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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Fear The Walking Dead: 01X04, Not Fade Away

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

09/21/2015 3:29 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fear The Walking Dead: 01X04, Not Fade Away | Walking Dead
Media Courtesy of Justina Mintz/AMC

Okay, Kirman. You've got THREE episodes to turn this ship around. And, while I typically would just trust you to get me there, I'm starting to have my doubts that Fear the Walking Dead will be anything more than a filler meant to tide us Deadheads over until October.

Travis takes his health very seriously and is taking a morning jog during the onset of the zombie apocalypse while Nick takes a dip in the pool. Chris is filming the neighborhood and it definitely looks like a warzone. Homes are burnt to a crisp and marked with spray paint.

We learn from Chris that their neighborhood has been cordoned off and they are currently on day 9 since the lights went off. They're told they're the "lucky ones," the ones INSIDE the fence. His monologue is interrupted by an SOS signal from outside the fence and now we can assume he'll be going on a suicide mission to help.

Travis is honestly infuriating. His plucky, can-do attitude is so annoying and desperate. Their neighborhood has been taken over and turned into a refugee campaign and he's all, "Oh, the government will get it sorted!" He's a douche and I don't like him. At all. He's also a douche to his son Chris, thereby 100% sealing the fact that Chris will not give up on this person-in-need-of-help thing.

Maddie is trying to drug Chris up so that he'll kick his drug habit. Makes sense.

Now we get to meet some of the SWAT team. Mr. SWAT tells them that they are infection free for the surrounding six mile; but the crowd is not completely buying the whole, "you're lucky and safe" spiel and I already want to punch him. He's trying to get Travis to help him and I hate them both so much that I can't even listen to what they're saying, but I do garner that a neighbor refuses to be screened for the infection and Mr. SWAT guy needs Travis to talk some sense into him.

Travis enters the room of a man who has been acting strangely and hasn't emerged from said room in a day completely unarmed and like a dead person may not eat him at any moment.

Neighbor guy is in his bathroom and clearly having some existential issues. He doesn't want to lie to his family and tell them that, "It's all going to be okay" and Travis tells him that it will all be okay. UGH. 

I MEAN HONESTLY.  How can someone, who has witnessed a person being EATEN by another person still think that "this too shall pass?" I need someone to answer this for me!

Alicia is off on another solo adventure and the music tells me she may be getting herself into trouble. Again. I think maybe she is at her boyfriend's house? She is reading a letter and now she's crying so I'm going with probably yes, her boyfriend's house.

Oop, Nick is going to get morphine. I'd bet a whole dollar on it.

Chris is trying to talk Maddie into the idea that someone is out there and needs help, and her skepticism is starting to wane.

Oh, yeah. There he goes. Nick is under the sick man's bed that Liza is caring for and pilfering his morphine. That's pretty low. I understand he's an addict, and all, but he was so close! Now they won't have anything to help wean him when he is forced to withdrawal again.

Ophelia is necking with one of the soldiers out on the outskirts and he is D2F and she's not so sure. She's trying to work on him to get meds for her mom and he tells her that all the drugs are on lockdown so it'll be hard for him to help her.

Oh, now Travis and Maddie are banging in a car, which is apparently the most private setting available to them right now. They're having a heart-to-heart and they tell each other to get their shit together. Now he's being as big of a douche bag to her and he was to Chris. He's talking about how the soldiers are doing all they can and have done a great job while Maddie points out all of the shit they HAVEN'T done, when the family of the neighbor guy Travis spoke to earlier knock in a panic because neighbor guy has fled. Travis offers to go look for him because it's obviously his fault he's gone.

Travis finds Doug's abandoned (precious) classic car and he knows something terrible has happened. Meanwhile, Maddie communicates with Chris' friend from outside the fence via flashlight.

Douchebag soldier guy is hitting golf balls and Travis wants them to go look for Doug. Soldier dude tells him that Doug is not missing, but has been detained.

Travis tells douchebag that he could have at least told Doug's family, and douche tells him that he's not a social worker. Then he lies about how they went block-by-block to look for survivors when Travis mentions the light.

Then Liza goes to check on a patient and finds he has been taken away and there's a new doctor in town. The new doctor calls her out and tells her she knows she's not a nurse but that she's done a great job.

Maddie decides to follow some soldiers as they patrol. Is she going to the building with the light to try and find whoever is flashing the signal?

If that's her intent, she's not going about it very wisely. She's just strolling through the streets unarmed and uncovered like her life isn't in imminent danger every moment she is outside of the fence. The air is clearly heavy with the stench of the dead as there are corpses lining the streets. She fails to pick up any of the abandoned weapons on the ground and climbs under a truck with a dead lady while some sort of militia comes barreling down the road.

The Salazars are not sure they trust the new doctor lady when she comes in and tells them they're going to a military hospital where they will take care of Mrs. Shop Owner's foot once and for all.

Doctor Exner is checking Nick out and is thinking maybe he's using again. When Nick finds out that his well has dried up since his donor is being moved to a facility and he becomes noticeably agitated.

Maddie is back and she's telling Mr. Shop Owner about her experience outside the wall. He tells her a terrible story about his hometown and asks Maddie to keep an eye on Ophelia if (when) he doesn't come back. Then he warns her to keep a close on Nick. He knows. I'm going to miss him. He's the only one around with any sense.

Maddie goes on a hunt for Nick while he tears Hector's house apart looking for his stash. She finds him in the throes of it and his smug little attitude sets her over the edge. So she starts beating the shit out of him and telling him he has no idea. I mean yeah, she kicked his ass. Good for her.

It's worth pointing out that there are SEVEN minutes left in this episode and not one single walker has been spotted. Not. One. HOW IS THIS OKAY?! Oh, right. It is in absolutely no way okay.

Alicia is fed up with Travis too and tells him to back off when she's trying to figure out what's happening with Nick. Oh, I'll tell you what's happening: that grown man just had his ass handed to him by his mom.

Maddie is having herself a good stiff drink when she hears a car outside her garage. Apparently the vehicle has arrived to take Mrs. Shop Owner to the military hospital. They tell Mr. Shop Owner that he can't come and that they've got a spot reserved for Nick, instead. Nick tries to run and they take him out with the butt of a rifle. So the doctor has completely manipulated everyone. She even talks Liza into coming with her, abandoning her son.

So now Nick is gone and so is Mrs. Shop Owner. Taken from their homes and not allowed to be accompanied by family.

We find out that the letter Alicia had earlier was not from her boyfriend, but from her nextdoor neighbor. The neighbor prophesied that what was happening was Godly, and long overdue. Perhaps an extinction level event is just what the doctor ordered, or something?

That's it. It's over. The fourth episode of a six-episode series about the origination of a walker disease and not one single walker is featured. What in the actual fuck are they thinking? You can absolutely show the desperation, fear and confusion of an oncoming apocalypse while ALSO showing zombies, for fucks sake!

Anyway, we'll be back for the next two and final episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and hope to God that they make this shitshow worth our while.

Until next time, Deadheads!


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