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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Fear The Walking Dead: 01x06, The Good Man

Dani Strehle | PopWrapped Author

Dani Strehle

10/23/2016 12:54 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Fear The Walking Dead: 01x06, The Good Man | Fear
Media Courtesy of Justina Mintz/AMC
On the sixth and final episode of Fear the Walking Dead's freshman season, the toxic panic throughout society is palpable, and Maddie and Travis have to get serious about what protecting their family looks like in the midst of zombie apocalypse. Let's see if Kirkman and company can redeem themselves in this finale. So far, Fear the Walking Dead has been a crushing disappointment: so much untapped potential, so many convoluted storylines. Los Angeles is a wasteland. It is dark and smokey and haunting. We get another shot of the colosseum teeming with walkers and the impact is no less daunting than it was last week. Maddie and Travis are furiously packing their things and they instruct the kids to do the same. The soldiers are bailing, and so are they.  Travis goes down to check on Salazar and their prisoner friend and Daniel tells him that he needs to be put down. Travis, still the sweet, naive and infuriating man that he is, decides Andy is going with them so that he may get them where they need go. Ophelia is still angry about her dad lying to her, not only about Andy the soldier, but about his past and their whole life together. I'm not still not entirely sure what those particular details are, maybe I missed it last week. The family is making their way out of the neighborhood, and when they come to the gates, Salazar figures out how to open them, and no one protests, because they have been completely abandoned by the military. They are on their way. Salazar then leads an entire stampede of walkers straight into a military base. It looks like he released all of the walkers from the stadium and lead them straight to some sort of fort. Oh, I bet it's the medical compound. If memory serves, Soldier Andy said last week that there were something close to 20,000 walkers in there? Let's just call it a "fuck-ton" of walkers and leave it at that. Mr. Salazar reunites with everyone else and Maddie, Travis, Ophelia and Daniel are off on a mission to find Nick and Grizelda. They leave Alicia and Chris with the SUV and tell them to drive to the camp if they aren't back in a half hour. Now we see Nick and his new smooth-talking prisoner friend and the unmistakable sound of gunfire blasts through the air. Inevitable panic ensues. Liza and Doctor Shady go out to see what all the ruckus is and they find their nightmares come to life bumbling toward their refuge. Maddie, Travis, Ophelia and Daniel use the distraction to their advantage and find entry into the compound and make their way to their lost family. Doctor Shady knows they won't be getting out now and she sends all of the able-bodies off to safety, while staying with the patients. I gotta imagine she's probably going to mercy-kill them, but I dunno, maybe I'm just twisted. The sounds of battle are seeping down into the garage where Chris and Alicia are waiting for their family. As they are chatting, they see a shadow coming toward them and jump in the car for cover. Nick and his friend, whose name I do not know yet, make their way out of the prison leaving everyone else behind. In the garage, Chris and Alicia find themselves face-to-face with a couple of deserter soldiers looking for transport. One douchebag makes it pretty clear that he could use the company of a beautiful girl like Alicia, and Chris' attempt to fend him off gets him knocked out in a heap on the floor. Daniel and company find their way into the building in search of their family members, while Liza is going the opposite direction: outside, into the thrawl. There's a breach in the fence, and walkers find their way into the compound. Suddenly I feel the need to apologize personally to Robert Kirkman. All this time with no walkers was just a build up to when there would be a literal army of them making their way through a military safehouse. Nick and smooth guy are also making their way through the abandoned building and something bad is definitely about to happen. Oh yep, there's a walker, munching on soldier belly. Oh and soldier is still alive, making the situation particularly gruesome. Maddie, Travis, Ophelia and Daniel find their way to into the medical prison area and open all the cages to let everyone out after finding out which way Nick was headed. He and smooth dude find themselves trapped in a locked ward with a hoard of walkers after them. Smooth man is trying to  fend them off, but there are too many of them and not enough bullets.  Liza finally comes with her keycard and they are able to release them from them from the ward. As they creep through the kitchen, Liza gets overtaken by a walker, while several more pop up, attacking the group. They all come out relatively unscatched (as in, not scratched or bitten). Oh! Smooth guy is named "Strand." Good to know. Liza breaks the news to Daniel that Grizelda is dead. Ophelia insists that she see her mother, but Liza tells her that there is nothing left to see. The body has likely been incinerated. Looks like I was right about the doc and the mercy killing, she is killing all of the critical patients. They beg for the doctor's help, and she gives them a way to get out, but tells them that there is nowhere to go. She has clearly given up on the world, and opts to stay there and die, rather than run and maybe live. Mr. Strand tries to talk them out of heading east to the desert, and tells Maddie that he has a home on the water with supplies. Apparently he's also a prepper. They are leaving the compound and are walking along a wall of scorched bodies, truly driving home what exactly it is we are dealing with here. Ophelia finds this especially distressing, since she knows her mother is one of those faceless, burned corpses. They make their way back to the garage to find that Alicia, Chris and the car are missing. We discover, however, that Chris and Alicia were simply hiding in a closet. Then Andy comes limping in from around the corner, and Travis is like, "oh fuck, I'm the asshole that let that asshole go," because he's got a gun and it's pointed straight at Daniel. Ophelia is trying to talk him down, but in a panicked moment, Andy shoots her instead. Travis then attacks Andy and beats him to a pulp, because Travis is a MOTHERFUCKING IDIOT and let him go in the first fucking place. I cannot deal with this blatant idiocy. Travis is like the dumb bimbo character, except he's a man. The family, plus Mr. Strand, are making their way out of the city. It looks like Ophelia is mostly okay, laying in the truck bed with her dad. They are driving through the ravine, where Maddie and Travis saw their first ever walker. It does appear to be a clear path out of the city, whereas every highway and overpass is completely gridlocked with abandoned vehicles. They arrive at Mr. Strand's home, which is gated and looks secure. It's basically a palace, if we're being completely honest. Definitely a welcome upgrade from the depressing quarantined neighborhood. Maddie and Nick are having a heart-to-heart now, and he explains that, the life of an addict is in some ways similar to what the life of someone during the onset of zombie apocalypse is. It's chaotic and unsettled and unpredictable, so he's actually handling better than most, in all likelihood. It actually makes sense, if you think about it. Liza is mending Ophelia's bullet wound, and tells them that it's not serious. Now I guess we're all going to have some nice family moments. Nick comes upon Mr. Strand packing up some belongings and asks if his family can stay here when he goes. Mr. Strand creepily says no. Nick asks Strand where Abigail is and he tells him that she's not here. Strand tells Nick that "the only way to survive a mad world, is to embrace the madness." Then he looks through a telescope and shows Chris what he's looking at: a yacht. Named Abigail. Maddie decided to follow Liza to see what was happening with her, and we find that she has been bitten. She asks of Maddie the same thing Maddie asked of her in the event that she was turned. Maddie takes the gun as Travis comes down to join them. He tries to talk her into getting some sort of treatment and Liza tries to get through to him, telling him that she knows what it does and that there's no coming back from it. He promises that he will protect their son, and takes the gun from Maddie. Everyone hears the gunshot from Strand's house and goes to inspect the source of it. And that's it. That's the end of it. We pan over the ocean, with a lovely shot of a yacht named Abigail, and then we see some like, lava? Or blood maybe? Algae? I honestly have no idea, and then the whole thing is over anyway. I give this entire series a C-. Here's why: I still do not know what its purpose was. It did not really explain... anything. We still don't know how the virus originated. We do not get to see like, congress or the White House trying to figure out what to do about a rapidly spreading pandemic. We don't get to see anyone actually trying to reverse it. We have no idea what was in that fucking water! We have no idea if the family and Strand will make it to the yacht. So many unanswered questions. But, I suppose we'll just have to wait until season two debuts next season to find out more. If I even bother to tune in... I believe we can all agree when I say, BRING ON THE WALKING DEAD! It's the only thing that has gotten me through all of this. My body is so ready for psychotic Rick and kickass Carol. Be sure to stay tuned to PopWrapped, as I will also be recapping The Walking Dead for the entire season, beginning with next Sunday's series 6 premier!


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