

As they make their way home, with the shop family in tow, they witness LA go completely dark. A complete blackout. I can't imagine anything more unnerving than seeing a city like Los Angeles suddenly shrouded in darkness.

The blackout reaches the outskirts and Maddie, Nick and Alicia are hearing noises that are getting closer and closer. They think someone is in the house, but they realize it's a dog. Nick, the most remarkably lucid withdrawing character I've ever seen, lets him in. The dog is covered in blood but they decide it's not his. He starts barking and they find a walker in the middle of the road. So of course, Nick decides it's a good idea to go into the neighbor's house and try to retrieve their shotgun.

The house is eerily quiet and obviously at any moment a walker is going to bust out and eat one of them. Or at least try to.

Nick and Maddie find the gun and are looking for shells while Alicia wanders the house alone, clearly implying that she will be the one to be attacked. BUT WAIT. The dog is barking across the way and Alicia watches someone bramble into their house. A few minutes later, the dog squeals and we can assume he became walker dinner.

Of course, this is the moment Travis and company pull up so they have to rush back to their house to warn them of the walker.

Travis and company enter the house in search of everyone else while Maddie, Nick and Alicia try to navigate some weird backyard maze to get home. Travis comes upon the walker munching the dog which offers a welcome distraction, but he's caught the scent of human blood now.

Honestly, though, as this point, Travis should freaking know better than to approach these things, but he does it anyway. Maddie busts through the maze but they discover that they've left the shotgun shells. Alicia stupidly runs back to get them alone and finds that the house has been disturbed in the few moments they were gone. A pair of ominous feet are under the door and she grabs the shells and bolts.

Travis is trying to talk some sense into the crazed, man-eating walker when Mr. Shop Owner grabs the shotgun and takes him down. Alicia is trying to run through the maze back home when a walker grabs her through the bars. She escapes and they all finally realize what is happening. Nick tells them that these people are not sick, they're dead, and the expected freak out ensues.

Travis is trying to bond with Chris and he is being a typical angsty teenager, until he asks his dad what was wrong with the walkers they saw tonight. He sounds like a scared little boy then, and who can blame him?

The group is split on whether to leave right away or wait until morning. Travis wins and they'll wait until morning, but Maddie tells him if they're staying, he must get rid of Peter (dead walker in the living room).

I'll tell you one thing, Kirkman LOVES his exposition. There are scenes with, like, four different pairings of the group, just talking to and at each other. Whatever, boring.

Travis is digging a grave while his walker neighbor growls and reaches for him through the fence. Mr. Shop Owner is teaching Chris how to load a shotgun and what the different shells are.

Travis is the cut and dry Dale character of this series. He is the "let peace reign" guy. The, "I hate guns and violence and don't want my son exposed to it," guy. And while I am ALL ABOUT THAT in normal circumstances, as I myself loathe violence, in zombie apocalypse all bets are off. You either know how to protect yourself, or you die. Does that mean all civilization goes out the window in every scenario? Nope. But at the very least, one needs to know how to operate a gun.

Travis is still holding onto hope that these people can be saved, but Maddie seems to have accepted the truth, at least somewhat, but she heeds Travis' advice and lets Susan live.

The Shop Family is arguing again, because shop daughter wants to go with the family, but Mr. and Mrs. Shop Owner decide to stay and close ranks in the house. The family piles into the cars and they see choppers overhead skirting the area.

They're finally en route to the desert, but as it typically goes with apocalyptic anything, they won't get far before something terrible happens.

And there it is. Walker neighbor's husband is back and Maddie sees him walk into their house. Maddie goes to save him but Patrick embraces his wife and a bullet flies through her brain. Apparently, SWAT is here and they're taking over now.

They're registering with SWAT now and Maddie goes in search of Patrick. The SWAT team tells her that he was covered in infected blood and was taken away. She asks if that's how it spreads, but they quickly change the subject. SWAT guy wants to know what the fresh grave is, and Maddie tells him their dog died. A half truth, I suppose.

Nick appears to be looking for a way back in their house to find his drugs, presumably, when he finds a little girl across the way staring at him. I gotta think they show her for a reason. Then he's distracted by a plane flying recklessly.

Travis, like the dumbass he is, says "The cavalry is here now. It's all going to be okay." I mean honestly, dude. Give the Pollyanna act up already.

We end the episode with Mr. and Mrs. Shop Owner and he simply says (in Spanish), "It's already too late."

So what do you guys think so far? I gotta admit that I expected a bit more from this episode. We're now three episodes down, three to go, and nothing all that exciting has happened.

These next three episodes better be banging or I'm going to be very resentful at a wasted six weeks. Honestly, as this point, all Fear the Walking Dead has done is made me even more anxious for The Walking Dead premier in October.

Stick with me, Deadheads! I'll be here for the remaining 3 episodes.


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